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  1. Not contributing anything is better than contributing the excrement that comes out of you.
  2. Good one **** stick. I’ve had the same account for 8 years.
  3. Only thing you enjoy is ruining what was once a good forum.
  4. Yeah taking a positive opinion from a HOF quarterback and spitting out that paragraph is the behavior of a normal fan. The fans who acknowledge Wilson’s struggles, but feel there’s a chance he can turn it around are definitely the crazy ones. Shocker on the 2 reactions you got. Wouldn’t have guessed it’d be those 2 posters. Crazy.
  5. Think ESPN doesn’t have it in for us? Apparently this is a top 5 story in all of sports today. Why can’t we just wallow in misery without the extra kicks to the nuts?
  6. A successful season for me would involve 8-10 posters here shutting up.
  7. Please get out of here with facts. They have no place here.
  8. Funny how you “didn’t want to overreact” to the reports of Zach having plenty of good practices this training camp. Weird how that works.
  9. Your sarcasm going completely unnoticed is both hilarious and scary.
  10. Well if someone on the board knew a co-worker who had this injury then clearly we should take that as gospel.
  11. Just as hysterical as someone having zero clue about anything (you). This bum Tom Brady once traveled to LA in 2008 to get his knee surgery done by the same doctor. That worked out well I believe. What a riot! He is the team doctor for both the Los Angeles Dodger and Rams. Non LA players who’ve went to him for surgery in just the last 2 years include Chris Sale, Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, Jamal Murray. And there are many more. So funny! Almost every MLB player who needs Tommy John surgery goes to see James Andrews. Guess they all hate their team doctors too. Hilarious! Get a clue.
  12. The 2nd paragraph is what blows my mind. The experts here who weren’t at practice finding a new sky is falling narrative in a no pads practice on the 2nd day of training camp. Then you have someone saying he can’t be a good O-lineman because he’s insecure. What does his social media insecurity have to do with being good at blocking people? He was the same person 2 years ago. Except younger. And he played just fine. I don’t love Becton by any means but wow there are so many garbage takes on here.
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