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  1. We don't need another trader or another DC. Hire an offensive-minded WCO/read option coach.
  2. I'm an old-school, suck-it-up kind of guy, but Suh should be banned from the NFL for life. He's not only a dirty player, he's a dirty human being.
  3. If we don't bring back Bilal, I'll be IRATE!
  4. While I don't necessarily agree with Cutler being the guy, I couldn't agree more with getting a vet AND drafting a QB.
  5. 1. Winston doesn't look all that great to me (but it's hard to tell without OVERHEAD film!). 2. Harvin probably won't be here next season. He's said that he refuses to take a pay cut. 3. What about our slow as f*ck LBs?
  6. Unless we're going to win the SB, I wan't us to have the #1 overall pick.That goes for every year.
  7. Does anyone have OVERHEAD film of Cooper? Highlights don't mean anything. I'd like to see him actually, you know, run routes and stuff.
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