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  1. The recent videos show Mims dogging it in practice. sh*tty effort, sh*tty teammate. He’ll be gone next year.
  2. Cromartie should get in just for this: Cromartie was asked for his thoughts on Brady and offered a couple of seven-letter responses that we can’t fully reprint without resorting to hyphens. “An a$$hole”, Cromartie said, according to the New York Daily News. “F–k him.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/01/12/antonio-cromartie-on-tom-brady-f-him-a-hole/amp/
  3. Good news. So if we are to believe this, we won’t need to use any draft picks on the offensive line next April, right? Top-10!
  4. Eh. Maybe. Would be nice to have them both out there.
  5. Brutal. Most reliable receiver we have, Zach needs all the help he can get.
  6. Cimini said that he believes Mims will be inactive again this Sunday.
  7. Good game from AVT. Definitely flashed his talent. Now if we can just find a stud center, that line will take a huge leap forward.
  8. Him being retained doesn’t mean that he’s performing at an acceptable level. When you watch other teams, you see how poor our players and overall talent are in comparison. Saleh and Zach just got here, Douglas’ now has a track record, and it is horrendous.
  9. Hope to see lots of Michael Carter and Elijah Moore this game.
  10. Even sh*tty teams like the Lions look better than us. And more fun to watch.
  11. Horrible news. I spent a weekend with him in Miami for a road trip to watch the Jets play the Fins back in 2005. Rest easy, my friend.
  12. Saleh should bury a ball or something
  13. Can you list this “bunch of rookies” that are playing well?
  14. The right move for any player is to get away from this pathetic franchise.
  15. My hunch isn’t that Mims is incapable of learning the other WR positions, it’s that he has refused to do so. Likely something along the lines of: CS - “We need you to learn all of the wide receiver positions. That’s how you can contribute and get onto the field.” Mims - “Nah, I’m an X. Always played X, that’s the position I want to play.” CS - “That’s not how this works…”
  16. Well that sucks. I hoped to see Crowder out there today. Hope that Cole makes an impact.
  17. Becton graded out as average last last year. 19th best LT according to PFF. Allowed 7-10 sacks depending on which source you use. Missed approximately 25% of the offensive plays. He graded out below average for last week, with one sack allowed, several missed blocks. And another injury. Those are the facts.
  18. Until we start drafting better nothing will change. Most of our players shouldn’t be starting; many will be out of the league completely in about 4 months. I agree that the coaching wasn’t good in week 1 though.
  19. Your take on this team sucking is that the coach who has coached one game is to blame. Too funny. You know that we have the longest playoff drought in the NFL, by a large margin?
  20. Warfish is awesome. But Flowtrain made him get out his shine box
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