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  1. I think the Jets will surprise a lot of people this season. Worst case, 8-9.
  2. Wearing another man’s jersey? Super geek! You should get them all.. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. You’ll get to see him twice a year, heading to Miami. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Monster WR - 6"3 220 LBS I'm a homer here and told you guys about MAHOMES well in advance being from Texas Tech. Get Erik Ezukama in the 4th, killer WR thats Crabtree esque! Im biased but I've watched this kid 3 years in a pass happy offense and he's a beast. Steal at this point!
  5. Been a BIGXII guy from the get go. B. Hall has been a nightmare for every team in the BIGXII several years. Can do it all, very good pick on paper here. Literally terrorized every tea multiple ways. Will be starting day 1.
  6. Monster draft night!
  7. I wish the NFL could force owners out who rank last 5 years in row on winning metrics. He is best suited as the poster child for birth control.
  8. Woody is a steaming pile of HOBO shït!
  9. Everyday life as a Jets fan. Hamilton has absolutely nothing to do with your chaos!
  10. Perfect example of why this shït team will remain shït.
  11. Bills got beat by the GOAT! It will happen again, if they make it that far.
  12. He will end up in Dallas in less than a month.
  13. Oh what could have been at #6 in 2017. 4 picks later the landscape of the AFC changed (10-15 years).
  14. MAHOMES is going to be a problem for any team in the AFC for the next decade.
  15. Tell me the Jets suck without saying the Jets suck!
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