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  1. That's part of being a coach...get your team motivated and fired up. I never embraced the "play like a Jet" because we have never really won anything (Sorry Broadway Joe, that was along time ago). Some teams can over achieve with the right push and win vs better competition. After a while it gets worn if winning stops and that's what happened. The Jets were crap this year but for the first half of the season they played some of the top teams in the league very well with no secondary and half a qb. Rex was firing them up and coming up with schemes to try and win with very limited talent and motivating them that could win......even though they didn't. Rex was fired, and he definitely has a long ways to go as a head coach. I thank him for instilling some energy into this franchise and I'm very happy for him that he landed on his feet and will coach again. Once Pre season game #1 comes then I will say F U Rex, u suck and so does your team.
  2. I'm fine with us letting him go but it feels weird seeing him in that video. Like him or not, he bleed green and white and was very passionate about it. He reminds me of an ex-spouse moving on with someone new. lol
  3. He will motivate the fan base and put Buffalo back on the map. Buffalo will now get some national exposure as I'm sure they will get a couple of prime time games.
  4. I'm just going on all the reports over the past few days about Quinn but you are correct, could be 1st choice.
  5. U would think Bowles is in the drivers seat for one of these two spots and I would only imagine that the Atlanta job is a better landing spot. This would mean if the Jets want him they have to perhaps over pay so that he doesn't go to Atlanta....WHICH means they will over pay for their 2nd choice. But I like him a little better than Quinn.
  6. prime21


    I've like Bowles since all the names came out for potential head coach. I think we are good if we get him or Quinn. The OC is a big deal obviously and maybe our new GM and our "advisers" will suggest to our new HC who they should try and hire.
  7. I was born 8 days later so I fall into that " never won in my lifetime" category.
  8. Why isn't Shwartz on anyone's radar for HC? He deserves another shot coaching a team.
  9. I guess but I was really hoping that the Seahawks defense could cripple Brady in the Super Bowl....no disrespect to the Colts or Packers.
  10. It was interesting that the Jets have not done any 2nd interviews and were reported to be ready to fly to Seattle for Quinn if they had lost. I didn't hear of any reports of other teams ready to do the same. That doesn't mean it wouldn't have happened but it seems the Jets are a little confident. With Bowles coming in for a 2nd interview I think it really is just due diligence and creating a back up plan.
  11. Bowles could be a good hire. They should wait for Quinn but in the meantime they need to make sure they cover their asses. SF is sitting very quiet and now we finally see Atlanta make a move for a 2nd interview. Just as many of us were shocked to see Rex going to Buffalo in a snap of a finger, the Jets have to make sure they have a plan in place if they don't get the guy they want.
  12. Its on page 6 of his MMQB. Here is the link to that page. http://mmqb.si.com/2015/01/12/nfl-playoffs-cowboys-packers-dez-bryant-replay-catch-peyton-manning-retirement/6/
  13. Shefter said he was playing with a trorn right quad for the past month according to sources. If true, was this on the injury reports?
  14. I haven't read any other reports on this but Peter is a good source for info. We have to come away with one of these guys. .
  15. From Peter King's MMQB: The Jets, I hear, were scrambling to interview Bowles last night or today. They love Quinn too. They may not be able to get Quinn. If I were Quinn, with no sure quarterback there and no great familiarity with prospective GM Mike Maccagnan, the Texans’ director of college scouting, I’d much rather have the Atlanta job, even though I have family roots in New Jersey. Uh oh.
  16. If they can run the rock and play defense then Sanchez can do what he did for us those two years which is hand off and play action passes.
  17. It wouldn't be a bad move but how wired will that be.
  18. The Buffal defense is good and now today they just became a little bit better. He will be motivated to bury The Jets which isn't hard to do at this point. So now we have Brady and Rex trying to pulverize us into the ground.
  19. One thing Buffalo can do IF healthy is run the ball so its a perfect ground and pound team for him. Maybe they sign a vet QB and they can be a playoff team.
  20. One thing Buffalo can do IF healthy is run the ball so its a perfect ground and pound team for him. Maybe they sign a vet QB and they can be a playoff team.
  21. I wanted to root for him to be successful in Atlanta or SF. Now We gotta deal with his defense twice a year. At least Geno can't look as bad as he did vs Buffalo this year or can he?.
  22. Oh man looks like he's sihning on with Buffalo. ****!
  23. I use this example all the time when talking about a great coach.
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