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  1. If the the money is considered too much, I'm glad it's for a guy like Harris.
  2. Most Line backers cant cover anyone anyway so whats the difference. The guys is a leader, a true Jet and will one day be in the ring of honor. We can still draft a very good LB at #6 to replace him and maybe "cover" receivers/tight ends.
  3. The defensive line must love this deal. They are going to get paaaaaiiiiiddd
  4. ANY CHANCE we keep Percy?? We can afford it and if we trade for Foles we are looking like the 98 Jets again.
  5. Anything I want now would probably change after the Jets make some signings over the next few weeks but I now want a linebacker and I am more open to drafting Mariotta if our scouts like him. I still wouldn't mind trading with Rams or Cleveland.
  6. If we don't want Mariotta and we do not make a big deal for Foles then I would definitely trade for Bradford and the extra picks. Bradford beats Geno in training camp, we pick up extra picks to recoup giving up or 5th and 6th AND not that we may need a WR but Cooper or White could be there at #10. Better QB More Draft picks Still a great spot to pick in the draft
  7. Foles, Cutler, Mariotta but no talk of Bradford. St Louis has the 10th pick and dropping only 4 spots still gets us a very good player and we would pick up more draft picks. Bradford is definitely an improvement over Geno and has shown flashes of being very productive. He would have Marshall, Decker and Amaro plus a good running game. Injuries are a concern but we would have Geno as a back up
  8. Marshall would not have signed with us if he were free,. He would have gone to a Super Bowl contender for less.
  9. Love the deal but the only issue I have is that he is not a burner. I would like to get a speed guy at WR because Decker and Kerley are not fast either.
  10. Most likely. Maybe we trade someone for one of those picks.
  11. He has had some fumbling issues but something that can hopefully be worked on. His fumble totals in the 4 years at Nebraska went down each year. As the primary option on offense for the Cornhuskers it was good seeing the fumbles decrease. He would be a good change of pace back for our offense and great in open space.
  12. prime21

    WR Market

    With the draft full of good good WR's, I would be surprised if we go after any WR that pays 5+ million. Torey Smith fills a need for us and we should check on what it would take to bring hime here. The rest of them like Stevie and the older guys I would pass on.
  13. With the 6th pick in the draft the Jets select............... Why are we discussing Dupree so much? If we trade down maybe he's in the convo but I'm not sure we want another "project" at LB.
  14. If he's cut there is no way he's coming here. Trade a 5th rounder if our coach wants him but that's it.
  15. Ivory has truly has paid off for us the past couple of seasons and Powell has been good in a limited role. We have been tied to signing Spiller but that's only because of his ties with Gailey. There should be some quality RB's in the second round and depending if we had a chance I think Ameer Abdullah could be a gem. His pro day went well today, better than the combine. I'm a little biased because I'm a Nebraska fan but it just allows me to say with conviction that this dude is really really good. We do have many needs and a Rb in the 2nd is probably not in the plans but you never know. Maybe we dealt out 1st rounder and picked up an extra second rounder. This guy would do well in Galiey's system.
  16. I didn't want Nnamdi and preferred Cro because of the financials. I did want DRC because we had absolutely no CB's other than Miliner who was an injury risk and we could have had him at a decent price.
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