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  1. Yikes. Looks like Saleh and Zach could be on the hot seat by the time we get to the bye week. Even the two “easy games”, Cleveland and Denver, are on the road.
  2. Bengals fans loved this guy. It’s easy to see why. He seems like a great guy to have in your locker room.
  3. Ridiculous talent. I can not wait to see this kid light it up for us.
  4. Pauline’s awesome. Huge, diehard Jets fan, and has forgotten more about football than most here know.
  5. Elijah Moore is not a slot guy. He’s smaller and shifty but he can play any of the receiver positions, including outside.
  6. No interior defensive linemen! Nice to see after the overhyped “sOnS Of AnArChY”
  7. Not the most polished speakers but they are young and surely nervous. They each seem like good kids. They’ll be easy to root for.
  8. Tackle and safety are now our biggest needs. You can’t count on Becton, and Ashtyn isn’t a starting caliber player.
  9. There’s a solid foundation in place for sure. Let’s see what Saleh and Zach can do this season. We’ll go as far as coaching and quarterback play can take us.
  10. This team is massively upgraded from what it was a few hours ago. Hope we nail the next pick as well.
  11. Wow. Ok I’m glad it’s a receiver but don’t know much about Wilson.
  12. I didn’t get my hopes up much but kinda bummed about not getting Deebo
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