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  1. This was the wrong move in my opinion. I don’t believe Christopher Johnson that Adam Gase had nothing to do with this decision and I think Gase needs to be fired now too. Gase caused a similar crisis in Miami while McCagnan was a good soldier for years. I’m just saying that it’s crystal clear who the real problem is. Maybe McCagnan wasn’t the best gm but he wasn’t standing there with a torch ready to burn the whole franchise to the ground either. Seems like Gase is a ticking time bomb and a change of scenery didn’t disarm him.
  2. Sure, I could see the disappointment. I don’t like it either but it wasn’t really just this story with Bell I was talking about. I was more referring to the whole entire story of the rift. As the days go on and the story persists it’s getting harder to stomach because I’m not used to this kind of turmoil with my team. I feel really good about the direction that things are going and I’m pretty excited about our draft and Sam Darnold. Thinking that in fighting could be responsible for derailing the progress is upsetting. Thats a good point about Parcells and Young. I wouldn’t think th
  3. Do you believe this story is real? And if you do, how would you handle it?
  4. Because I’d rather fire the guy who already took a torch and burned all the bridges with his previous organization and has proven he’s a trouble maker. The Jets under Mike McCagnan still have a chance but if Gase is really doing this he’ll be fired soon even if McCagnan goes and my greatest fear is seeing Darnold in his 3rd offense in 3 years. Give me stability. I don’t think Gase will ever be stable.
  5. It’s time to fire Gase and give the job to Greg Williams if all of this is all true.he was a huge problem in Miami and its just happening again. An ego maniac can coach a team sometimes but when an ego manic can’t do the job it just becomes a train wreck. He’s already proved in another town that he can’t do it. Time to move on.
  6. I like it and don’t care what anyone else thinks. Obviously not every player will succeed but if we get 3 or 4 good ones I’ll be happy. Now it’s about what happens instead of the perceived value of the players at the time of the draft.
  7. It’s a popular thing to say that a player taken could have been had in a later round. In the end he was taken where he was taken in the real draft. Maybe the mock drafts and analysts were wrong?
  8. I liked how Jeremiah said there were probably other teams throwing things in their draft room because a lot of teams wanted Wesco. Tired of people thinking a player is bad or the wrong pick because they never heard of a player. Everyone reading this that has watched 300 guys on film in preparation for the draft, raise your hand...no one will do it.
  9. Donahue had an alcohol problem, I’m not sure his numbers are why he failed.
  10. Before the combine almost everyone had a first round grade on him, that’s what makes this such an intriguing pick.
  11. We drafted for need and swung for the fence, this guy is boom or bust but many on this board talked about the possibility of him falling to us in the 3rd after his stock slipped. I’m on board.
  12. Too many good players on the board to trade up, I hope the jets stay put.
  13. in order I’d take quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Jawaan Taylor, jonah Williams, Ed Oliver. Don’t want bosa, would prefer to trade back and take offensive lineman.
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