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  1. I give JD an A+ for the draft I wanted Zach Wilson since the Bowl Game... but boy oh boy oh boy do I hope JD/Saleh/Johnsons did their due diligence on this wack job family...this is a recipe for disaster. Don't @ me
  2. no but seriously is young Zach allowed to bang his GF? Yes/No?
  3. yup she is what upsets me any questions?
  4. are these people allowed to have sexual intercourse?
  5. yeah that's coming...quickly she is going to get DESTROYED
  6. meanwhile How is THIS allowed in their spiritual persuasion?
  7. imagine this moron lady ends up in the parking lot, pregame, for a Jets tailgate? She would be ****ED.
  8. could you imagine your religion telling you "don't drink"? Christ almighty.
  9. woman is the antithesis of NY/NJ
  10. what did Eli Apple's mom do? is she an obnoxious, loud, basic AF, no alcohol drinking, annoying AF Utah moron? (can't use her religious preference here)
  11. if you have IG, watch this lady's stories I am sorry someone needs to muzzle her ass
  12. it's just a matter of time until some gavones join together and tell this lady to SHUT UP
  13. https://www.instagram.com/lifeaccording2lisa/?hl=en
  14. Do Jets fans come together... and tell this kid's mother... to shut the **** up?
  15. Calling this piece of human sh*t a "fraud" is giving him WAY TOO MUCH credit.
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