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  1. The hell are you talking about? This year the Jets and Giants are similar situations with their QBs. And interestingly, if the Giants do draft a QB., they will have essentially wasted a second round pick in Davis Webb. Sound familiar?
  2. He and McCown are having similar years
  3. I don’t really buy that. I don’t think the Giants have extra picks to try and do it. They need an OL first.
  4. There just seems to be a major disconnect with the way the media views this Jets team and the way the fans do. Usually they are in some sort of lockstep. But not this year. It’s very odd.
  5. Pay him to be a starter? 6m?
  6. But as Beerfish said, why would they continue to ignore OL?
  7. Which is why the Giants shouldn’t draft a QB
  8. Only his second full year at Virginia. Transferred from East Carolina where he didn’t get playing time. He’s a senior so no more playing time unless there is something I’m missing
  9. People before the year said that if the Jets get to 6 wins, Bowles should be coach of the year
  10. To me it comes down to FA moves by everybody and how the evaluations go.
  11. TO be fair, the article is called “an unpopular argument” so he knows he’s going against current
  12. Auburn also in letdown. Up only 14-7 against Louisiana Monroe
  13. I sense a letdown trap for Miami. You’re right though. Bad slate of games