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  1. “There is none so blind as they who will not see” Top sports reporter on the planet (Shefter), longest tenured beat writer (Cimini) and someone with proven inside sources (@footballguy) all saying the same thing. Darnold is going to be the starter next year.
  2. Gase will be gone in a week and we’ll be back to being the juggernaut we were before he arrived and destroyed our franchise.
  3. The unflattering pictures that Glenn chooses to use in his articles are unprofessional and an embarrassment to this site.
  4. Reach for a QB, then defense with our next two picks? I can’t express how much I dislike that scenario. That’s a recipe for a 4-12 season. And Douglas getting the axe, which would be very much deserved.
  5. Saul Goodman


    Careful there, Douglas homers won’t tolerate any criticism of his draft picks. “better than Claypool, Jefferson and CeeDee” lol I do like Mims, but he’s been massively overrated by some fans here.
  6. The Browns “practice squad team” had more talent than the Jets fully healthy team did. Our roster is barren.
  7. Extend for sure. He’s gotten better every year, is a great lockerroom guy, and has stepped into a leadership role.
  8. Wait until you hear it out of Joe Douglas’ mouth in his postseason presser.
  9. Sewell. Easiest decision ever. Every single analyst will grade it as an A+ pick.
  10. Good wins. I enjoyed them. If Douglas is as good as everyone here says, draft position should be of little importance.
  11. yeah but you’re not counting the “almost interceptions”
  12. You respond to and/or mention SAR in virtually everyone of your posts.
  13. The Jets will always Jet 3-0 finish would be classic
  14. His PFF grade was boosted by that gimme interception. He’s really bad in coverage and doesn’t look to have the instincts to be a starting caliber CB. Since others have brought up Bless Austin, I’ll posit that he showed more and had a more promising rookie season than Hall.
  15. Finally read this entire thread. Big thanks @Mogglez
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