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    Maybe I’m crazy but this doesn’t make sense to me, I thought he did a great job this year with what he had.
  2. I wouldn’t want to look back one day after a championship and know in my heart that my team cheated to get it. No thanks.
  3. Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield?

    I don’t prefer either. I want to draft someone but mayfield scares me. There are many traits that mayfield displays that I love but when he looks toward the sideline for his coach to tell him what play to run and what defense hes going up against,that just doesn’t work for me. And it happens on every play. He has been developed as a thrower but the mental aspect will be so new that it will take him years to develop. Guys like Goff aren’t the norm succeeding from the air raid. Case Keemun is the only other guy who has and it took him like 7 years to develop.
  4. Dumb Coaches Dumb Players

    I’m old enough that I can’t sit and watch every game on Sunday like I used to when I had less responsibilities. With that said I’ve often wondered how many people that complain about our coaching staff have time to watch other teams. I see many other teams make the same kind of mistakes that the Jets do all the time. The only difference is I’m not personally attached to the outcome of the game so it doesn’t matter. Personally I think we just lack the talent to make our coaching staff look good, specifically at the QB position and the pass rush on defense. I honestly thought the 49ers were a train wreck this year. Who would have known they were only 1 guy away?
  5. For me personally he has to show an understanding of the offense that he’s being presented and show progress throughout the week in practice especially mentally and hopefully with mechanics. Of course none of us will see this but it will have to be evident in each days practice report. They always say the practices are the most important part and many scouts leave before the game. I will watch the game but put the most stock into the reports.
  6. Any Interest in Vikings QB's

    I want a first round qb but I’d be interested in giving teddy bridgewater a 1 year deal Incase he’s not healthy so it would be low risk. Even if we got teddy I’d still take a qb in the first.
  7. Lamar Jackson declared...

    here is a really nice video on Lamar Jackson vs Josh Allen as it relates to poise in the pocket. Jackson shows some really good skill.
  8. Now that Arians is out I wonder if the Jets will go after the Cardinals OC if we lose Morton?
  9. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Heard a scout on a Jets podcast this week that suggested keeping an eye on Mississippi states QB Nick Fitzgerald as a possible top of he 2nd round pick if we don't get one of the top guys.
  10. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    The only thing I disagree with on there is that McCown looks like the best QB. They all kind of look equal but can you really call a QB the best one when he's throwing the most interceptions in 11 on 11 drills?
  11. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    I was there tonight and this is a pretty good assessment of what I saw as well. asj and Elijah McGuire really stood out. Loved Marcus Mayes interception and Hackenbergs touchdown to Legget. Concerned about the injuries. Offense didn't look good overall. There were stand out plays but no consistency on Offense. Liked the run D.
  12. p lynch

    I never did believe in lynch. Just didn't see it on film but I still hoped McCagnan drafted him just because I was afraid to pass on him and then see he was the guy after all. After we did pass on lynch I loved the Hackenberg pick. Don't get me wrong I knew all of the problems we would have to iron out with this guy and the difficulties that were ahead. I also knew that if he hit his potential his ceiling is higher than any QB I've ever seen the Jets draft. I hope it works out for us but Lynch wasn't exactly a slam dunk and on draft day I definitely saw scenarios where they might not take Lynch if he was available. It wasn't shocking.
  13. Time to have the Hackenberg discussion

    I'd be pretty surprised if I said something that offended anyone in my post, unless you're manish mehta.
  14. Many thought that if we drafted a QB early it would show how the Jets truly felt about Hackenberg. Here we are, the draft is over and the Jets not only didn't draft a QB early but they didn't take one at all. It's also notable that they had a shot at any QB they could have wanted in the draft except Trubiski. So does this mean anything at all or does it mean nothing? Are the bad stories we heard about Hackenberg media fabrications from reporters who knew the fans would just believe what they said? Either the Jets are on board for a plan that lands us a 2018 QB or they like what they have. What do you think?