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  1. After QB, Jets Have to Give Defense an Edge

    This particular draft is not a good one for pass rushers outside of Chubb. Arden Key was once projected in the first round but he has fallen down
  2. Rosen Fans

    The bottom line with Rosen is that I can't take a guy who consistently gets banged up and has to miss games
  3. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    I dont think the HAckenberg Jets workouts was private. Their interest in him was public
  4. Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    The whole Bowles will play the veteran thing is askew anyway. Bowles will play the guy who is most likely to win him games. Whether that be the rookie or McCown, who knows?
  5. Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    Besides it seems to be avoided in NY. Giants didn’t do it with Davis Webb
  6. The biggest detriment to an NFL minor league system is that NFL careers are so short to begin with that it would take up career time.
  7. Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    Wow 2 game difference? Very different. I had them at 6-7 with 3 games that could swing (@Bears, Packers, @Titans)
  8. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    Surprised nobody had done it yet
  9. @TankWilliams13 And by many you mean twice for this specific regime

  10. Charles Robinson‏Verified account @CharlesRobinson FollowFollow @CharlesRobinson More I’ll say this for the #Jets: if they aren’t taking Mayfield at No. 3, they’ve done a remarkable job spreading disinformation to protect their target. From a wide variety of front office sources, Mayfield+Jets seems to be a more consistent assumption than any other player/team.
  11. We tried to get up to #1, but involved another 1 next year.
  12. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    So Here is my W/L @Lions L Dolphins W @Browns W @Jaguars L (Although it could be interesting) Broncos W Colts W Vikings L @Bears (This game is the swing game of the bunch to me) @Dolphins L Bills W Patriots L @Titans (swing game ) @Bills L Texans W Packers (swing game because Packers might not be playing for anything) @Patriots L So I have 6-7 with three swing games
  13. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    1. We get the Vikings and the Packers at the Meadowlands, which gives us a chance. If we were at their places, I would say no shot. 2. Jags are tough but we beat them last year so you never really know. 3. I will believe that the Browns will be better than us when I actually see it. Until then, we are beating Cleveland.
  14. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    They will be if the AFC is as mediocre as it was last year