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  1. Autographed Revis Helmet For Sale

    This should be a hot commodity here. Let the bidding begin! LOL
  2. He looked like sh*t. Hate wasting a good draft pick like that, wish we would’ve just drafted an offensive lineman.
  3. Dude looks more like an aging farmer than an NFL player.
  4. I saw the Jets plane at Long Beach (CA) airport last week, fwiw...
  5. Try one of these if you haven’t already https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickleback
  6. I had dismissed Jackson earlier but I’m starting to become intrigued. On a semi-related note, our draft position totally sucks.
  7. Matt Miller's Pre-Draft Rumors

    Whoa. Looked like Kevin Mawae on that play.
  8. Oooh he’s such a big talker. Snowflakes.
  9. We’ll see what NFL teams think once Cousins gets his contract. I’d bet that Cousins gets a significantly larger contract.
  10. I like Garropollo. I’d like to have him on the Jets. But longtime football fans have seen how new QB’s can create a spark for a team and they subsequently rip off wins. I’d pump the brakes on the declaration that Garropollo is better than Cousins due to the 5-game winning streak. There’s no other metric that supports those claims.
  11. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    What a bitch move.
  12. Draft pick you'd trade for Nick Foles?

    The problem is that we’d have to give him a big contract. I’m totally against that.
  13. Smokescreen alert-Browns/Mcloughan/Mayfield

    This is idiotic. Adams is a future pro bowler.
  14. Mawae Misses HoF Cut

    Truly enjoyed watching Mawae on those sweeps clearing out bodies for #28.
  15. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    Dream scenario for me.