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  1. Nope. We need to get younger.
  2. Man it was always great to see Jet fans reactions during our picks.
  3. That's what Pace and Babbin are for us already.
  4. Cro and Maxwell is what I want too. Then Miliner and McDoogle can be eased into playing time as backups or nickle db's.
  5. Some desperate team will sign him to a minimal contract.
  6. I hope the Jets act quickly on a CB and kind of set the market. The last thing we need is a 2nd tier CB getting more than they should thus driving the price up on many others.
  7. I agree with you and is a main reason why I have no problem if we passed on Mariotta. But if he is our pick then I'm going to trust that management really feels strongly that he is a franchise QB and pray that he will be. I'm really hoping that if we don't want Mariotta then he is not available at 6 (unless it leads to a good trade for us) because if we just pass on him we will be talking about this non stop for a long time. If he's selected ahead of us then we can debate a WR or pass rusher but at least we will grab a potential stud without having to worry if we did the right thing by passing over the QB.
  8. What about the Steve Harvey Morning Show??? lmao
  9. This will be a hot topic over the next couple of weeks. Percy is a dynamic player. He can stretch the field, play in the backfield and return kicks. His contract and our QB sitaution go hand and hand. We can probably have Cooper or White at 6 and I think we would prefer any one over them over Percy. But if we are looking for Mariotta or a pass rusher then Percy becomes more valuable to us but still not at 10 million. He's a dangerous player when the ball is in his hands but I don't think he strikes fear into defenders and with that he cannot get 10 million from the Jets. Give him a nice signing bonus but he should be getting 7 maybe 8 mil a year.
  10. I actually like it. The Browns faithful are crazy and I always thought that brown which is very uncommon and the orange were weird enough for them.
  11. If we release him then we cant sign him until June or something like that. No way that's happening.
  12. It all depends on how much money they are allocating to each position. Would a new contract with Percy and lets say signing Cromartie be better than signing Maxwell and drafting White or Cooper? I would go with Maxwell and drafting a WR.
  13. The Jets are considered one of the "primary suitors" for free agent CB Byron Maxwell. The New York Post's Brian Costello heard at the Combine the Jets and Eagles are "the two teams fighting for him." Antonio Cromartie also makes sense for the Jets given his familiarity with the organization, but that's only if they miss on Maxwell. New York could free up cap room for Maxwell by dropping underachieving wideout Percy Harvin. I was hoping for Maxwell plus another CB even CRO. Not sure what Cro's looking for financially.at
  14. Our line is not as bad as some believe but isn't as good either. What it lacked last year was consistency and if you don't have it then you do not have a great line. There were times whre we dominated and then follow that up with games that looked as if Brick and company where aging badly.
  15. I do not believe there will be a hot market for hi. Of course teams will want him but at what cost? HE is a 6-7 million dollar player. He should restructure with us and secure some money in the bank. I'm sure his agents are telling him that he can get 10 million elsewhere. Good luck with that.
  16. Can't see it. Better call Saul.
  17. Although we have money to spend I do not believe a chunk of it would be going to Revis at 12-14 million a year. I would rather sign Cro and Maxwell which would cost more but we are getting more. I would like them to sign Worilds and Lupati.
  18. The Jets will not get Mariotta because he probably wont be there. Washington has to be the team in the top 5 that is most likely looking to trade down because they would love to recoup some picks after the RGIII trade. So if Cleveland, St Louis or Philly want Marriotta (assuming he is there at #5) then I would jump over the QB needy Jets. Philly would have to pay handsomely to jump from their spot AND trade with a division rival that potentially has to deal with Mariotta for many years to come. If the Jets make it known that they don't want Mariotta it wouldn't matter because it could just be a smoke screen.
  19. Beasley and Demario would give us some nice sideline to sideline speed. We will have to see what free agency brings us to get a better idea of what we want at #6. . If Percy is not retained then I say we should get White or Cooper unless they are totally sold on Mariotta being a franchise QB.
  20. "Per Cimini, the "vibe close to the organization" is that new GM Mike Maccagnan isn't in "quarterback-or-bust mode." Smith finished 2014 strong and will be an intriguing match for new OC Chan Gailey's Pistol Spread offense, one similar to the system in which Geno played at West Virginia. Smith improved his completion rate, TD-to-INT ratio, and QB rating as a sophomore. His physical skills are superior to any free agent quarterback's." My God it's such a long way til the draft. This could lead us to a trade down.
  21. I would imagine White or Cooper are available at 6 Or at least I hope.
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