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  1. His talent and upside is undeniable. When I watch him, I feel similar to how I did when watching Revis as a rookie.
  2. Re-signing Robby would have made the team better, that was a huge mistake. And while I admittedly didn’t want Jamal to be traded last year before the deadline, trading him to Dallas and having CeeDee would be a huge boost. Like I said, Maccagnan ****ed us, and I still believe in Douglas but early results aren’t great.
  3. Love Becton. That’s been Douglas’ only good move. No other player on the entire roster qualifies as “good”, not a single one.
  4. The team got worse from last year to this year. Undisputed fact. Mike Maccagnan gets the majority blame for this team but Douglas deserves plenty as well.
  5. Becton and Quinnen had good games. Darnold wasn’t bad. Everyone else was dogsh*t
  6. If I’m Darnold, I pull a Jamal and get off this sinking ship. Man they ****ed him over. Josh Malone and Braxton Berrios, what a joke.
  7. Quinnen! Not blaming Jets decision makers for this but I sure would’ve loved to have seen Quinnen, Mosely and Jamal all play together.
  8. Wish we had the corners to play man coverage. This zone is easy for any competent QB to pick apart.

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