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  1. Persiussa

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Stunned at the number of people who don’t know Sheppard. I was thrilled with this pick. I obviously haven’t seen him play much but if you just read a senior bowl practice report he was all the rage there and had a good bit of hype Maybe McCagnan should do things like us instead? Maybe instead of researching hundreds of players he should watch 5 guys on YouTube and draft based on Mel Kipers big board. Then when other nfl gms take guys he’s never heard of he can laugh at them and call them idiots.
  2. Persiussa

    Third overall pick is...

    You have to take Rosen
  3. I’m all in on o-line. I’d consider taking 2 or 3 of them in this draft.
  4. Persiussa

    Anyone else like all 4?

    I do like them all. Love Allen when I look at the game film but I’d take Darnold and Rosen first. I’ll be happy on draft day with any of them but I’ll feel better about some than others.
  5. Steve? Am I the only one who listens to the lets talk Jets podcast?
  6. Persiussa

    Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Darnold is the no brained for me. I only take Mayfield if both Darnold and Rosen are gone.
  7. I’ve seen the comparisons of Darnold to Sanchez because of school. I’ve seen the comparisons of Allen to Hackenberg. I haven’t seen many comparisons of Mayfield to Geno and Petty but the parallels are there in terms of great numbers from an air raid system not translating to the nfl. at some point you have to stop being scared of your past and just take the player you think is best.
  8. I don’t think there has ever been an nfl 3 team deal. I don’t remember one.
  9. I heard Gil Brandt talking on Sirius NFL radio today. There is no link because this isn’t an article. Just repeating what I heard. Here was his prediction for the top 5 picks and what he thinks will happen. 1 he had josh Allen going to the Browns 2 he said he didn’t have any inside information on the Giants at all and didn’t have a clue what they were going to do. He just said he expects them to choose between Barkley or Darnold if he’s there. he did not list Chubb in his scenario. 3 he had the Jets taking Mayfield but didn’t make a comment about what might happen if Darnold was still on the board. Maybe he just expects him to be gone by then? Not sure. 4 the Browns 2nd pick was Chubb 5 he made a mistake here and put the colts on the clock at 5. Not sure if he just meant to say denver or if he got the draft order wrong. yes this is very indefinite. But it’s relevant because Gil is very much an insider and this is based on what he’s being told.
  10. Persiussa

    Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    Darnold rosen mayfield allen in some ways Rosen is the best but if both were on the clock I’d bank on Darnolds personality. I do like Allen but truly understand he’s too risky and would take Mayfield instead. I’ve stuck up for Allen because I believe he’s taking some unjust heat but at the end of the day he’s my 4th. I’m still very worried about mayfield being a system qb but he has less risks than Allen. With that said I think there are less truly great qbs that are short than there are great qbs that threw under 60% completion in college.
  11. It just makes me wonder if the Odell trade makes it more or less likely that the giants trade down from 2. If you trade Odell the rebuild is happening now in my opinion and it only makes sense to take a qb at 2. If you keep him then you add to the talent by taking a great running back and trying to get the most out of Eli if you want to do it that way. Personally I think they’re nuts if they don’t go QB and I think they should do it regardless of the situation but I’m not the gm. It’ll be our luck if the Giants pass on qb and don’t trade down.
  12. I will agree that it appears teams may be figuring out how to take these air raid qbs and make something of them. With Case Keenum just like Alex smith it took them about 7 years to develop in a traditional nfl way. That’s just too long. Goff is a very interesting case, terrible his first year franchise qb in is 2nd. I heard an interesting story on Sirius nfl radio that the head coach is allowed to talk into his qbs headset until there’s a specific amount of time left on the play clock. Supposedly mcveigh would allow the offense to line up and he would tell Goff into his earpiece everything he was seeing about the defense until his earpiece would automatically cut off. That had never been done before. as far a mahomes and Foles go, Foles was no good when taken away from Andy Reid. Andy just knows how to use these guys and because of that so does Doug Peterson. Derek Carr told a story on nfl radio that his brother taught him nfl concepts since he was 9 years old Im not saying I hate mayfield or that he can’t be successful. I’m just trying to show that despite Parcells formula there might be a greater risk with him than you realize. Personally I think he’s the biggest risk of the 4.