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  1. In theory Idzik did a wonderful job of showing his lack experience and being cheap. He allowed us to get a better GM and coach and lots of money to spend. If he spent it all last year then he would have screwed it up and still get fired.
  2. What does anyone expect him to say? That he is good enough now??
  3. Tampa trades # 1 pick to philly and they take Mariotta. Winston falls to the Jets and they pass on him. Chip kelly is fired In two years with a bust at the QB position and no draft picks for the next 3 years. Winston falls and the Browns try and jump in front of the Rams to make the pick but too late. Winston is selected as the heir apparent to Eli Manning.
  4. I agree totally. If you want a QB then jump ahead of a QB needy team. I can see Cleveland trying to jump to 2 thru 5 and will do ther homework on what it will cost them even at 6. Philly would have to jump from their spot to #2, 3 or 4. No way they make a deal with Washington. If the Jets really want Marriotta or Winston then the should trade up to #2 and get it done. If they are ok with best player available at 6 then just let the draft come to us. My guess right now is that they would take Mariotta or listen to offers for teams to move up for him. I don't think they will trade up for anyone.
  5. They are saying Byron Maxwell is looking for 10 million a year. Do we go after him and Cro??
  6. I would love to get CB's Maxwell and Cromartie and hope hope Milliner and McDoogle contribute. I would resturture Percy's deal and draft a WR in the 2nd round.
  7. I'm still not sold on the Jets picking him if he were available at #6 but I want him to be there at #6!! Don't kill it too much!
  8. Stephen Hill was a good reach in the 2nd. He had good potential and was a need. Plus he "blocked" well and we needed for our wildcat plays, lol.
  9. The good news is that management is acting like Milliner will not be available....anything he adds is like a bonus. This is great because last year the old regime just assumed Miliner was a shutdown corner to be and addressed the CB position with a pennies instead of dollars. I think we will target one of the best CB's available and then go after another decent one. They will still address a CB in the draft at some point. Miliner and McDoogle will become depth chart players until proven otherwise and if they ever live up to their potential then we have a good situation on our hands. This is wishful thinking.
  10. Hopefully its a good deal for both sides. He doesn't seem like an ego maniac or money hungry guy so I'm sure they can work something reasonable. Richardson scares me. He looks like he will want to get paaaaaaid.
  11. He sounds scary. I wonder how far he will fall.
  12. I would think Philly would want to jump ahead of us since we need a QB. The Jets could play hard ball with Philly based on need. I see them trying to work something out with Oakland if he's available at that spot.
  13. if Oakland really wants Cooper then they wouldn't trade with Philly. I can't see Washington making a big trade within the division so if Marriotta gets pass #2 I really think he is available at 6. Then there is instant drama for the ne regime and fans. Is he our savior? Would Chip Kelly pay the price to move up to our spot? Is there a dark horse team that would try and move up for him? i'm still not 100 percent sold on Marriotta but I wouldn't be upset if we picked him.
  14. No way they let Glennon go now.
  15. They just cut McCown so I can't see them letting go of Glennon too.
  16. What is the cap hit to cut Kerley? I like him but him plus Percy cost about 13m. Cut Kerley and restructure Perecey to 7 or 8 mil and we get the better playmaker and save some money. I'm not a capologist nor do I pretend to be one.
  17. I feel as if the Jets lost today, that's the hole I have in my stomach after that call. I'm thinking what idiots the Pats are to not call a time out and look what happened. Sickening. F U Brady.
  18. And No big reporter has picked this news up already?? No way! Rice is big news, this would be rumored everywhere.
  19. Yes it is, as I am countering youre freedom of expression with my own Why is this so interesting? Fans should be all in on it. Rex can sell a a Mercedes to a minimum wage worker and have them smiling out of the showroom.
  20. Great let's be scouts. Who wants to start a what's Joe Philbin doing at camp today thread???
  21. He will have to take a cut and if he does then he would leave to be in a better situation than with the Jets QB mess. The Jets will have to outbid the others even with a smaller yearly salary.
  22. I like Rex and wish he was coaching in the NFC so I can casually root for his squad to make some noise. However as its been stated here so many times, he is the enemy and we don't need multiple threads on him anymore than we would want a Mike Holmgren thread,
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