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  1. I'm sure the Jets will inquire...they have to...why not?
  2. The game indeed was a BIG one but this is just one game. Where are the tapes where he makes the same exact throws and completes them? He was very successful for many games and multiple seasons.
  3. I would love a scenario where we have such a wonderful headache with Mariotta on the sidelines learning and Geno taking the next step and becoming a reliable QB in his 3rd year.
  4. If they sign Suh then I would imagine they trade Wilkerson. D Line's win championships but you can't have 3 big contracts tied up on the line. Sheldon will need a big contract too.
  5. If they were to retire then the Football Gods would allow Buffalo or Miami to draft a qb in the 4th or 5th round who will torment us for the next 15 years.
  6. Then Tampa will not be calling or accepting calls.
  7. If Mariotta and Cooper/White are available at 6 our phones will blow up.
  8. Without blinking an eye? So this could be Wilkerson and maybe Cooper for Winston? U really think Winston is that good? Big Ben material? Wow I had a lot of questions for you.
  9. I believe in building through the draft but we do have money to fill a lot of holes. With that said, I believe we should go after Cooper or White at #6. Cooper is highly rated across the board and to have a potential stud WR for 4-5 years on a rookie contract is really good. We can get a LB and and CB in FA in the 7-8 million dollar range. Get a get WR and they will want 10+ and may not be better than Cooper or White.
  10. Hell no. Our best defensive player and our pick for a QB that has some off field troubles? I would do it for a Luck type which i know is very rare.
  11. Pittsburgh is not in cap heaven like we are. He obviously wants more money than they currently are offering and will probably get it. He's a good player but he is not a guy that they are going to break the bank for.
  12. I am not messing with our line. We have a good thing going and a defensive minded coach that will take advantage of our SOA's.
  13. I'm going on blind faith and trusting the new regime to target the best LB for our team based on skill and financial fit. With that said, I have had Worilds on my priority list of FA's. I would like to pair him with Davis, resign Harris and draft a young buck.
  14. We should replace him with Walter Thurmond III. He could hang with Miliner all day long. Wilson looked promising but was a dud. For a quick second the thought of Revis, Cro and this kid locking up the slot was a dream for a blizing defense. Oh my how things have change.
  15. If he came really cheap yeah but he's gonna looks for as much as he can get. If he signs for less than what he wants then it will be for a contender.
  16. Nope. We need to get younger.
  17. Man it was always great to see Jet fans reactions during our picks.
  18. That's what Pace and Babbin are for us already.
  19. Cro and Maxwell is what I want too. Then Miliner and McDoogle can be eased into playing time as backups or nickle db's.
  20. Some desperate team will sign him to a minimal contract.
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