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  1. Its on page 6 of his MMQB. Here is the link to that page. http://mmqb.si.com/2015/01/12/nfl-playoffs-cowboys-packers-dez-bryant-replay-catch-peyton-manning-retirement/6/
  2. Shefter said he was playing with a trorn right quad for the past month according to sources. If true, was this on the injury reports?
  3. I haven't read any other reports on this but Peter is a good source for info. We have to come away with one of these guys. .
  4. From Peter King's MMQB: The Jets, I hear, were scrambling to interview Bowles last night or today. They love Quinn too. They may not be able to get Quinn. If I were Quinn, with no sure quarterback there and no great familiarity with prospective GM Mike Maccagnan, the Texans’ director of college scouting, I’d much rather have the Atlanta job, even though I have family roots in New Jersey. Uh oh.
  5. If they can run the rock and play defense then Sanchez can do what he did for us those two years which is hand off and play action passes.
  6. It wouldn't be a bad move but how wired will that be.
  7. The Buffal defense is good and now today they just became a little bit better. He will be motivated to bury The Jets which isn't hard to do at this point. So now we have Brady and Rex trying to pulverize us into the ground.
  8. One thing Buffalo can do IF healthy is run the ball so its a perfect ground and pound team for him. Maybe they sign a vet QB and they can be a playoff team.
  9. One thing Buffalo can do IF healthy is run the ball so its a perfect ground and pound team for him. Maybe they sign a vet QB and they can be a playoff team.
  10. I wanted to root for him to be successful in Atlanta or SF. Now We gotta deal with his defense twice a year. At least Geno can't look as bad as he did vs Buffalo this year or can he?.
  11. Oh man looks like he's sihning on with Buffalo. ****!
  12. I use this example all the time when talking about a great coach.
  13. I like Quinn and Bowles. For some reason I think Bowles will turn out to be better.
  14. Lets see who we want around here.
  15. "He's most familiar with Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, the Texans' coach from 2006 to 2013. Maccagnan also is friendly with former Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone. He signed Marrone to a contract with the London Monarchs of the World League in 1991, and three years later he hired Marrone as a scouting intern for the Ottawa Rough Riders of the CFL." For some reason I still don't think it's a lock.
  16. With all the negative stuff on Marrone, I just don't see how we hire him. Maybe Mccagnan working with him is a plus because he may not like the guy.
  17. Agree. I was hoping that someone has stood out and impressed them enough that they stop looking. I just hope that even though its due diligence, someone doesn't balk or get scooped up somewhere else while the Jets are trying to look under every stone.
  18. Quoting myself.....actually not anything it takes to get him but we should grab him at 6. Cant wait for the mocks upon mocks that will be out.
  19. If he is another Big Ben then we should do whatever it takes to get him.
  20. I definitely agree but I'm just hoping that we can have a GM that would be involved in the final decision of who the coach will be. I want the GM and the coach to be on the same page but it's a little weird if the coach is essentially picking his boss.
  21. Is Quinn someone that can dictate who he wants the GM to be?? I don't think so. I like him and have no problem if he were hired but as I read in an article and agree with, his Seattle defense is not fancy. He has very good players that make an impact without any crazy schemes. Bowles seems to be a little different. He's more aggressive and works with lesser personnel. I like them both and would be happy with either but none of thses guys should be telling me what GM they want to work with UNLESS it was asked of them.
  22. He didn't hand anything back. It was taken away from him when He was fired after the GM screwed him with having 3rd and 4th string corners. I will wish him well wherever he lands. He is a passionate coach that has flaws but what coach doesn't.
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