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  1. Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    That’s more optimistic than my initial 5-11 take after looking at it game by game. But who really cares. All I care about is seeing flashes of greatness from the new QB.
  2. I’ll wager that we do not take Mayfield if both he and Rosen are on the board. Just for fun, $10 to the Make A Wish Foundation or Wounded Warrior program, if anyone is interested.
  3. First overall pick is...

    That would be amazing for them. With Gordon, Landry, and Njoku at the other skill positions, you have some serious potential.
  4. I can swallow drafting Mayfield IF Darnold and Rosen are both taken ahead of our pick. In fact, that is who I’d want them to pick in that scenario. But man, I’m breaking my TV and donating to airplane banners if we gave up three 2nd round picks for Mayfield while the other two guys are on the board. To have Rosen go to a division rival would be devastating (Darnold won’t drop that far).
  5. Buffalo is going to trade up for that pick. Very glad we moved up to 3rd but if the Jets take Mayfield and Buffalo takes Rosen, I’m cashing out.
  6. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    3 games in 10 days to start the season is pretty brutal. Guess we really shouldn’t care about wins/losses this year anyways, our only care should be how the new QB is developing.
  7. Goddamn what a stinker. And I don’t care about personnel, Bowles better beat a rookie coach in his first ever game.
  8. Please let Cleveland take Mayfield and take the choice out of the Jets hands.
  9. FFS

    I really despise this kid. Such a freaking tool on so many levels.
  10. But the “Duckenator” says that Rosen is the worstest. Who to believe??
  11. Nick Mangold Announces Retriement

    Love Nick. It was truly a pleasure to watch him play.
  12. Please no Josh Allen and no Mayfield.

    Co-sign. Really want Darnold or Rosen, don’t like Mayfield all that much, and don’t like Allen at all. I can live with Mayfield if the other two are already taken but I’m gonna bitch about giving up those picks to move up. If we take Allen under any circumstance, pitchforks.
  13. Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    Butt fumble
  14. Mark Sanchez suspended for PEDs

    He’s a free agent. This could be a career ender for him. Though if enough QB’s go down with injuries, he could get a call mid season.