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    FOOTBALL - JETS and Cornhuskers
    Playing Madden on PS4

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    Dad of 5
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    Howard Beach
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    FOOTBALL - JETS and Cornhuskers Playing Madden on PS4
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    I pay bills for a living

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    Beating New England in the playoffs??? That's it??? Most of my memories unfortunately revolve around heart break starting with AJ Duhe.
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    Aj Duhe
    Blowing the lead at Denver Championship Game
    Losing to Indy and Pitt in the Championship Game
    Testeverde injury
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    all of them
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    born a few days after...DAM!

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  1. KRL you are the Jamal Adams of JN. A DAWG!!! Wait for it.....
  2. Almost 4 hours later and finally someone hits the nail with the hammer.
  3. Every player drafted at 3 should be a game changer but we can only hope that they can be above average
  4. Because we are the Jets, Mahomes would be another Geno Smith with us while Adams would be Ed Reed on the Chiefs. Namath sold his soul to the devil!
  5. As a team, I find that trio to be extremely boring.
  6. Watson and Mahomes were not a top 6 pick. Mac The genius would have had to trade back and that wasn't happening with him. YES, today they are worthy of 1 and 2 but back then they weren't. If they were then the Jets would have grabbed one or some team would have moved up
  7. The haters didn't hear that. They will point out that he needs to shave or that he didn't smile.
  8. Im almost shocked. Like I'm waiting for the punch line. lol
  9. Robby Anderson is a big self promoter but no one pays attention to him.
  10. What does this have to do with TODAY. We WON TODAY. Why are you talking about past or future plays?? its about TODAY.
  11. Anyone else makes the play and its great. Adams makes it and we revisit the 2017 draft. Seriously, there are really stupid football fans here.
  12. So we are still posting about the 2017 draft after a Jets win? For how long? We have our QB now. Move on.
  13. You did say this is GOING TO HAPPEN. Nostradamus you are!! You have a hard on for the dude. Get over it already.

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