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  1. I like Daniel as well. Makes sense to get the input from the new coach before making a San decision but I'm hoping that he has a strong take on what he would like to do already. If they are higher graded than Sam then you have to go with a QB in the draft but its only Daniel's opinion.
  2. I have a call in 5 minutes and thinking " Eh I don't think I have to talk much in this meeting" JN REFRESH SCREEN time
  3. I've seen several mocks where he is 1st WR taken.
  4. Not for Jet selfish reasons but the NFL needs to figure out how to make coaching vacancies fair for all teams and candidates. Unless there is some under the table deal in place, often teams cannot wait until after a team is eliminated to hire a coach. And a candidate should not be at a disadvantage either for coaching opportunities. While I do understand that no one wants one of their coaches on interviews while preparing for a playoff game, it still unfair. Come up wish a solution that is fair and transparent to all.
  5. If you dive deep enough into mock drafts, I actually saw one yesterday that had DeVonte Smith to the jets AT #23!!!! lol His size is a question mark. Seek and you shall find whatever you want LOL
  6. I think I we will be fine with any of the coaches that we are interviewing. Everyone should rank them according to who you believe is best to worst but I think whoever is in last will be fine too. There are no clear cut "absolutely not" candidates so I think we are set up nicely for next year with a coach. For a QB its all up in the air with no clear answer. At this point we would have to put faith in JD and the new coaching staff to make the best decision for the club. It may not be right but weighing the pros and cons of which direction to go in is what they get paid to do. The big mystery is where does JD stand on Darnold right now. Is he hoping a new coach will help him make that decision or is he selling the #2 as a point of a new fresh start with a QB? He has enough info on Darnold. Gase is an idiot but I'm sure they have discussed in detail Darnold's skill set and ability to QB a team. For me, I am excited for what's ahead. New coach Cap space Draft capital New QB? Trade down scenarios for more picks FA's and draft picks to help Sam be more successful. Although the Jets always find a way to make you shake your head, I do not believe it can get any worse than it has the last few years. And I say that knowing that it can very well happen, lol JET UP my friend!! Get ready for a bumpy and exciting of season.
  7. I would kike Pederson but what If he didn't win a SB (but they did, I know). Would his resume be enough to jump to the top or would most people say nooooooooo
  8. So no one should want Staley because the Rams couldn't beat the Jets? The Jets are ruining people's futures! The body of work shows that is resume is good enough to be a HC somewhere.
  9. JD is getting all the info he can on Darnold from the OC and DC candidates.
  10. And there are a lot of people who watched him play for the first time in the championship game. After he over threw in the end zone they were convinced he was not the guy.
  11. Sign Thuney and draft Sewell. Draft an RB with 2nd pick or in the 2nd round. Make things simple for Sam if he is still the QB. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. What happens if Saleh calls and says Philly has a great offer but he would like to work out something with us. Does JD say “ sorry I have to finish my 2nd round interviews first” Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. You think Jax would go with a DC with Trevor coming to town? Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. But it’s only what you’re hearing. Nothing is written in stone and we understand that. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. From PFF https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-head-coaching-vacancies-examining-top-candidates-2020 ROBERT SALEH — DC, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Despite a season full of injuries and COVID-19 issues, the 49ers allowed only 5.0 yards per play on defense — good for fourth in the NFL. This earned Saleh the highest mark in our defensive play caller ratings. There were some questions about how he handled the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, but aside from surrendering a lead to one of the best quarterbacks to enter the league since the merger, he’s done a great job developing young talent — Fred Warner, Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, among others — while assimilating newcomers such as Richard Sherman. While defensive-minded coaches are not necessarily positive expected value long-term due to instability on the offensive side of the ball vis-à-vis the play caller, Saleh deserves an opportunity to lead a team. Will it be Detroit? ARTHUR SMITH — OC, TENNESSEE TITANS Smith has been in command of the Tennessee Titans' offense the past two years, wherein they have finished fourth in yards per play in both campaigns. Ryan Tannehill, after having fallen out of favor with Miami, has been one of the most efficient passers in the NFL over the past two years, averaging 9.7 and 13.5 yards per play-action pass attempt in those seasons. Many will point to Derrick Henry’s two league-leading seasons on the ground as another positive, while skeptics will point toward prehistorical run/pass ratios as evidence of a flaw in his approach. Smith has a Shanahan-like ceiling as a head coach and also calls plays, but he has a pretty low floor if he’s not endowed with the talent he has in Tennessee. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Not a bad candidate for HC but someone has to be last on the list and he would be it for me. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. I would say Pederson if he they had a great re;relationship Philly. Everyone says nice things but now there is an opening. Lets see how they really feel.
  18. Oh please no Garrett [emoji1317][emoji1317][emoji1317] Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. I understand your point but they have done homework on these guys to identify and request an interview with them. They went through the first round and that point they should have strong idea of who they want if they hadn't already. The 2nd interview is almost 50/50. We want more info but we are also selling ourselves to them. A steak dinner, hotel stay and meeting with the owner is a lot of work to do for multiple candidates when when their are seven openings in the NFL.
  20. No one is reporting that a contract was offered so to some extent that is good because the door is open for him to come back. But with several openings, a two day 2nd round interview is time consuming and they may loose out on the people on top of their ranking order.

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