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  1. Which is even weirder because it seems their location is the main crux for the ridicule. If they were in frickin' Omaha, nobody would care. they would just be a losing franchise with an insular fanbase. And the fact that the ridicule comes mainly from the location of the franchise doesn't seem fair to me. It doesn't seem just if you will
  2. Hell even the mid 60s Mets were treated better by the public than the Jets
  3. At the end of the day I wish the Jets were treated more like the Cubs (pre 2015) or the Saints of the 70s/80s. A team that loses a lot but the fans seem to have fun with it. Lovable losers.
  4. And yet because they were so long ago, the Jets aren't seemed to be credited for it. That also bothers me.
  5. Your point is understood. But is it fair to the crippled child?
  6. That's the point. They are a crippled child. And to make fun of them is to be bullying a crippled child. Which is abhorrent. I just don't understand the love of taking potshots at the Jets in particular. It might be because they are a New York team, which in that case, I have thought for years the best thing for the franchise would be to move and get a fanbase all to themselves.
  7. I disagree. I am supportive. But I am logical and realistic. I know their organization sucks so I have extremely low to zero expectations (as I have said before, a fan having expectations of a team that they can't control is illogical to me). I would like to be rah rah. But not many people seem to want to do that. Especially those in the public eye aka The Fruit Salesman on WFAN
  8. No I just feel for the underdogs if they get bullied unfairly.
  9. Quite true but not to the public outcry that the Jets get. Also you ask them to play better. A crippled child is crippled for a reason. Their owner and structure sucks so unless they change that, they can't play better. They are a crippled child
  10. Lions last title 1959. Where's the hate for them
  11. Then why are the Jets in existence if nobody wants to play there? Again the crippled child getting bullied
  12. This is what I mean by the bullying. This is a non story that has become a story because people are desperate. This doesn't seem to happen to any other organization than the Jets.
  13. I've been thinking about this for a bit and I bring it up from time to time in little spurts, but it just seems that the Jets are a crippled child that people love to kick. They are a hapless organization that everybody seems to go out of their way to jab or knock down. I say they are a crippled child simply because they have an owner who doesn't know anything about football. And it seems the NFL wants this, They want the Jets to be bad. It is their role. Almost like wrestling. It's just sad. Now to humanize a multi million dollar organization to a crippled child may seem weird but if you look on Twitter and the social media, I don't think the Lions or the Jaguars or even the Browns get more flack continuously as the Jets. It's almost as if they are bullied. And I don't like bullying unless it is deserved. And being a hapless organization aka being handicapped seems reason for bullying.
  14. In terms of what? Ability? Winning? what?
  15. Simple. I want 2 first rounders (at the least). A few years ago, Cowboys had one of the top records in the NFC. They wanted Sheldon Richardson. Jets wanted a one for him, which would have been a low one because of their record. They balked and lost at home to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
  16. Same thing with guys who are headcases being signed by other GMS saying "I can fix this guy"
  17. Desir had the Rex Hogan connection and Perriman had the Douglas connection. That was kinda public knowledge already. Given his background I thought Fant would be a swing tackle who would compete for a job. (Football sites basing their bashing of the Jets of this offseason on this signing alone which is incorrect)
  18. Basically the only thing that came out of this is that it looks like Winters will stay as depth on the OL.
  19. WHat? As long as people can actually catch the ball, I don't care about their speed of quickness.
  20. Which is why I believe he didn't believe it
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