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  1. As it turned out, firing Macc when he did turned out to be a big benefit for the Jets. Got cracks at guys they would never have been given a chance at because they were the only option on the market
  2. We'll wait but it makes sense if CJ got wind of the Texans firing their GM and knew he had to act
  3. Well if the hire is not Joe Douglas then they will hire somebody else. I dont know the Rooney Rule update .Apparently Fontenot satisfies the Rooney Rule
  4. And they were dumb then too. Not only the difference in QB but offensive system
  5. And since he's gone, the only way this type of information makes sense is that it is being used to attack Jamal Adams the player rather than the pick
  6. But why bring it up at all now? Macc is gone. What's the point? I just don't get the fans hating on a player who wants to play here
  7. Can you imagine Al Toon playing now. OH WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN JERRY RICE!
  8. Dear Lord, I'm so glad Joe Klecko didn't play in the time of social media. Or Al Toon for that matter
  9. WHO CARES? What is it with this fanbase going out of their way to discredit the players that they are supposed to be rooting for? What the hell is wrong with you?
  10. The hate for Jamal Adams is whew. I just don't get it. I don't get.
  11. If you have to call a reporter in order to assess a job situation, I don't want you as the GM. That is ridiculous that some candidates did that
  12. Because Cimini's not a hack. He's smarmy as hell but he's not a hack
  13. Why would he? It's voluntary and we just saw a guy tear his ACL yesterday
  14. I'm convinced after they win a title, Jets fans will still whine. Never happy and never content. And Manish, the hack, feeds off of that
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