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  1. He helped get that big 4th down stop which really changed the game
  2. He could have easily gone back into a shell after Darnold threw that pick. He didn't and it won them the game
  3. Not to mention, to play even sides, the bad OPI call on Witten in the red zone. I don't really like Beningo, but I agree with him on this. The refs have way too much control of the game
  4. Absolutely horrific. There were 5 straight plays with a penalty. FIVE. Refball continues to thrive.
  5. You mean. 'Murder..............................She Wrote"
  6. Gregg Williams. And the Browns for still being the Browns in not hiring him to be their HC. Their loss is our gain
  7. Man tailgates can provide enough liquor to reach that attitude. And I have problems with Yankees fans too because you can't enjoy success with them because it's never enough. It all comes back to simply not really giving too much of a sh*t. And this is fanbases in general
  8. On that angle I wish more fanbases had reactions to losing like Saints fans did for years. "We're losing? **** it. Who cares. Let's party."
  9. Still dont know why and how Jets fans can take this so seriously. It's frikkin football. It's a step up from WWE at this point.
  10. And I said this before, fans have no place to direct their anger. Unless you can contact the injury gods.
  11. Lachlan Edwards hehehe By the way, there's a reason Douglas wanted 6 years
  12. There's a big point of irony there if you look hard enough. Dolphins tanking on purpose Jets banged up Broncos unlucky as hell. Skins excuse? Dont see any. At least from an outside perspective
  13. Thank you sir. In all honesty, until he actually requests a trade, I don't really care.

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