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  1. why not Bobbo? It's the internet. it's relatively anonymous. 14+ years in the doldrums of corporate america. and I mean the doldrums. selling my soul to pad my 401K, get my car paid for, get stock options, taking it up the proverbial ass from anyone and everyone... I come here for one reason and one reason alone: to entertain myself.
  2. Great Villanova minds think alike. This was my question in another thread with a poll. Most folks said "March".
  3. love it best QB of all time 1000000x more likable without Belichick Belichick is the real piece of sh*t I hope Brady wins another one, **** it. go get em, Tommy!
  4. what's this from? This is definitely in the Angeles National Forest which is right up the road from my house.

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