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  1. I aggree but I do beleive we loook into what it takes to get any of those players. I do not want Revis back. HE may want 12-13 million a year. I would rather get Maxwell at about 9 or 10. He's younger, taller and may still get better than he is now. Some of the money saved could be used towards signing Culiver or T.Williams, or better yet McCourtney.
  2. I actually think this does make a lot of sense.and can be done. As far as there not being enough time to make this trade (10m) that's not true. First off this this trade can be discussed and agreed to prior to the draft. The only thing that could prevent this from happening is if TB picks Mariotta so the deal can be had by a hand shake agreement and made official after Winston is selected. Tennessee could still hold out and see if some other team offers them something better but in this scenario dropping to #6 and getting a potential stud player plus a few picks and a player would be great for them..
  3. Not saying I would want to sign any of these 3 guys for huge contracts but what's the point of having so much money and avoiding the best free agents at their positions. Ever sit there and say "dam I wish we had so and so". Well so and so is now available and we have the means of sitting down and potentially signing them.
  4. Veteran guys providing depth is what we need on the DL. They are no challenge to our starters and can fill in quickly when needed. I like these little potential moves.
  5. If they are willing to trade a boatload of picks then move all the way to #2. Titans would take Foles.
  6. The first call we make is to Maxwell's agent and get the job done. Let's grab Cro and lets get McCourty. I like Culliver too.
  7. Washington is still the sleeper team for Cleveland or St Louis to move up, maybe not so much for Philly because of the divisional rivalry. Washington needs to recoup picks from the RGIII deal. Anyone for Sam Bradfrord and the 10th pick plus more draft picks?
  8. I'm leaving work...this thread will be 15 pages by the time i get home...one hour! That's a lot of info to swallow. Something in place already?? Jets have no interest in drafting him? The Jets would be selling to the highest bidder and It doesn't have to be Philly. Cleveland, St louis?
  9. GM is just practicing before the big guns are available.
  10. prime21

    David Harris

    I agree but someone may give him that and if its a quick signing then thae market value goes up on LB's and we may have to pay someone that money anyway. If so, lets hope hes younger.
  11. Biggest needs Quarterback: Through two seasons, Geno Smith's stats make him look like a poor man's Mark Sanchez. After ranking 40th in DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) among quarterbacks in 2013, Smith improved to 31st last year. Sanchez ranked 35th and 28th in his first two years, respectively. Even Smith's late-season surge -- he ranked 11th in DYAR for quarterbacks in Weeks 15-17 -- mimics Sanchez (ninth in DYAR in Weeks 15-17 of his second season). The larger sample of Smith's two seasons indicates that the Jets should be looking for their next quarterback. Wide receiver: While Smith has not been good, the Jets gave him little help both at offensive line (27th and 25th the past two years, respectively, in adjusted sack rate allowed) and receiver. Last year, they acquired the overrated Percy Harvin, who ranked 84th (out of 87 wide receivers) in DVOA. If they cut Harvin, the Jets will need to get a receiver and it will take an additional $10.5 million to get a good one. Cornerback: The Jets had perhaps the worst group of cornerbacks in the NFL in 2014. Despite getting a consistent pass rush with their front four -- the Jets ranked fourth in adjusted sack rate -- they ranked just 24th in overall pass defense DVOA, including 27th in DVOA against opponents' second receivers, and 31st against third, fourth or fifth receivers. They were dead last against tight ends, too. The Jets need significant upgrades in the secondary, particularly at corner. drew Healy, Football Outsiders Top targets Darrelle Revis, CB: Revis may not be quite the cornerback he was back in his Revis Island days, but he is many levels above the current cornerbacks on the Jets' roster. New York has as much as $50 million more in cap space than New England, so if the Jets' brain trust puts its mind to the task, it could either outbid the Patriots or make its division rivals spend more on Revis than they want to. Byron Maxwell, CB: If Revis decides to stay in New England, Maxwell would be a very good consolation prize. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan ranked Maxwell as the top cornerback in this year's free-agent class. Given the Jets' cornerback and salary-cap situations, signing both Revis and Maxwell could be a long-shot possibility. Justin Forsett, RB: New York could use a game-breaking running back and Forsett fits the bill, as he ranked first among running backs in yards per carry last season (5.4). His age (29) could be a negative for some teams; however, Forsett has only 582 career carries, so he is still in good shape from a wear-and-tear perspective. --KC Joyner Predictions 1. The Jets will be big spenders: They were cheapskates the past two offseasons, but it's time to open the vault and show the green. They have no choice. The Jets have to spend an average of about $140 million in 2015 and 2016 to comply with the league's minimum-spending requirement, so new GM Mike Maccagnan isn't allowed to save for a rainy day. Guess what? It's pouring right now, as the Jets' roster is filled with holes. Maccagnan hinted that he may get involved with the top free agents. Also, the Jets will use some of the surplus to invest in defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson, who enters the final year of his contract. 2. They will re-sign linebacker David Harris: He will have plenty of suitors, including theBuffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears. The Jets know this, and they also know they don't have an heir apparent on the roster. That, coupled with a weak market for inside linebackers, means it's imperative they re-sign the "quarterback" of their defense before he hits the open market. Harris is 31, so they have to be careful not to overpay, but they can't let him get away. 3. They will reunite with Antonio Cromartie: He has been lobbying for a return to the Jets, his team from 2010 to 2013. Cromartie is familiar with Todd Bowles, having played for him last season with the Arizona Cardinals, so it seems like an ideal fit -- except for the fact that Cromartie will be 31 in April. There are better, younger cornerbacks on the market. Look for the Jets to show interest in another ex-Jet, Darrelle Revis, if he shakes free from the New England Patriots. Rebuilding the cornerback position is the No. 1 priority.
  12. Spiller turned down 4.5 million dollars from the Bills prior to the Philly trade. He wants 5+ so Powell may be the better option.
  13. Buffalo has a very good defense, a dynamic RB, a potential stud in Sammy Watkins and now a QB that can manage a game. They definitely have improved over night. Lets see if Rex can coach them well enough.
  14. Rex is going to do a press conference talking about how they acquired Barry Sanders and Warren Moon.
  15. I think we have to overspend on a player or two. It's part of any sport and we have major holes to fill. Free agents and their agents are drroling over next weeks free agent period.
  16. Yes I've seen Percy and others open after the QB throws the ball or is moving out of the pocket away from the now open wr on the other side of the field..
  17. Ever notice on plays how none of our guys ever get open? If they did Geno would probably miss them but we do need guys that can get open for whoever is our QB
  18. The Packers reportedly informed free agent Randall Cobb's camp that they are willing to sign him to a five-year deal worth $8-9 million annually. Agent Jimmy Sexton "basically has told the team he's confident more lucrative offers await." Venerable Packers beat writer Bob McGinn confirms the Jaguars are "expected to be all over Cobb," while the Raiders are "also ready to enter the Cobb sweepstakes." Concludes McGinn, "barring the unexpected ... it appears as if Cobb will be playing elsewhere next season."
  19. MCourtney YES. Revis NO Everyone is so big on getting Revis back. He is the best but Lets get Maxwell and Culliver for less money and younger legs. Lets build our own LOB with McCourtney, Maxwell, Culliver and Pryor working the box.
  20. Because Percy is set to make 10 million and most teams don't want to pay that. I would rather negotiate with him in FA,
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