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  1. Oder a pie and watch and watch all day. Prob 20 miin.
  2. TJ Vasher - 6'6 - 215lbs WR (TEXAS TECH) - Click me
  3. 100%. Keep Darnold, trade back, reevaluate next offseason. This is what will happen!
  4. What in the Mississippi Fück are you talking about?
  5. Keep Sam, get a shït load of picks and take Pitts with the #1 pick.
  6. Yet another Texas Tech ex-player living rent free in many hearts ITT. All roads lead through Lubbock TEXAS!
  7. Watson will not be a Jet no matter what happens. Get over it.
  8. RJIII

    KC Cuts

    And only entertain one team.
  9. RJIII

    KC Cuts

    This has my boy a bit uneasy at the moment. I say we take both of them..
  10. It's very possible. Having 2 starting OL not playing hurt for sure. That said Brady did what he needed to do to win the game. Todd Bowles D showed up again tonight. IMO they won the game as they did the previous week. KC got smoked!
  11. Dude, it ain't happening in NY. at $43M you take Watson at $42M, which that won't happen either. Sam Darnold WILL be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2021 and that's a very good thing for a number of reasons, most of which $$$$$$. I was right about MAHOMES and I'm right about this. Your QB in 2021 is SD.
  12. Watson is NOT practical for any team, even the Texans. He's a great QB with an extremely HIGH price tag that at the moment is not right for the JETS. 2022 he is due 42M, GTFO. There are a tremendous amount of dip sh*t blow hards on this site that think it's even a real option in NY. Watson WILL NOT be a NY Jets! Get over it, move on.
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