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  1. Sure there’s reasons. Zach was visibly upset to see the team and Mike White play well today. He’s not a good teammate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him request a trade this offseason seeing as he won’t be guaranteed the starting position next year, which might be best for both parties.
  2. I just copied and pasted kmet’s post from a thread about Mike White where he’s telling us to not be excited. I happen to be ecstatic about Garrett Wilson and Mike White. Good day today!
  3. i like to think this board is full of educated football fans, but the reactionary garbage is making me question that. ...The bears are a bad team without their top 2 corners, their QB, their arguably most explosive RB, their all pro S (left the game), and an OL that today for the first time was the same as last week ...On the road I am cautiously optimistic about Wilson...but maybe lets wait until Minnesota and Buffalo on the road
  4. The Zach guys are very threatened by Mike White’s excellent game today. “Umm, umm, well let’s see what happens. We knew Mike White would do this against the worstest team ever. He has to reproduce this every single game from here on or Zach should get another shot”.
  5. You’re mad that the Jets are winning just because Zach isn’t playing. Pathetic.
  6. He should be traded or cut in the offseason. Get him off this roster.
  7. LaFleur is a good coordinator. The numbers don’t lie. He was held back by Zach, just like all of the players.
  8. You have to get Zach Wilson off this team. His sour look on the sideline says it all. He’s not happy that the team is winning. Loser.
  9. Best QB play we’ve had since…last year, when Mike White was starting. I love the guy.
  10. You predicted that Zach Wilson would be a franchise QB. So your predictions are worth
  11. 4-4 the rest of the way gets us in
  12. There’s no head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach or surrounding team that could transform Zach into a good QB. He is deficient in virtually every single aspect of being a successful QB - size, accuracy, composure, processing speed/ability. Arm doesn’t count, as we’ve seen from countless other QB busts. Time won’t help either. The Jets failure wasn’t the plan for development, it was drafting him in the first place.
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