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  1. Adams 1st team all-pro this year. His fundamentals are just unreal good.
  2. Some intermediate and deep passes will open things up for Bell
  3. In preseason? Because the line was nowhere near sorta ok last year. Darnold was running for his life and/or getting drilled virtually every play. I’d be in favor of seeing Harrison in for Kalil. But Harrison isn’t good, nor average. He’s really bad.
  4. Herm wasn’t a good coach but the “you play to win the game” line is an NFL classic
  5. Imagine typing out not hundreds, but thousands of posts, over the course of several years, adamantly declaring and arguing that Mike Glennon, Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield are skilled quarterbacks. Yikes lol
  6. I thought you were going to confess to giving Sam mono
  7. 😍 missed Sammy. Totally pumped to see him play again
  8. Did you guys catch the quote from Mayfield earlier in the week? When asked about the Niners tough front-7 “I’ve played against Bosa before” Such a little punk ass bitch. He’s getting no-Vaseline’d by Bosa.

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