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  1. 1 hour ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    Rodgers to SF isn't happening. GB will not trade him in the conference - doesn't matter if Kyle and Matt are buddies.

    Green Bay thinks they are playoff contenders without Rogers and somehow he will come back to haunt them.  Nonsense!  Trade him to the highest bidder, even if that's in the NFC.  He probably has two years left and will be gone.  They shouldn't worry about where he is playing.  

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  2. I'm rooting for SF because I don't like the 3 other teams remaining.

    Rooting for Mr. Irrelevant and then thinking how Zak can't even throw a WR screen pass is nauseating.   

  3. This team could have won 10 games but at the same time they could have also just had 4 or 5 wins.  Its been a crazy year with many positives but unfortunately much uncertainties.  

    Everyone is looking for a fall guy to blame.  I'm not a MLF fan but firing him just because someone has to go is not the answer.  If the coach stands by him that let them fly another year and reassess at the end of 2023 season.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, football guy said:

    Last I heard he was drawing up a plan identifying the reasons why they were so bad and how to fix it, which would be presented to Saleh and Douglas among others. I think there's a chance they don't like what they hear and he gets fired anyway, but waiting for more clarity (I texted these 3 tweets and asked for clarity lol)

    I don't think they want to make a move without a clear path forward though. Like, I don't think its a situation where they would say "we're opening up our OC search"... its entirely possible they want to see what happens with Mike McDaniel or get another senior-level staff hire completed before deciding MLF's ultimate fate. Should know more soon 

    Identifying the reasons.....



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