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  1. That Viking horn is still one of the cooler stadium sounds in the NFL
  2. Not sure how we know that JD wants to come back into the top 10. I suppose if you ask every GM would they like 2 top 10 picks they would say yes, but JD has show more of an inclination to move back. Not trying to be cheeky but is there a report that JD is trying to get back into the top 10 after they pick at #2?
  3. Just put them in the same place as my Enunwa, Adams and Mosely bobbleheads...
  4. Yeah but we got all that stuff here...sooooo
  5. At what point do we stop getting fooled about USC quarterbacks transitioning into the NFL. Pretty incredible that Carson Palmer is the best to have come out of that school in the NFL. Rodney Peete anyone? https://www.ranker.com/list/best-usc-trojans-quarterbacks/ranker-college-football
  6. He looks like Doug AND Dinsdale pirhana in one!
  7. I think there was $100k sitting there and he decided to take the OT....
  8. Can't play tomorrow night. Not on the roster until Monday. I think raiders thought that much through
  9. Lol...swing pass to the left no blockers...one years gain
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