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  1. Great trade to 4. Now trade down and stay in the top 10. Maybe Carolina? We would get several picks with two trades and still pick in the top 10. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. 60. Kevin Kolb, Houston Years: 2003-06 Stats: 12,964 passing yards, 62% completion rate, 85 TD, 31 INT, 21 rushing TD Art Briles' first muse at the college level, Kolb improved steadily through his four years, and as a senior led the Coogs to their first 10-win season in 16 years. 59. Andy Dalton, TCU Years: 2007-10 Stats: 10,314 passing yards, 62% completion rate, 71 TD, 30 INT, 1,611 rushing yards, 22 rushing TD Both Dalton and the Horned Frogs improved incrementally throughout his career, going 11-2, then 12-1 then 13-0, with the program's lone Rose Bowl win, in his l
  3. If we trade to 4 it probably means we are not selecting a QB. I would then drop a few more spots with one of the teams that may be looking at a QB. We can load up on picks and still draft a potential great player.
  4. Nice trade for us but Pitts at #4? I would trade down again for another QB needy team. Hey aren't we a QB needy team??
  5. He looks like he would party a lot in the Metro area trying to be the next Broadway Joe. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. The price for NE would be two #1’s. Wont happen but might as well give them a price. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Staying with Sam and trading down to acquire more more picks is way more appealing then watching ryan battle Sam in camp.
  8. I would try and avoid the #23. Rather throw a 3rd and 2023 #1. But I'm still on the bend don't break route. Problem is Miami's pick is high and Carolina sounds like they will give up he world.
  9. Any IT office will ask " did you reboot?"
  10. @football guy Fantastic post bro! Thanks for sharing. This would be a great draft for us and this will give Sam improved protection and weapons to throw to. How far do you have Davonta Smith dropping?
  11. There is no rush to trade Sam unless someone calls and gives us an offer that we know we need to grab right away. Its Wilson/Fields/Lance vs Sam and trading down for more draft capital while still possibly grabbing a blue chip player. My gut says that Watson will not become a Jet but obviously an offer should be made. My offer would be #2 which can be worth multiple ones #1 2022 #1 2023 This leaves us with #23 this year and still have a #1 next. Dig your feet into the ground and move on if they pass. We have too many holes to fill and cap spac
  12. Also have to gauge the Texan's interest in Darnold. They could ride with Sam and then trade the #2 pick for more draft capital.
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