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  1. For all the talk about a center, Jonathan Harrison was pretty good last year once he took over and they slid spencer long to left guard. I guess everyone is better than our player on the roster. you can’t fix it all in a single year and center was ok once we made the change. I feel like we can live with Harrison for a single year if need be until we can get a long term answer. as far as Robbie goes, he’s a really good player that needs to stay as long as he can stay out of trouble. With out cap situation I don’t think we’re in danger of losing him at all.
  2. Persiussa

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    I bet Dorsey is dialing right now. To the Browns he goes. Not on my team please.
  3. It was awesome to watch Sam execute that comeback. Like others are saying tanking is over now that we have Darnold. Besides, Kyler Murray shouldn’t be the first pick in the draft and he’d probably be selected at a more appropriate spot that isn’t #1 and the Jets would be choosing between the same 3 players they are now.
  4. I don’t think either of them are bad. They are serviceable and we could get by with them for another year as long as shell is healthy. But we do need to get a long term left tackle either this year or next.
  5. Since you can’t fix all of your problems in a single year I’d like to sign Jamison Crowder to play in the slot and then move onto looking for a #1 guy next year if things don’t look the way we want it to. I like Robbie Anderson the player so I’d be looking to see if he could stay out of trouble this year and if he can I’m signing him long term. It’s nice to want to upgrade all the time but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, Robbie is good here and we can do far worse.
  6. Persiussa

    Watch - We're Going to Sign Coleman

    I’d view the signing of Tevin Coleman as a smart thing and a better move. Yes Bell is great but the truth is it’s irresponsible to pay a running back that much money.
  7. Persiussa

    Thoughts on Jonah Williams with #3 overall?

    People forget that top players bust all the time. The sad truth is that Vernon gholston was the last of the 6 elite players in the draft when the jets picked him, ends up he wasn’t worth an UDFA signing. Just because Bosa, Williams and Allen are the top 3 perceived players doesn’t mean they will be the best players in the draft. As a matter of fact how often is the first player picked in the draft ever the best player in the draft years down the road? It happens occasionally but more often then not it’s a guy not even picked in the first round at all. If the Jets can’t trade down and they like Jonah Williams then just take him. I’m all about value when it comes to trades, and I hope we can trade down but if not they have to take a player they believe in.
  8. Persiussa

    Josh Jacobs

    I had the same thought watching him in the college football playoffs. This guy is a weapon, I’d love to have him in green after a trade down.
  9. Couldn’t watch the game live, I taped it. I’ll end up watching it some time this week. I’ll also tape the senior bowl. if the patriots make it to the Super Bowl I’ll watch the senior bowl instead of the Super Bowl at that time. That’s been my tradition since the patriots/ Seahawks.
  10. Persiussa

    Press Conference

    Initial shock is over. I like what he’s saying in the interviews on New York Jets.com. I’m excited to see how this all works out.
  11. Persiussa

    Press Conference

    New York shroom-a-rama, you weren’t there but Adam Gase saw you anyway.
  12. I’m happy about this but so much for the idea that coaching news can’t be announced during the playoff games.
  13. Persiussa

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Another uncompetitive dud of a game. This has been the worst, most uncompetitive slate of playoff games I’ve ever seen. The nfl must be upset by how bad all of these games have been through wildcard weekend to now.
  14. He’s a great dc but he’s not a fit for us. Having a corner that got paid 72 million and asking jamaal Adams to drop deep on every play in the cover 2 would waste money and talent here. Plus Brady would pick that zone defense apart like it was nothing.
  15. Me too, that’s who I wanted for head coach but would Richard be eligible? He’s the defensive backs coach for the cowboys but he’s also the defensive pass game coordinator so he’s part defensive coordinator. Would it be a lateral move?
  16. Persiussa

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    The playoffs have been bad so far, only the eagles vs bears was really competitive.
  17. I don’t know if anyone remembers this but we waited a long time to hear McCagnan was signed when it originally happened. Even though we knew he was hired before Bowles they never made it official until later. I’m hoping this is the case with Williams unless that reporter was just wrong.
  18. Persiussa

    Francesa Says...

    Mike said rhule was never offered the job and there was no truth to the report that the Jets had an issue with him over his staff.
  19. Persiussa

    Cimini shreda gase hire

    It’s weird that in order for this to be a decent hire all Gase has to do is get along with people. I don’t think anyone questions his talent and knowledge, they just wonder if he’s a ticking time bomb.
  20. Persiussa

    Rhule staying at Baylor

    Maybe the Jets realized that in order to sell us on Gase, they needed to give us all a heart attack by making us think they would hire an inexperienced college coach with no resume. How good does Gase look now after we almost hired Matt Rhule? Honestly, at this point I think we’re waiting until after the weekend to see if Richard or Bienemy gets eliminated from the playoffs.
  21. Was looking for the giants 2012 staff before so I could see what coaches Rhule might go after if the Jets hired him. Saw that same thing and started laughing out loud. What’s not funny is the names I saw on on the giants staff. No one of note.
  22. Ok, so 2nd interviews have started.
  23. If they don’t know who they’re going to hire by now it means they haven’t interviewed the right guy yet. They need to go back to the drawing board and add new candidates. As much as I want this to get done it seems they’re not unanimously impressed by anyone. Either that or they’re waiting for Richard or bienemy to get eliminated from the playoffs.
  24. I didn’t know that, thanks for the info.
  25. Persiussa

    Kris Richards out of left field?

    This has been my guy from the start and was disappointed when he wasn’t mentioned as a finalist. Mike Tomlinson like personality, worked with Pete carol. I know he’s not an offensive guy but he’s been part of some great defenses and just needs to be a great ceo with good hires for coordinators.

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