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  1. Gary Meyers is still a reporter? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. I think they are good. For most, this isn’t our generation anymore. Vibrant colors, fresh look etc. that’s what appeals to the younger generation. Us oldies don’t buy jerseys anyway so the NFL is not concerned with our opinions. For the record I still buy them. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Complex rankings. Enough said. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. She hacked into his Snapchat. This means the dummy didn't have a cheating's man password. That would mean anything that the wife couldn't think of. lol
  5. Dream match up. Ali would frustrate Tyson and probably win most rounds with sticking and moving. With Mike, he just needs to connect that big shot and anyone would fall. I honestly would root for Mike but I would say Ali in 10 rounds TKO.
  6. I like mine. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. And he didn’t care. His only goal was to win and be the best. Now a days guys need to be liked or their feelings get hurt. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I wish the Jets won 6 Super Bowl championships in 20 years and I was upset about this season coming up.
  9. Most of the recent pics of Becton, even the video on draft night, don't show him as being huge . Looks like a LB to me.
  10. Could be but when you failed a drug test it has to make you wonder. I pray that its not drugs/weed, alcohol. I hope its video games or something like that.
  11. Article from The Athletic https://theathletic.com/1777429/2020/04/27/consensus-big-board-ranking-the-2020-nfl-draft-classes-from-1-to-32/?source=dailyemail So let’s project for 2020. Here, we calculated the expected value each team earned on the pick and subtracted the capital of the pick, using an equation that weighs the value of the team’s selections (capital) against the draftees’ rankings in the Consensus Big Board (value). We also take into account positional needs — if a team, for example, drafts a running back because he’s the highest-ranked player on the board but then never plays that running back because there are five better ones on the roster, that wasn’t a good pick. (For more information on how we arrived at the capital and value numbers, check out last year’s article.) Most teams ended up over 100 percent in the return on investment column because the positional need calculation gave them boosts, which means that some teams that graded poorly in other draft class rankings still ended up net positive in value here — just not as positive as the other teams around them. Here’s how teams did: 2020 Consensus Big Board Draft Rankings RANK TEAM CAPITAL VALUE NET ROI 1 Arizona 4242.5 6104.6 1862.1 143.90% 2 Buffalo 3229.5 4632.1 1402.7 143.40% 3 Dallas 4705.8 6731.9 2026.1 143.10% 4 Cleveland 5431.8 7091.7 1659.8 130.60% 5 Baltimore 6194.1 7926.7 1732.6 128.00% 6 Tampa Bay 4478.6 5504 1025.4 122.90% 7 Cincinnati 6614.4 8119 1504.5 122.70% 8 N.Y. Jets 6447.7 7820.7 1373 121.30% 9 Minnesota 7618.5 9152.6 1534.1 120.10% 10 Denver 6241.8 7494.5 1252.7 120.10% 11 Carolina 5474.8 6430.5 955.7 117.50% 12 Houston 3079.7 3617.1 537.4 117.40% 13 N.Y. Giants 5933.4 6897.1 963.6 116.20% 14 Tennessee 3522.2 4091.8 569.6 116.20% 15 Philadelphia 5262.6 6045 782.4 114.90% 16 Washington 5710.3 6530.5 820.2 114.40% 17 L.A. Rams 4273.5 4849.6 576.1 113.50% 18 New Orleans 2915.5 3302.4 386.9 113.30% 19 L.A. Chargers 4962.7 5543.9 581.2 111.70% 20 San Francisco 3905.2 4253.7 348.5 108.90% 21 Detroit 6902 7329.2 427.2 106.20% 22 Miami 9583.6 10121.4 537.9 105.60% 23 Las Vegas 6336.3 6686.6 350.2 105.50% 24 Jacksonville 8165.9 8581.3 415.4 105.10% 25 Pittsburgh 3056.5 3060 3.5 100.10% 26 Indianapolis 4916.5 4841.2 -75.2 98.50% 27 Kansas City 3692.4 3633.3 -59.1 98.40% 28 Chicago 3564.7 3304.2 -260.5 92.70% 29 Green Bay 4317.8 3805 -512.7 88.10% 30 Atlanta 4548.3 3904.9 -643.4 85.90% 31 New England 5453.3 4454.6 -998.8 81.70% 32 Seattle 4842.2 3498.2 -1343.9 72.20% That mostly aligns with grades around the media landscape, though there are significant differences for Indianapolis, Minnesota and Jacksonville on the negative end and more favorable scores here for Philadelphia, Buffalo and Houston. While most of the positive grades for the Colts surround the stylistic fit that wide receiver Michael Pittman provides with quarterback Philip Rivers, there’s a bit of revisionist history with some of the analysis — Pittman is considered worthy of the 34th pick in post-draft analysis, but he was the 47th-ranked player on the board. The board even agrees that Pittman isn’t a negative pick after accounting for positional value and need, but it doesn’t give the Colts high marks for it either. The board would have preferred Denzel Mims, ranked 33rd overall, in that slot. Beyond that, the Colts gained significant value with Jacob Eason and some value with Jonathan Taylor but lost quite a bit with Julian Blackmon and a little more with Danny Pinter. Minnesota benefits both from having a high number of picks in the first two rounds and didn’t really deviate from the general draft community’s consensus in those rounds. But the back end cost them in terms of total value, grabbing players outside of the top 300 on a fairly regular basis. Every step they took forward in terms of the board was met with another step backwards. Altogether a good draft — they rank ninth — but not one the board sees as the best. Jacksonville also had four picks in the top 100, and that tends to result in high draft grades as analysts don’t always discount the fact that it’s easier to acquire talent with more picks. Jacksonville ended up with one of the highest total value returns in the class, but also spent more than any team besides Miami. Jacksonville gained value with CJ Henderson and earned even more with K’Lavon Chaisson and Ben Bartch, but also lost value with Shaquille Quarterman, Daniel Thomas and Jake Luton, despite the bonus assigned to quarterbacks. Like Indianapolis and Minnesota, it’s not a bad draft, just not an outstandingly great one by this measure. Philadelphia gets knocked for selecting Jalen Hurts in the second round by analysts, but the board thinks that it’s appropriate value. Obviously the reality of the situation with the Eagles is different, but the Eagles did need a quarterback — just not to start. It’s difficult to find good backups, so the calculation the board makes is slightly favorable, even though Hurts was ranked 20 spots lower than where he went. It didn’t like the Jalen Reagor pick because he was valued a round later, but they more than made up for it by selecting Prince Tega Wanogho, adding more value with John Hightwoer, Jack Driscoll and K’Von Wallace. As for Buffalo, San Francisco and Houston, there are three different stories. Analysts were high on Buffalo’s draft but not nearly high enough — Buffalo gained value with every single pick except kicker Tyler Bass. A first-round talent in the second, a third-round talent in the fifth and a pair of fifth-round talents in the seventh highlight their draft. Houston suffers in part for not having many picks — like New Orleans — but given the capital they had to work with, they did alright with their picks. Almost all of them gained value except Charlie Heck, who was selected 60 spots from his overall value. It’s not a spectacular draft, but it wasn’t catastrophic either — yet they were ranked 31st in the aggregate of draft grades. The board doesn’t know what the Texans should have prioritized, so it doesn’t have a take on that, but it does think that the players they selected were solid. Who were the biggest steals of the draft? PLAYER SCHOOL POSITION TEAM PICK BOARD RANK Josh Jones Houston OT Arizona 72 29 Prince Tega Wanogho Auburn OT Philadelphia 210 73 Curtis Weaver Boise State EDGE Miami 164 66 Bryce Hall Virginia CB N.Y. Jets 158 65 Denzel Mims Baylor WR N.Y. Jets 59 33 Zack Baun Wisconsin LB New Orleans 74 32 Bradlee Anae Utah EDGE Dallas 179 81 Kristian Fulton LSU CB Tennessee 61 28 Jedrick Wills Alabama OT Cleveland 10 7 Yetur Gross-Matos Penn State EDGE Carolina 38 24 Jerry Jeudy Alabama WR Denver 15 8 Tristan Wirfs Iowa OT Tampa Bay 13 10 Jacob Eason Washington QB Indianapolis 122 77 K.J. Hill Ohio State WRS L.A. Chargers 220 118 Jake Fromm Georgia QB Buffalo 167 85 If some of the first-round steals surprise you, just think about what it would take to trade up from No. 15 to No. 8, as in the case of wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Generating that type of value without having to make a single phone call is pretty good. Getting the seventh-ranked player at No. 10 (as in the case of Jedrick Wills) or the 10th-ranked player at No. 13 (Tristan Wirfs) is roughly equivalent from a draft value perspective of a late first-round player going in the middle of the second, a player ranked in the 40s going in the 60s, a player in the 60s going in the 90s, etc. And the biggest reaches: PLAYER SCHOOL POSITION TEAM PICK BOARD RANK Jordyn Brooks Texas Tech LB Seattle 27 84 Justin Rorhwasser Marshall PK New England 159 900 Cole Kmet Notre Dame TE Chicago 43 62 Blake Ferguson LSU LS Miami 185 353 Jason Huntley NM State RBC Detroit 172 355 Jalen Reagor TCU WRS Philadelphia 21 41 Jaylinn Hawkins California S Atlanta 134 263 McTelvin Agim Arkansas DL3T Denver 95 151 Charlie Woerner Georgia TE San Francisco 190 338 Tanner Muse Clemson S Las Vegas 100 192 Josiah Deguara Cincinnati TE Green Bay 94 161 Damon Arnette Ohio State CB Las Vegas 19 63 Daniel Thomas Auburn S Jacksonville 157 271 Tyler Bass Georgia Southern PK Buffalo 188 281 Cassh Maluia Wyoming LB New England 204 658 While those teams — or fans of those teams — may disagree about these being reaches, just remember that in order for someone to win the draft, someone else has to lose. Philadelphia’s emphasis on speed makes sense, but perhaps it was better to trade down a few spots than grab a player worth a second-round pick. The Packers see a system fit for Josiah Deguara, but H-backs aren’t valued much by the NFL. Jordyn Brooks is likely the best run-stopping linebacker in the class, but his ability in coverage is pure projection. If your team did well, congratulations! If not, I’m sure the model will be wrong in some spots — it missed on Tyreek Hill, after all. We’ll find out soon enough.
  12. She edited the post and took the addiction part out. Interesting. Surprised Manish isn't all over this. lol Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. All I have heard and read for weeks was select a tackle in the first and grab a WR in the 2nd. Done and Done! After that it was about filling in some of the holes we have including for depth too. We need a younger back, we need another QB, we needed a CB and edge rusher and we needed more depth in the secondary with the Jamal and Mayes situation.
  14. Who knows what happens with Adams or Maye but I'm excited to see this kid on the field. Looks like he plays with a high motor and adding that to Jamal's style of play could be infectious to the rest of the defense. I think he can be a "dawg".
  15. Greg Williams was only seen in one video for a few seconds and he just looks like a man who is quarantined and labbing all sorts of defensive schemes.
  16. I kind of like it. Set the tone early. Is their audio of the convo? I think we read it like he's a general and barking orders but it could have been soft toned while setting up the team comes first mentality.
  17. I kind of dumped on him as being a potential mid round pick but absolutely a great UDFA pick up. Good job JD. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. After watching Fales throw the football we should all be happy we grabbed a backup. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. Most didn’t like his picks? What board were you on? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  20. This draft is an A. Even if your not happy of the spots we took a QB or RB, they are good players. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  21. What we think doesn’t matter. We wanted more Wr’s, we wanted ..... All that matters is what the GM and staff think. We have so many holes to fill and we got some good value picks. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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