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  1. I might’ve been too optimistic. I’m not seeing 3 more wins on our schedule.
  2. Imagine looking at Joe Douglas’ draft picks and then proclaiming that he is not a (or the) problem. Do people here watch teams other than the Jets? He’s an abomination. Completely unacceptable. Stop settling for last place!
  3. Masterful player and shrewd businessman. No one was better at either aspect than #24.
  4. “Quarterbacks make weapons, not the other way around” - JN for the past decade
  5. Haven’t given up on Zach. But my position is the same as it was before the draft - the best move for the Jets would be to trade down and then take Pitts, Chase or Sewell. Those three were clearly the best three prospects.
  6. Sky’s the limit for AVT. Side note - he’s played significantly better since Becton has been out.
  7. Well thanks for the facts and data. But this time it just feels different.
  8. I’m jealous of the Bills. They are legit. And an overall better team than we were during our ‘09-‘10 run.
  9. Darnold and Bridgewater both throw interceptions to close out losses for their teams.
  10. Ha, me too. Dan Campbell has some balls. I like it.
  11. ******* Brady. +400 yards and 5 TD’s today.
  12. Some fans would rather have a lineman-looking GM that would be fun to drink beers with than see their favorite team win games. The Joe Douglas guys are like a cult. There’s no facts, no data that would ever cause them to even question his ability.
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