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  1. Saul Goodman

    Macc's biggest flub

    Gotta be offensive line. It’s conceivable that we could have been 8-8 this past season with a really good line.
  2. For real. “It’s all about QB! Might as well cancel the season without one, it’s all that matters!!” Our QB plays better than every other QB in the final quarter of the season and people aren’t excited?
  3. Meh. Happy for him, and loved watching him play, but I just don’t feel the same about him as I do Mangold, Klecko and even Curtis Martin. The Jets didn’t draft him and he had pro bowl years for other teams. Still cool though...
  4. The top-4 teams in scoring were the final 4 teams in the conference championship games. We should select offense with every draft pick.
  5. Laurence won’t hit the FA market Bell should absolutely be second on the list Sheldon Richardson and Mo Wilk are underachieving slugs
  6. Trade him? For what? “He’ll be out of the league at the end of his rookie contract” 😂 Not your quote but a literal one from one of mice you’ve been pied piping.
  7. And an INT. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  8. Jamal just collapsed Trubisky like a cheap card table. What a player. Near flawless fundamentals.
  9. That’s absurd. Not a single NFL GM is taking Lamar Jackson over Darnold.
  10. Saul Goodman

    Peter King Called It

    Not quite yet. He put in a prediction for the game including the score: Rams 29 Pats 20. Hope he’s right about that as well.
  11. Saul Goodman

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    He actually is a WR, in addition to a RB. He can play in the backfield, slot or outside. We need this player.
  12. Saul Goodman

    Brian Billick

    Mike McCarthy might end up in that same boat.
  13. Gase very likely won’t bring in an OC from outside of his circle. Wouldnt make sense to have an OC that doesn’t know and can’t teach Gase’s offense. I know the puppet situation with Kacy Rogers and Bowles was unsuccessful but that set up is fairly standard. Hopefully the results will be much better.
  14. Can’t wait for Gase and the staff to get started. Wish training camp was tomorrow!

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