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  1. UnitedWhofans

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    How the hell did Macc get anything for him?
  2. @MarcCarig I blame you with those stupid jokes

  3. I pointed this out before. LaRon Landry, Kelvin Beacham, Morris Claiborne, JOsh McCown I give credit to the medical staff
  4. Ah but as I as have pointed out before the Jets seem to have this knack of getting good seasons out of injury prone players.
  5. 19th ranked Center vs 31st ranked center
  6. Confessions of a ADD Mind: Men of Iron https://t.co/sPPDbX3LaX

  7. Yes. They should be better this year. That's the whole point of the exercise.
  8. I dont want developmental OL in the first -third rounds. I want OL who can play now. Otherwise, you probably are better off getting UDFAs as development players and get guys who can play now
  9. UnitedWhofans

    Another draft review & grade - Rotoworld

    And yet we have had a better OL than the team across town who spent a top ten pick on Erick Flowers
  10. UnitedWhofans


    I think the Jets have the best WR corps in the division. Go look it up
  11. Well ironically, the T werent the problem last year. The G and C were
  12. UnitedWhofans

    Another draft review & grade - Rotoworld

    Developmental OL is not good. OVer a guy whom you can plug and play right away
  13. UnitedWhofans

    Another draft review & grade - Rotoworld

    YEah kind of an odd man out situation.