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  1. perfect. Yeah, that's a long ways away.
  2. What is the date of training camp start?
  3. Same and same. Been infatuated ever since. And now...he's ours.
  4. southtown24th

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    What is the training camp start date? Can't find it anywhere.
  5. southtown24th

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Keep him
  6. southtown24th

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

  7. southtown24th

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    THIS is why you dump all your second rounders and move up in the first.
  8. southtown24th

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

  9. not happening. and if so, who cares? not me. Sammy D!
  10. I would ******* hate it. You can't go anywhere. Nightmare. You get all the money and you can't leave the house.
  11. BINGO! It's a genius strategy, actually.
  12. MMMMMkay. So as your resident LA resident (no pun intended), TMZ types are a bunch of morons. Their job: ask all sorts of random sh*t to get you to say something stupid. Never seen a TMZ video before? Everyone is the same. A bunch of garbage.