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    WR Market

    With the draft full of good good WR's, I would be surprised if we go after any WR that pays 5+ million. Torey Smith fills a need for us and we should check on what it would take to bring hime here. The rest of them like Stevie and the older guys I would pass on.
  2. With the 6th pick in the draft the Jets select............... Why are we discussing Dupree so much? If we trade down maybe he's in the convo but I'm not sure we want another "project" at LB.
  3. If he's cut there is no way he's coming here. Trade a 5th rounder if our coach wants him but that's it.
  4. Ivory has truly has paid off for us the past couple of seasons and Powell has been good in a limited role. We have been tied to signing Spiller but that's only because of his ties with Gailey. There should be some quality RB's in the second round and depending if we had a chance I think Ameer Abdullah could be a gem. His pro day went well today, better than the combine. I'm a little biased because I'm a Nebraska fan but it just allows me to say with conviction that this dude is really really good. We do have many needs and a Rb in the 2nd is probably not in the plans but you never know. Maybe we dealt out 1st rounder and picked up an extra second rounder. This guy would do well in Galiey's system.
  5. I didn't want Nnamdi and preferred Cro because of the financials. I did want DRC because we had absolutely no CB's other than Miliner who was an injury risk and we could have had him at a decent price.
  6. Maxwell can be our Brandon Carr? You are bugging out. If Maxwell wants 8 million I'd jump on that in a heart beat and give him a trip to Disney for free.
  7. Defensive minded coach with FA CB signings could be looking for a potential stud like this.
  8. We don't need Stevie. Kerley: 2015: A $2 million base salary ($1 million guaranteed for injury only at the time of signing; it becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the league year. Cap charge: $2.6 million. 2016: A $2.5 million base salary. Cap charge: $3.1 million. 2017: A $3.0 million base salary. Cap charge: $3.6 million. 2018: A $3.5 million base salary. Cap charge: $4.1 million.
  9. Then we wouldn't have the 6th pick and no Marriotta threads. What a horror.
  10. Percy + Marshall + Decker = More picks for Geno
  11. As it pertains to the Bears and their No. 7 overall pick, ESPN NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio shared an interesting nugget during an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. The Bears have their eye on Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, according to … wait for it … Mariota’s agency, Rep1 Sports, which is run by cousins Bruce and Ryan Tollner. “First and foremost, Tampa Bay is one,” Paolantonio said in the radio interview when asked what teams are interested in Mariota. “Tennessee is two. New York Jets is three (at No. 6 overall). This is according to Tollner, and they’ve obviously studied this because they got Mariota and they had to make this presentation to the young man before they got to be his agent. St. Louis, obviously. Then he dropped three teams on me in a row, one of which was not surprising — Philadelphia. And then Houston and then Chicago. I said, ‘Chicago, really? They have (Jay) Cutler.’ He said, ‘Absolutely Chicago. I’ve heard from Chicago quite a bit. They’re very interested in Mariota Of course everyone is interested. Drive the value of this player as high as you can.
  12. Depends on who we sign in free agency but I like Marcus Peters, Jalen Strong, Devate Parker and DGB
  13. Too many teams with money will drive some of the prices up during a bidding war. I can see McCourtney and Maxwell getting 10 mil
  14. We may need to. It depends on what we address in free agency.
  15. Wishful thinking of time machine and ODB Jr. Yes DBG.
  16. A source tells Yahoo the Packers "balked" at paying free agent Randall Cobb $10M per year. The Packers are reportedly willing to pay Cobb $8-9 million annually, but aren't going to go past that number. So unless Cobb surprisingly chooses to give a massive hometown discount, Aaron Rodgers will be left with Davante Adams and Jeff Janis behind Jordy Nelson. The Raiders and Jaguars, armed with an ocean of cap space and a need to spend it to meet league minimums, figure to offer something around the $11M per season Cobb is seeking
  17. Sorry to switch away from Mariotta news but I havebt heard much about this kid who is arguably the best corner in the draft but is another player with off the field issues. He wont get past the 1st round but he is intriguing pick if we traded down in in the first round. I just recently saw a video on the Jets site where most people said he was probably the best but its the off field stuff that scares them away. I would take him at #20 if hes available. This is assuming we didn't address all our CB needs in free agency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTgADqqU0wY We could be fortunate to see ODB in the 2nd round and then send them both to counseling.
  18. MAXWELL AND MCCOURTNEY PLEASE. Financially when discussing Revis and Maxwell and McCourtney we are going to spend top dollar. What about a scenario of Culiver, and T. Williams for about 12-15 mil combined and then get McCourtney at whatever the price is.?
  19. Kiper's latest mock still has him with the Jets. He doesn't predict trades but he does mention it if he thinks it could happen. There was no mention of it. Kiper has mocked it so let it be said!
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