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  1. Do we shop Enunwa?

  2. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    Fun polls thanks Todd
  3. That's what I would have done. Smart.
  4. Shefter: Vikings Hiring DeFilippo as OC

    Which means one of my buddy's from Villanova's brother in law, Kevin Stefanski, is headed for the NYG as their OC now.
  5. Screw you Patriots...

  6. Screw you Patriots...

    I saw that. What a piece of ******* garbage.
  7. Screw you Patriots...

    Thank God
  8. My sources say this guy is unemployed.
  9. I hate to be bear of bad news

    bear·er ˈberər/ noun 1. a person or thing that carries or holds something. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings" synonyms: messenger, agent, conveyor, carrier, emissary "the bearer of bad news"
  10. I hate to be bear of bad news

    You are the bearer of bad grammar...
  11. Bucky Brooks Mock: Jets go...