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  1. The ironic thing is that the Jaguars completely collapsed after they ran up the score. The football gods were angry
  2. The Common thread between the Wilpons. the Johnsons, and James Dolan is an oversensitivity to the fanbase and positive press. Which is why fanbases and media have more power in decisions these teams make as opposed to other teams
  3. I've seen enough from him to say that he isnt going to be a Mark Sanchez and flame out. He might be a Matthew Stafford esque franchise QB.
  4. Urinating Tree said it best. The Jets are the red headed deformed stepchild who live in the attic in the NFL and come downstairs every once in a while to prove that they exist and then they go back upstairs. They are anonymous
  5. Agreed. It would be flying in the face of common sense.
  6. Baseball is more random though so the Mets have an easier job of it. I.e better odds
  7. Well if there is a bidding war for him, it could get high
  8. Mets because at least the Johnsons try to spend money and win. They just dont know how to do it. The Wilpons are cheap
  9. This is starting to feel like a trap game for Jacksonville the way they are reacting to this
  10. I mean, to think that he is the problem, especially coming after the Cowboys game the previous week, is the bipolar takes of all bipolar takes
  11. When you are flustered as a QB, there are not many good outcomes
  12. The Jets Cardinals game from a few years ago basically set offensive football back 50 years

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