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  1. Port o call is gone as is 3.2% and is now a govt building. The previous owners opened Gracies which is good. The Break in West Valley and Herriman are great places to watch and have an awesome golf tourney, makeshift bars set up every few holes. From CT but have been in Utah since 99’ and the changes over the years have been great.
  2. We’ve come a long way…no more 3.2%, real beer is here
  3. Welcome to the board. Don’t find many Jets fans in Utah.
  4. Someone from our Rochester office suggested Distillery as well, said good mix of fans. Thanks for suggestions.
  5. Yea, and I have to watch the first 2 games there...
  6. Heading there for a work trip, arrive early Sunday morning. Anyone know if there is a Jets bar to watch games or is it nothing but Bills bars?
  7. I've not seen a lot of him, no. Watched here and there and the whole Utes game. They mentioned the sacks and the way he just stood in the pocket holding onto the ball was surprising. Yes, oline can of course play into the sacks. But he had no thoughts of getting rid of the ball and just took a beating.
  8. Check into how many times he's been sacked. Watched a game vs. utah and he was dropped 8 times and wasn't very accurate
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