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  1. @jbrown116 The new Marlins ownership wanted to get rid of the money. They were never keeping him. That's why the bl… https://t.co/2l8OGDUIHc

  2. Set by the people who are more knowledgable about the subject than you or I am
  3. 3 of our 5 wins are against (potential) playoff teams: KC, Buffalo, and Jacksonville This is not like 2015 where they only beat 1 team with a winning record
  4. I agree. Not the best week to do it, but overall he;s done a solid job.
  5. Their defense could not hold a 21-7 lead against a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers
  6. I understand that. but for that first year, you dont really want to play him, unless he's one of the top plug and play QBs
  7. ANd that is the point that I'm trying to ascertain with my thread. Whether the predictions were bogus or not, they did better than people thought they would do. I think that it points to Bowles rather than Macc. Bowles has done two good things this season. For the most part, the players have played hard for him. And he brought in John Morton
  8. Unless they draft a QB along with doing that
  9. OK. That's fair. I didnt see the game yesterday. The argument could be made that they didn't pass with Petty because he was the only active QB on the roster for that game We will see if they let him throw in New Orleans
  10. Compared to the Browns? **** yea
  11. I found it funny that Cimini said that the Jets are o the verge of losing control for the season. There's only 3 games left!
  12. Only because he got Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf to help. He ceded to people who knew football!
  13. Again, I cede to people who know the sport. If I want to learn about politics, I don't go to a ballet dancer for help. Internally I agree with you. The expection inside should be to win the Super Bowl and whoever doesn't have that should be let go. Externally, I can have whatever expectation I want
  14. Which is ironic that most people wanted it to happen all year