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  1. Douglas scouted him when he was with Baltimore and gave him a high grade. This is a really good signing.
  2. Beast. This is just masterful to watch.
  3. I gave the pick a B+ in the one of the other threads so I’m not a hater, but I’m surprised to see that so many fans think Becton’s destined to be a great player. 50% of 1st round picks are complete busts. It’s OK to be skeptical of Becton. He’s nowhere near a sure thing and he will certainly have his struggles this season.
  4. I truly enjoy seeing how elated these kids are when they get those calls. So cool.
  5. Preferred Wirfs with how things fell but at least we took an OL. We have had one of the worst offensive lines in the entire league for about a decade now. We still have three more picks in the top-80 (I think?).
  6. Bout to pour myself one now. I’m glad they went OL but over Wirfs, Jeudy and Lamb? Such a risky pick.
  7. He’ll be out of the league within two years He’ll never make a Pro Bowl unless he buys a ticket to the game He made All-Pro but was only 2nd team. He’ll never make 1st team yEaH bUt OuR cAp ReSoUrceS! It’s been fun to watch. The meltdown when Douglas extends him will be epic.
  8. That would be a fireable offense. That first pick must go towards supporting Darnold.
  9. Curtis Martin Darrelle Revis Al Toon Nick Mangold Jamal Adams
  10. No. He thought Hackenberg was a potential starting caliber QB.

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