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    David Harris

    I would like him to stay and hopefully he does too . There will be teams that I think will give him more money than we would want to offer and if he goes I wouldn't blame him. He does have leadership and character qualities that we should pay just a little bit more than his value. If he leaves then I hope he goes to a strong contender (not NE).
  2. I'm looking forward to see if these guys take it to the next level. They both have the skill set to be very good players and are still young. Everyone thinks Harris will jump to Buffalo because of Rex but that's not a guarantee. Maybe he would prefer to stay here with the team that drafted him. Hopefully he doesn't get an outrageous offer that we have to let him go.
  3. We shouldn't be scared when a RB hits our division. That's why we are the SOA's.
  4. Isn't it great that the consensus around here is that we are in good hands with Bowles and Maccagnam? They have only made some minor moves thus far as we approach a franchise changing off season season that we have not had like this in a long time. We have $$ to spend, a good D Line, and the hope of Coples and Davis taking their game to the next level. Over the next several weeks I hope that even if we disagree on certain players, the new regime went out and got us quality ones that will steer this ship in the right direction. It usually never works that way and we may start seeing the "WTF is the GM doing" posts but hopefully that will just be a small percentage of fans who are just never happy. Coming off a horrendous season, I can see the light and hopefully it will stay bright. Lets go Jets and God Bless America!!
  5. With the exception of a roof at MetLife, these places only have some more modern looking design. Ours is just fine.
  6. McCourty + Maxwell > Revis Younger and cheaper.
  7. Nothing ever works the way it is written and they can only be at one persons house at 12am next week while someone elses doorbell is ringing at the same time.
  8. I want Maxwell and Culiver instead of Revis. Or McCourty, Maxwell and Cro...spend it all!
  9. Get Suh and lets play some 4-3 defense.
  10. I know what u mean. I wish I can be at the tail gating festivities and then transported to my couch for the start of the game.
  11. Stop talking about him? For the whole season it will be " we shouldn't have signed this bum I was right", "Percy is earning that money, i told u so"
  12. Not saying Cobb is not a good WR, he is but when you have Arron Rodgers throwing you the ball then you should be able to put up some good numbers. If Jeremy Kerley were a Packer he would get 1,000 yards and 8-10 td's and then get 8-10 million from us in free aganecy.
  13. The term "once in a generation player" keeps getting thrown around with Suh's name. If that's the case then we should be involved in the pursuit.
  14. I would love to play with that line up in Madden 16.
  15. If Ivory were to get hurt I can't see Spiller being the featured back. Powell could handle that load more. Powell comes at a very low cost and the Jets could target a dynamic type runner in the draft. With that said though, I would like to see Spiller in green and white as well.
  16. The Jets have a little wiggle room here. If Percy doesn't want to restructure then he would want to get cut this week so he can have a fair crack at teams in the market for a WR. The Jets could let him hang while WR needy teams go after Cobb, Maclin Smith, etc. Percy should restructure now because he could wind up getting less.
  17. Maccagnan should be looking at every free agent that could potentially help us. With some bad history between Revis and Woody perhaps the GM approached him and asked he should even waste his time checking in on Revis and Woody perhaps said he didn't mind. That gets blown up into Woody pressuring the GM.
  18. You would only hope the GM makes the right call in signing or cutting him. It doesn't mean any of us are right or wrong. We are just trying to wear our fan GM caps and figure out what we think is right. As far as other players I just don't want to get a guy for 7-8 million that is no where near the talent level of Percy just t save a 2 million bucks. 2nd person to ask if I'm John but I'm not. John must be handsome and smart like me!
  19. Ok so save the 10 million. Which WR would you target in FA or what round would you draft a WR.?
  20. "One loss" means A LOT. One loss could mean missing the playoffs. One loss could mean drafting 6th instead of 3rd.
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