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  1. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Classic ploy to up the ante
  2. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    50/50 essentially but that doesn’t stop you from doing it. Process must be correct
  3. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Apparently There is more of a market for the #3 pick than there was last week per Albert Breer wonder if the Cardinals futzing around has anything to do with that
  4. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The basic offer I would accept from Washington is their 2019 1 &2 and their 2020 1
  5. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    And that possibility has seemed to have grown in recent days
  6. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    This is Dan Snyder we're talking about here. Remember that
  7. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Plus it's Washington. Overpaying is what they do
  8. UnitedWhofans

    Draft Trade Rumors

    On the contrary, I would love it to be the Redskins because we know we can screw with them.
  9. UnitedWhofans

    Ed Oliver to Jets talk is a smokescreen

    Do you believe that the Jets would fore a trade to avoid that possibility
  10. UnitedWhofans

    Ed Oliver to Jets talk is a smokescreen

    Looking at the general reaction on Twitter (for what that means) I would say 70-30 in favor of the "pussy" pick
  11. UnitedWhofans

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    And honestly I've kind of soured on him too. Looking at tape he just doesn't stand out to me. He has the numbers but he doesn't come off the screen
  12. UnitedWhofans

    Ed Oliver to Jets talk is a smokescreen

    https://nypost.com/2019/04/23/why-quinnen-williams-would-be-perfect-pick-for-jets-on-nfl-draft-night/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=twitter_app Former NFL scout and current Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy cast his vote Tuesday for Q. Williams on WNSP radio in Alabama: “He has a really hard skill set to find. I think Josh Allen from Kentucky is the best edge rusher, but it’s a lot harder to find guys on the interior defensive line who can put pressure on the passer. “What Quinnen did last year as a first-year starter with Alabama was awesome. I think he’s just scratching the surface. He’s really a hard guy to block. He’s so powerful. He’s so slippery. Usually guys are one or the other, but he’s kind of both.” If the 49ers surprise and opt for Williams, even though they are already loaded on the interior, Bosa would be Next Best Player. Don’t get hung up on G. Williams’ 3-4, either. “There’s a lot of different things we’re gonna do from a defensive-front standpoint that it may not be a traditional 3-4, Bill Parcells-just-line-up-in-the-old-school 3-4. There’s lots of different types of 3-4,” Maccagnan said. “Heck, we play 60-some percent nickel and dime packages now anyway it seems like, so we usually play with an even front.” Imagine if George Young had decided against drafting Lawrence Taylor in 1981 because he already had Harry Carson, Brad Van Pelt, Brian Kelley and Dan Lloyd. Young took outside linebacker Carl Banks with the third-overall pick in 1984 at a time when the Giants needed offensive line help — which he secured late in the first round with William Roberts. Ernie Accorsi made defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka the 32nd and last pick of the 2006 first round at a time when Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck populated the defensive line. Dave Gettleman drafted defensive tackle Kawann Short in the second round in Carolina after selecting Star Lotulelei in the first round in 2013. Nagy believes in taking the best player. “I’ve been a part of too many teams where we drafted for need and we’ve swung and missed,” he said. Seems the media wants us to go Williams

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