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  1. Fed Hill Jet

    McCarthy is NOT the answer damnit!

    He's a Jet fan which seriously calls into question his decision making
  2. I wish the Jets would take it to the next level...
  3. Fed Hill Jet

    Jets to interview Mccarthy

    Best line of the New Year! Honestly
  4. NFL Network. Either inept or no respect for the Jets. Giants logo on the transition! 20180810_190315.mp4
  5. Fed Hill Jet

    Edelman loses appeal

    I find it so interesting how the Patriots players and team defenses in these situations seem to routinely come down to "jailhouse lawyer" tactics. He should be exonerated because the NFL mishandled evidence. WTF? This reminds me so much of deflate gate where the issue became why doesn't the NFL had a better method of measuring and recording football pressure, rather than calling out the true unsportsmanlike behavior on the part of the Patriots...the process opened the NFL up to scumbaggery tactics like deflating footballs! Don't focus on the act and certainly don't admit any guilt, but look to deflecting to the process and external issues to obfuscate and hope for a pass. It really wouldn't surprise me if he did try to take this to Federal court. Drug testing is probably impacting his civil rights and his right to an honest living...sickening to me.
  6. It may not always be luck that these players drop to Mac...
  7. I wasn't happy about no o line this year, looking at needs for next year draft o line and edge are it. Like Mangenius always said...its a process. 😂 Sam will not be day one starter. Take this year win what we can and next year looks awesome. I'm usually not this patient but with FQB likely in place I'm thinking the longer term. Even if Sam sucks he's here at least for the next five years. There's time to add his protectors. IMO.
  8. Fed Hill Jet

    Draft Re-Cap

    Couldn't agree more. He has the tools. Now coach him up
  9. Fed Hill Jet

    Draft Re-Cap

    Nickerson immediately pushes skrine in the slot. A challenge to the vet
  10. Fed Hill Jet

    McCag ... In review

    Why doesn't Mac like drafting OL? SEEMS like a pattern. Really would've liked someone added in this draft
  11. Wow, interesting when you line them all up. The likelihood of a drafted QB even becoming serviceable is pretty low. Maybe the guys advocating drafting two QBs in one year are on to something...

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