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  1. 3 hours ago, Untouchable said:

    I’m getting the feeling the Jets are going to stay put and take Javonte Williams.

    Between the reports that the Jets feel there is a dramatic drop off at the position after Harris/Etienne/Williams, Pauline being all but convinced they went into the draft wanting to land one, Tevin Coleman being constantly banged up, etc.

    That would make three players that are arguably the best at their positions added to the roster.  Cannot be unhappy if we end up like this.  We can still move back into the 3rd if need be.

  2. The chances of the Jets drafting  an heir apparent to Broadway Joe is like the same chance of you getting hit by lightening.

    The chances of drafting an heir apparent that is also good looking are the same as being devoured by a shark at the same time lightening strikes you. 

  3. On 4/23/2021 at 11:20 AM, football guy said:

    I honestly haven't been very tapped in this past week- was away on business and just busier than have been in a long time (a blessing, not a complaint lol). I read about the medical stuff but without knowing what exactly it's hard to say. Could result in him falling to the end of Round 2, maybe even round 3, depending what it is

    Unacceptable!! You need to be tapped in all the way through the draft.    Give me you the phone number of your boss.  JN will bombard him with messages. 😆

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