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  1. And the fact that there are very few realistic scenarios that don't have him coming out with one makes it even moreso.
  2. @RealChrisPotts Our lineup is RH enough as it is.

  3. You do know that a majority of the deals aren't really done until near the draft right? I mean deals are discussed but they cant be finalized until March
  4. Colin Cowherd: Cousins should avoid Jets

    Very weird. He makes the point, which is fair. But he uses a horrific piece of evidence for it. He uses mysticism. The Jets made Brett Favre throw 22 INTs by magic.
  5. @TrilbeeReviews Regardless, don't assume. Remember "The Sun Makers" and taxes.

  6. @Neonyfy Shazam isn't part of the DCEU

  7. Confessions of a ADD Mind: Marvel's Batmen https://t.co/HU9sTyMqRj

  8. @keepTHEfaith341 @redsoxstats Defense probably separates them

  9. @cross_7_7_7 @YankeesWFAN @SNYtv I don't care. It's not like football where the HC has offshoots, I think. As long as they get along...

  10. RT @rogerfederer: Apparently I'm the oldest tennis player with a #1️⃣ ranking. Somebody might have mentioned that to me already but I had a…

  11. BEcause fan and media pressure affect Woody who affects Maccagnan.
  12. Were the scouting reports right? - Marcus Maye

    The point is well taken, but it should not be used against the two players individually. MAccagnan. maybe. they are both good young players.
  13. @SawbonesHex As long as the almighty dollar is handed out, very little will be done

  14. @DavesDime Or it just means the whole Earth is a sh*thole

  15. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Example number 5 billion on how the media and fanbase influence the organization through the conduit of a crappy owner