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  1. Got news for you buddy. When you have 56 thousand posts on an internet forum, it's obvious you haven't seen the inside of any vaginas.
  2. This thread proves that some of the posters on this board just want to hear their own opinions again. It asks a simple question, and yet some can't seem to grasp and just pick. You are not the GM of the Jets. Joe Douglas does not care about your opinion. You're on a message board and there's a poll asking a simple question. If you can't answer it, might be best to just talk to yourself in that dusty mirror in your mom's basement about why you're right and everyone else is wrong.
  3. How do you not realize you're actually hammering home the point that the Offensive Line was bad by using the bad team argument? Despite how bad these teams are (#24, #28,#30,#31#32 ranked pass defense by dvoa - your stats), Sam still was pressured more than any QB in the league during that time. Furthermore, he played well. He did what you're supposed to do. He played well vs bad defenses. I'm really struggling to see how any of your points make sense. I like Sam. I'm not sold on Sam. I need to see a big improvement from him this coming year or I'll be as skeptical as you are, but I won't make the points you're making, because they're terrible.
  4. Started reading this board about 3 years ago because there seemed to be a lot of activity and decent knowledge. That someone can claim with a straight face most people where they live have never heard of Jamal Adams speaks volumes to that person's affinity for his own opinion and even more about the state of what this board has become. Jamal Adams is a great player. Whether you like him or not I can't see how you can argue otherwise. I do think based on where the franchise is at this moment, I'd rather have more draft capital than to lock him up long term to a record setting contract. That doesn't change the fact that you have to be beyond absurd to claim he isn't a household name in NFL circles. Get the hell over yourself. What a disgrace.

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