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  1. Totally agree. My "whoa is me" and the Jets continued bad luck/misery was meant as humor but this isn't the time or place for it. My apologies to all.
  2. The Jets have the most ammo to finally get a top tier QB and of course the anti Jet Gods make sure that it won’t happen. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. If I'm a QB with such talent as Fields has then I would Ohio state if that's how they choose to run their offense. Its great exposure to be on a powerhouse squad but I want to be at a school where the coaches are helping me to develop into an NFL QB.
  4. Just plain old “Zee” will do. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Besides the QB position, Mosley is the X factor of this team. I think he will shale off the rust and have a great season.
  6. and free and free and free
  7. So basically the #2 alone could get Watson if he wasn't having some issues.
  8. The way they rave on everything Wilson does, Lawrence must be a God.
  9. Interestingly enough, the 3rd QB of the market is worth a haul. Imagine #2
  10. Timing of announcement maybe was a shot at the Jets? You taking too long to decide, goodbye. enjoy your Pro Day visit!
  11. Jets maybe could have got same haul with a 2nd instead of 3rd this year. Zach has to be the pick now. I don't see them falling back with Carolina.
  12. every GM at Pro day reading their phones on the at blockbuster Niner/Miami deal.
  13. ME: " hey today is Pro Day for Zach Wilson" Wife" Who?" Me: "Possible next QB for the Jets" Wife: " Oh God, another failed savior....I thought football season was OVER???" ME: "HATER!!!!
  14. Although the Jags will have people at Wilson's pro day, Urban Meyers will not be there. This is his silent statement to anyone who thinks Wilson could be going #1.
  15. Friends, family and co workers take any opportunity they have to bring up the Jets in a negative way. One day I shall i get my revenge!!
  16. After tomorrow's Pro Day it will probably be confirmed for JD without any media leaks. They at least have to see and speak with him.
  17. Assuming Wilson is rated higher than Fields on teams draft boards, would Atlanta make a play for #2? Why settle when you can get the QB you want. In that scenario I would love to do that and then trade down with Carolina if they are willing still willing to move up.
  18. It depends on the edge player player available. Knowing we have a high 2nd, two 3rds's plus looking ahead to next years first round, they may see better value later at other positions.
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