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  1. I’m just hoping for a winning season. Our CB’s and offensive line just aren’t good enough. Also, for what it’s worth, every other fan base has us pencilled in as last place in the division.
  2. Highly regarded, and should be a perfect pairing with Gase since they have worked together. Doesn’t mean it’s going to work out of course but he was the ideal hire.
  3. Biggest plus: we got Mike Maccagnan out of this organization.
  4. Hell yeah 👊 great way to start the weekend. I’m liking pretty much everything about the team right now.
  5. A sober Bubbles from the Wire. Except Bubbles was more articulate.
  6. All I want out of Bell is +80 catches, resulting in a 63%-65% completion percentage for Darnold. Bell is a tool for Darnold’s production and development. If Bell can rush for 1K, that would obviously be nice as well.
  7. Excited. For once, finally, there will be a strategical shift towards building the offense, and you know, scoring points. I’m referring to this occurring over the next few offseasons of course, since the roster is pretty much set in place for 2019. We might even see an attempt to put an adequate offensive line in place now that Mike ****ing Maccagnan is gone. Expecting great things for Sam Darnold.
  8. Haha, what??? Firing Mike Maccagnan, trading the tiny linebacker and a fake news report about trading Le’Veon Bell would actually cause people to be LESS excited about the season? I’m more excited. Stop listening to the media and your Giant fan friends.
  9. Cringe worthy thread title. “Manish speaks”, OP you’ve gotta be kidding me. He knows nothing more than any of the posters here, in terms of knowledge of the game, having insight into the team, or real sources.
  10. I’ve been one of Maccagnan’s biggest critics for several years now. However, he wasn’t a bad hire just because he didn’t work out. We all wanted someone with a scouting background. He was qualified for the GM job, regardless of whether Houston intended to fire him.
  11. The future is more exiting knowing that there will very likely be a strategical shift towards valuing offense more. It’s been an offense driven and QB centric league for well over a decade. Gase and the next GM will hopefully start every single deliberation with “how does this support/affect Sam Darnold?” Maccagnan definitely did not do that.
  12. Mike Maccagnan left Sam Darnold exposed behind an offensive line that could get him seriously injured. He was running for his life most of last season. To me, that alone is more than enough to terminate him.
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