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  1. It might work out perfectly for the Jets but this is a very naive point of view. To counter your point, “you really think that they (Green Bay) haven’t carefully calculated each move they made?” This is like Charlie Brown’s “haha Green Bay is a bunch of dummies, the Jets are the smartest ever!” thread. Joe Douglas isn’t some type of master GM, and the Packers aren’t run by idiots. The Jets do have more leverage but the Packers aren’t going to give away Rodgers due to some Jedi mind trick by Joe Douglas.
  2. Good post. I’m in agreement on almost all points. I haven’t read all of the recent posts in this thread so I’m sure it’s been brought up, but the Jets need a quarterback and there aren’t many, if any, viable options left. It’s Rodgers or bust for us. So there is some pressure and urgency on the Jets side. We’re very likely a last place team if we don’t finalize the trade for Rodgers. Last point, it would be a very tough sell to the Green Bay fanbase that they’ve traded away Rodgers for a 2nd and/or 3rd round picks. Imagine being a GB fan and seeing that they made that deal. We’d be pissed.
  3. Finally got a chance to watch the interview with McAfee, and Rodgers came across really well. He also sounded sincere about wanting to play for the Jets, unlike Favre who never wanted to be here.
  4. I also don’t believe that Rodgers will be making an announcement today that he’s joining the Jets. Doesn’t seem like something he would do. We’ll see.
  5. I fundamentally disagree with signing players just because one player demands it. Especially when that one player isn’t sure if he wants to continue playing football. I know everyone else is excited so I’m not going be a broken record about this, I’m just displeased with this entire process. And I don’t see this leading to a Super Bowl win.
  6. The number of red flags just continues to grow. Building a team around a 39 year old QB who considers retirement every offseason is wild.
  7. Agreed. But when the clock strikes 12 midnight following the final game those mf’ers get their final checks, locks are rekeyed and alarm codes are changed.
  8. Great landing spot for Darnold. I’ll be rooting for him.
  9. AFC championship appearance at the least, for me.
  10. I didn’t want this move. But kudos to the front office, coaching staff and ownership for getting their guy, one of the greatest NFL players ever. I’m just going to remind myself what others have said - football is entertainment and this season will definitely be entertaining. If it doesn’t work out, well we weren’t sniffing the Super Bowl anyways.
  11. I suck at the search function here. Maybe it was Fidelio, not you. It was one of the Zach guys for sure though.
  12. Brutal. He was a good teammate and lockerroom guy, and very solid backup. Also, was it Slats that guaranteed that MW would not receive more than $4 million/year? I think it was.
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