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  1. tl;dr A good draft and injury numbers reverting to the mean, and the playoffs next season are an absolute possibility.
  2. This is a Pats or Giants fan. I can picture him literally laughing as he hits submit on each post. A drawback of a “lightly moderated forum”...
  3. Not seeing the Favre comp at all. Romo maybe...
  4. I’m used to getting shafted by bad calls but usually it’s a hold/non-hold or PI/non-PI. That punt by Baltimore in the 3rd quarter came down and clearly hit one of their players in the back of their shoulder pad. I can understand the refs missing it in real time. But the Jets challenged and it was not reversed. Anyone got a video clip of that?
  5. Every year since 2008: we are too ******* conservative, we run way too much, it’s a passing league, have some balls! 2019: wE NeEd To rUn ThE bAll MoRe!
  6. Meh. Game went how we all should’ve expected. Nice to see that the players played hard again, they easily could’ve quit.

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