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  1. He’ll be out of the league within two years He’ll never make a Pro Bowl unless he buys a ticket to the game He made All-Pro but was only 2nd team. He’ll never make 1st team yEaH bUt OuR cAp ReSoUrceS! It’s been fun to watch. The meltdown when Douglas extends him will be epic.
  2. That would be a fireable offense. That first pick must go towards supporting Darnold.
  3. Curtis Martin Darrelle Revis Al Toon Nick Mangold Jamal Adams
  4. No. He thought Hackenberg was a potential starting caliber QB.
  5. One that will never be good enough to win a Super Bowl under any circumstances. Had a nice little regular season in 2019 though.
  6. I really hated them at first. Now I only hate them a little. The Jets logo is stupid.
  7. Quinnen is super soft. He needs to utilize a personal trainer and dietitian starting like right now. He’s not even close to being strong or quick enough to make impact plays. Fat kid better not be in the Bahamas right now if he ever wants to be good.
  8. We passed on every single one of those players except Bosa. Holy sh*t, that is hard to do.
  9. Edge is want, not a need. Needs are OT x2, OG x2, C, WR x2, RB. Following filling every one of those positions, then the team should look at CB and edge.
  10. It’s still a quarterback league. One of the top-4 in the league (Wilson, Mahomes, Rodgers or Jackson) will be hoisting the trophy.
  11. Best: Mike Maccagnan getting sh*tcanned. Wish he could get fired again.
  12. Avery Williamson is a nice player, and while it would be nice to see and Mosely paired together in the middle, it looks as though Cashman could step into that role. Edit: I didn’t realize how extensive Cashman’s injury history is, so relying on him may not be an option
  13. It’s part of sports fandom. Fans of successful teams do the same thing, it’s not exclusive to Jet fans.
  14. It sucks to read that list. Almost as painful is that we used all of our premium picks on defense. If we had taken offensive linemen and/or skill players we’d be in a much better situation. Idzik and Maccagnan ****ed us up.
  15. And you called SAR I a dick in an earlier post. Tsk tsk...
  16. The Jets ignored the offensive line for over a decade. Bell was getting drilled at the line of scrimmage virtually every play because the offensive linemen were unable to create holes for him. He slowed down as he took more punishment throughout the season. It’s not that complicated.
  17. I’m not from NY and have no feelings about the Giants. With that being said, you can’t look at this hire objectively as anything but absurd. It’s like the Freddie Kitchens hire by Cleveland last year. You hired who???

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