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  1. Best comp I’ve seen for Elijah. Hopefully he can accomplish what Steve Smith did, but their builds and skill sets are very similar.
  2. I said the same things last year that I just posted. Becton showed some flashes of dominance, he has a long way to go before he’s earned “best tackle in the league” or “future hall of famer” labels though. Mims did little to nothing. Good hands though, which is obviously an important attribute. The book isn’t written on either player, just balancing out the super homer stuff posted here.
  3. Mims isn’t good. Good hands but he doesn’t get open. He hasn’t shown the quickness, ability to change direction and sharp route running to get space between himself and CB’s. And Becton has a looooong way to go before he starts getting measured for a HOF yellow jacket, like many were saying here about 8 months ago. The 2020 draft was massively overrated by fans.
  4. The names and faces change, but the Jets are still bush league.
  5. I freaking love Lawson https://twitter.com/OptimisticJets/status/1372408581191049218?s=20
  6. Seal Beach is my hometown. Never would’ve thought that a Jets coach would’ve been hanging out on Main St.
  7. Really sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts to you, her, and your family.
  8. He showed far more heart in that parking lot brawl than he ever did on the field for the Jets.
  9. Ultra competitive, flawless technique and supreme athleticism. Truly enjoyed watching #24 play. Our best draft pick for sure.
  10. I’m not a huge Douglas fan, and didn’t want us to draft Wilson, but this draft looks really, really good. Can’t complain.
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