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  1. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    I'm amped about Grahm Harrell getting the OC job at USC. He's going to be great, he's a little green still but the stud athletes will help take some of that pressure off of him. Very high octane offense. KK mentioned in the month or so he was there at USC that nobody in the country was going to be able to stop those WRs. Said he literally had 6 on campus/roster currently that would be playing on Sunday. He said all 6 were part of the N.W.O, aka Nasty Wide Outs.
  2. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    Thank you sir... being in the red is pretty much like still wearing your jail number on your chest! Much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. RJIII

    Butt Fumble

    I just gave you a like so you weren't sitting at 666 likes. I'm in the red with butt fumbles, got a lot of work to do to catch back up.
  4. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    I'm on page 15 reading the uniform thread, wow! That thread will age very well in the months/years to come.
  5. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    Man, this past 3 months really did suck. I had zero access on my computer, I could still read posts on my iPhone app but could reply (really makes you feel like a tool). Somehow figured out a way to send direct emails on iPhone so I talked to @Lupz27 a few times and asked him talk to @Maxman and tell him I'm sorry and to let me back in (shameless truth). Then I emailed @Maxman direct apologizing for my comments and while he still sent me to jail for a while he did allow me to go in front of the Parole Board a few days ago which granted my release based on good behavior. I was crawling the fücking walls during the coaching search when we made a run at KK. Probably best I wasn't allowed to comment.
  6. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    Fair play and will do!
  7. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    KK will always say the right things, period! Those may very well be the intentions at this very moment but things can always change. My feeling is that KK probably doesn't have complete and total say with regard to that decision (I could be wrong) but they have a lot invested in Rosen. Lot's of time left before the draft.
  8. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    He’s been dating Holly for a little over a year. Fox wouldn’t let her in the sideline when we played Texas last year because of them dating, still wasn’t widely known to the public at that point. Murray conversation is interesting amongst our group of friends. He’s tight lipped about it for one, nor would we put him in a situation to ask about it, but keep your eyes on it. Personally KK and Rosen will not mesh long term. Only bc Rosen is an entitled little prick and throws a fit when things don’t go his way. If he some how pulls his head out of his ass and allows KK to develop him watch out. That said, Cardinals are in bad shape w Jimmy’s & Joe’s. They need some players, bigly. KK is fascinated with Kyler Murray, in fact it came down to Texas Tech and OU when he transferred from A&M. Don’t count Murray out of the picture somehow to the Cardinals. Long shot but possible. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    I’ve got some scoop (good) on Kingsbury. I’ll say this, he was very, very close to being the HC here. Not sure how that would have been received by the masses but it was closer than most think. EDIT: I'll leave a fun fact but out of respect will not divulge all details. Kingsbury was offered the HC position at the University of Houston which he turned down before taking the OC job at USC, AND was offered 3 NFL HC positions one of which being Arizona. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. RJIII

    I'm out on....

    lol, I'm on good behavior mode. Talking smack is fun but being banned sucks türds!
  11. PAROLE, feels good man! EDIT: What all did I miss the last 3 months?
  12. RJIII


    Different draft and MAHOMES was already at KC. I wanted Mayfield over Darnold. Mayfield would have been 2nd string at Tech behind MAHOMES. He made the right choice to transfer to OU.
  13. RJIII


    I thought for sure Darnold would go 1st. I’m fine with Darnold, but I was 100% on the Mayfield train pick at 3. I was pissed 24 hours before the draft the Mayfeild to the Browns scuttlebutt started making noise. He’s going to be fun to watch also. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. RJIII


    You boys up in New York tailgating yet? Hopefully you're a liter into a bottle of Tito's or Pappy Van Winkle Reserve 23. Glad to have your undivided attention this evening. Enjoy the show, check back soon. - Cheers
  15. RJIII


    You’re an idiot comparing the two. Lamar is not near the level of QB as MAHOMES. Hackenburg, lol. “He’s not the winner you want him to be” - there is not one person in the universe (other than your mom) who would agree with your comments. But please keep posting here. Show us all how bright you are. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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