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  1. These guys may turn out to be good but I'm not completely sold on them.
  2. Ditto.... He is one of the top Jet players of all time so he will always be in our history books and I will always remember being a big fan of his. But now he is elsewhere and worse cuz he's with the Pats so F him! As far as comparisons with Sherman, Revis doesn't intercept as many balls because they don't test him as much.
  3. What did you actually expect him to say? That he felt sorry for the Jets fans? No one other than a big trash talker is going to say anything other than what he said. You have to move on from wherever you came from and honestly, his beef is with management, not us.
  5. I like Flowers and Cro. Cro for a stop gap while hoping Miliner and Mc Doogle can recover and contribute and Flowers cuz he is youngish.
  6. Can't wait to see how much money Sheldon wants in a few years. I believe Percy will be gone. Even if he agreed to take a lower salary like 7 million I just can't see throwing in a 4th round pick, he's not worth it IMO. But who is out there? Dez will want 10m and up and Thomas is going to want the same. Marlin is a good option but I can't see philly losing him.
  7. I would love to keep him with a cap friendly contract. We should still target younger LB's while his snaps get reduced over time. His leadership should be considered when resigning him.
  8. This is another good hire. Good for us!
  9. depnds on your cap space. You don't go spend on a A player if you can't afford other players on roster void of talent. I just want to spend wisely but be precise. Identify the needs, make a plan and subsequent back up plans and then go out and execute. I think we have the right guys running the show now. They don't look they want to make a plahs on free agency. They want to get the right players in here to get this team back on the winning track. I'm looking foward to see who these guys go after.
  10. Houston is going to cost a ton and as good a team player Wilkerson has been he's going to want to be the top paid defensive player on the Jets. I'd be good good with spending a little more on two linebackers Worilds and Sheard then spend a boat load on one player like Houston. If we didn't have as many holes to fill then go spend it on Houston but we need to get better at multiple positions so I'm good with loading up on B players that perhaps can grow into A players.
  11. These mofo's act like snobby mofo's and I hope they pay big time for this one. PLEASE Seattle..TAKE THEM OUT!! BOOOOOM!
  12. My God can they keep stats on 5 yards or less passes???
  13. Quinn will have nobody but Atlanta to go to. There may be some under the table handshakes at the next interview this week.
  14. Rex is not the best coach we've ever and 4 playoff wins do not make him a good coach which people can debate. However with that said, what Rex did for those two years having us win 20 games, going to two back to back Championship games, knocking out Peyton and Brady back to back on the road and so close to making that come back in Pittsburgh will be in our memories forever and was as good a run as we've had in a long time....since Parcells up until the Denver game. Blast him, hate him, wish him death but until somebody wins us a Super Bowl, these are the memories that we are stuck with. Rank him probably after on the list IMO.
  15. I Most definitely, he was my first choice of all that were available. I'm poking fun at the things that happen to us IF IF IF he was Woody's 1st choice.
  16. Pack will probably win because IF Quinn was Jets 1st choice then of course he would be available days after they hired someone.
  17. FINALLY!!!!!!! PS hate when peeps get fired, never good in any profession but hopefully he will find a job somewhere else.
  18. I don't think Rex coddled him. This was a management decision to treat him like he was yje #1 pick in the draft. Rex probably wanted Vick starting from the beginning
  19. $$$ talks and we have it. I just hope we use it wisely.
  20. Unless a QB falls out of the sky Geno will probably be our starter next year so let's see what Gailey can do with him. A spread offense with "easier" reads. I think Geno can be serviceable if we can run effectively.
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