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  1. If there is a list which OP has, MAHOMES II already deserves to be it. Will be at the top when all said and done. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. This is RJIII and I approve this message. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. I haven’t signed shït! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Davis Webb is terrible and I’m a Tech guy. He will he gone from the Jets and you should all be thankful he never had to take meaningful snaps. Faulk will be a solid backup. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Don't know much about him. Great stats for senior season, especially LB in the BIG10. Time will tell.
  6. My gut tells me a trade will happen which I'm fine with. If we pick I don't see us not taking Allen.
  7. Great post above and you're right, the "air raid" isn't new at all. Leach made some tweaks through his mentor Hal Mumme back in the early 90's. Of note, I grew up in Lubbock TX and a Southwest Conference junkie as that was our "New York Jets" or pro football so to speak. Tech was everything to those in West Texas, even to this day. I'm very familiar with TCU and Sammy Baugh era. I played for Spike Dykes 90-94. We were defense heavy on that team, notables (Zach Thomas MLB, and Marcus Coleman DB, who most on this site will recall). Offense our RB was Bam Morris, so we had some talent. Jack Pardee who was the HC at Houston also ran this type offense at that time called "The Run & Shoot". His QB was Andre Ware (Heisman Trophy and David Klingler who was 1st round selection I think #5 or #6.) Anyway, not new. My reason for posting the video was educational only. Very good explanation of the Mike Leach coaching tree and his version of the "air raid" which has and will IMO be more prominate in the NFL in the years to come. The league is trending that way and most on this site are right, the true Leach air raid wont work as he runs it in college. That said a lot of teams and coaches (Kingsbury) will get more aggressive than what Any Ried is doing and make an impact that will eventually be a trend at the very least. I'm not advocating the spread vs conventional vs heavy run. Was nearly trying to give some sound insight and explanation of what this style offense really is which is more than a gimmick and some explanation with current teams that run it. I'm a football junkie and love reading about the wishbone (Barry Switzer-OU), triple option (Georgia Tech/Navy). I think all these offenses are fückin great and with the right talent are effective. X's & O's with regard to football fascinate me. Appreciate your post again, brings back some memories. EDIT: As noted in above post, KC, NO, Rams are a few teams similar. Kingsbury will be more aggressive version of those, time will tell.
  8. It's not just about Kingsbury, it's more about how the Air Raid translates to the NFL. It's actually more about the coaching tree of Mike Leach. If you follow college football you may be surprised how many players/coaches are under him. If you're a football junkie and want to really understand the air raid its and interesting video, nothing more. Interesting takes on Rosen/Murray as well. EDIT: I don't disagree he probably got the opportunity pre mature but he got it and he's there. For the record this organization didn't want him to interview at Arizona.
  9. For those of you wondering how the Air Raid will translate to the NFL take a look at this video. It's 30 minutes but a very well done mini documentary of the Mike Leach coaching tree and how the Air Raid works. Draw your own conclusions but this style offense is tough to stop at any level. Also think some of you may be shocked to see the just how many coaches/players, etc come from Leach and Texas Tech. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/rpVERe-MqOI
  10. So being a BIGXII fan and following most teams in the league, this dude can play. He gave Tech fits as well as many others in the conference. Don't know how he will translate in the NFL but very interesting player.
  11. Josh Allen is an elite pass rusher to the likes that don’t come around very often. Not only will his skills translate to the NFL, he will be dominate for years to come. Regardless of where he ends up. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. He doesn't really think that. Just talking smack. If he does feel that way he doesn't know the game or how to evaluate talent. Allen is the best defensive player in this draft.
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