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  1. I've seen a lot of crypto skeptics who have had some somewhat valid points. The nonsense this guy keeps spewing is about as clueless as it gets. The 2012 - 2017 comment I honestly thought was made in jest, but nope, Just wants to keep digging that hole he's buried himself in. No need to argue with people like this who aren't debating in good faith. Let him listen to his adviser and we will continue to make laughably larger returns than he ever will.
  2. Got news for you buddy. When you have 56 thousand posts on an internet forum, it's obvious you haven't seen the inside of any vaginas.
  3. This thread proves that some of the posters on this board just want to hear their own opinions again. It asks a simple question, and yet some can't seem to grasp and just pick. You are not the GM of the Jets. Joe Douglas does not care about your opinion. You're on a message board and there's a poll asking a simple question. If you can't answer it, might be best to just talk to yourself in that dusty mirror in your mom's basement about why you're right and everyone else is wrong.
  4. How do you not realize you're actually hammering home the point that the Offensive Line was bad by using the bad team argument? Despite how bad these teams are (#24, #28,#30,#31#32 ranked pass defense by dvoa - your stats), Sam still was pressured more than any QB in the league during that time. Furthermore, he played well. He did what you're supposed to do. He played well vs bad defenses. I'm really struggling to see how any of your points make sense. I like Sam. I'm not sold on Sam. I need to see a big improvement from him this coming year or I'll be as skeptical as you a
  5. Started reading this board about 3 years ago because there seemed to be a lot of activity and decent knowledge. That someone can claim with a straight face most people where they live have never heard of Jamal Adams speaks volumes to that person's affinity for his own opinion and even more about the state of what this board has become. Jamal Adams is a great player. Whether you like him or not I can't see how you can argue otherwise. I do think based on where the franchise is at this moment, I'd rather have more draft capital than to lock him up long term to a record setting con
  6. Thanks a lot man. Much appreciated.
  7. No worries. Wouldn't want to impede everyone else from getting quick updates. Can I ask who the source is with the most frequent tweets? Can look at my phone for Twitter updates, I just don't have much in terms of who I follow on there.
  8. Villain - for whatever reason, at work these twitter images get blocked. Not sure if it's because Twitter is blocked or if certain images don't make it through. Any chance you could throw the text into these? Feel like I'm missing so much. I know I'm a new guy and it's a lot to ask, but if it's not too much of a pain, would be greatly appreciated.
  9. What do I have to answer? How many games he was completely healthy? I'm not his doctor. Unlike you I won't pretend to know things I don't. What did you answer? How is he injury prone? Nope, you just ignored how he's missed 8 games in 9 years with 3 coming last year. How even in his worst year with all of the injuries you claim will plague him from here on out, he still produced 8 TD's. If you think saying "cognitive response" repeatedly is going to make you look any less like you're just spitting out opinions that are based on nothing substantive, you're wrong. You provided NOTHING f
  10. Thanks, classic deflection technique. Being defeated sucks, huh? It's a wonder we root for the same team. You're so into your own senseless beliefs you'd prefer to defend them over being rational. But I guess without people like you, there would be no irrationality.
  11. So now it's a fault for a player to tough it out and play despite an ankle injury that would rule a lot of guys out? I think a guy who in his worst year finished with 8 TD's despite missing 3 games and being hobbled all season is the kind of player an actual fan would want on their team. Oh, but since you're so knowledgable on injuries, I did notice he had another injury late in the season to his ribs and lung, which as we all know is definitely a common injury and one that is sure to bother him for the rest of his career. I was just looking at that list ESPN produced recently that showe
  12. I don't post here often, but I'm sorry I can't read this garbage anymore. Brandon Marshall has missed a total of 8 games in 9 seasons. A guy who has an injury in one season is not injury prone. It means he was hurt for a part of a year. The 3 years preceding that he averaged over 1,300 yards and 9 TD's and did not miss a single game. His one "bad" year he missed 3 games and still put up 721 yards and 8 TD's. You talk about hypothetical assertions and then you claim as fact that a guy who has barely missed any time throughout his career is injury prone. Ridiculous.
  13. Per ESPN - Bears QBs had a Total QBR of 70 with Marshall on the field and a Total QBR of 33 with him off the field last two seasons I would think that counts as impactful. I'm still interested in the haters continuing to push their agendas with no actual facts though. It's entertaining.
  14. So we can't judge by catches, yards or touchdowns. Let me know how you judge a WR.
  15. From 2007-2013 Marshall was 2nd in the NFL in catches and receiving yards. In a "down" year last year where he was plagued by an ankle injury and still toughed it out until his rib injury, he had 8 touchdowns. So how's he overrated? Did someone here call him the best receiver in the NFL?
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