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  1. All black or all white. Green pants and jersey are trash.
  2. This is about as racist as it gets! Guess this opens the door for teams to get draft upgrades for signing more "white" guys to the roster.
  3. MAHOMES is already an ALL Timer in a short period of time. List is a fraud..
  4. The answer you're looking for is to the question, "how good was he"? Answer: He was really good! Very injury prone now and the type injuries he suffered he will never be the same. He's not going to suck but at best he will be an average to slightly above avg in the NFL.
  5. They can get a new job, next man up. The NFL will play, on time, with fans. Enjoy it!
  6. They are paid millions of dollars to play a violent game that can cause life long, permenate brain damage. Don't wan't to take those risks, don't play the game. Add viruses to that list.
  7. YES! This has nothing to do with Arron Rodgers or who McCarthy had or didn't have have. This is 100% who Gase is, it was the wrong choice.
  8. Vegas stadium is badass. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. I'm biased but Jordan Brooks is the best LB (MLB) in this draft. Blazing fast, elite pursuit angle, violent tackling machine. 1st Team All American on arguably one of the worst defensive units and conferencess in the P5. Could go late 1st if the stars align right, guaranteed 2nd. You guys will hear about him for many years to come. Jordyn Brooks - MLB Texas Tech
  10. Bryce Perkins out of that list all day long. Kid can fly and certainly a dual threat.

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