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  1. Jets have nothing to worry about with regard to the Super Bowl until Mahomes decides to retire (Just like I said prior to the 2017 draft). Work on getting Johnson to sell, start building from this inside out.
  2. Lawrence is a generational talent. Sam is not in the same league as him. Lawrence is Mahomes type talent. Don't fück this up again.
  3. This organization is lactose intolerant. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Who gives a shït what they wear! Just loose every damn game, fire Gase at some point (really doesn't matter), get the #1 pick. Ans someone find Donald Sterling type shït on the Johnsons. Force them to sell.
  5. Chances are if the Jets would have drafted MAHOMES, Kliff Kingsbury would be the HC here.
  6. Would be very interesting to see the "cloud" defense with elite players. Campbell has figured out how to shut down the air raid/spread offenses (or slow them down significantly) in the BIGXII.
  7. Giving me another weapon? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I won't take blame for this steaming pile of HOBO shït organization. Could have had KINGSBURY & MAHOMES and pissed both away. Nobody wants to play or coach for this team and it's Johnsons fault. Someone has to have some dirt on this clown to make public and force him to sell.
  9. The team doesn't suck rather the organization as a whole sucks. Only way to make significant change is to change ownership, no other way is going to work.
  10. Loose every game (no reason to win), trade Darnold (2, 1st rounders + whatever else), fire Gase end of season or prior (who really cares), get 1st pick in the draft and get Lawrence.
  11. Gase is the poster child for abortion.

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