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  1. It's very possible. Having 2 starting OL not playing hurt for sure. That said Brady did what he needed to do to win the game. Todd Bowles D showed up again tonight. IMO they won the game as they did the previous week. KC got smoked!
  2. Dude, it ain't happening in NY. at $43M you take Watson at $42M, which that won't happen either. Sam Darnold WILL be the starting QB for the NY Jets in 2021 and that's a very good thing for a number of reasons, most of which $$$$$$. I was right about MAHOMES and I'm right about this. Your QB in 2021 is SD.
  3. Watson is NOT practical for any team, even the Texans. He's a great QB with an extremely HIGH price tag that at the moment is not right for the JETS. 2022 he is due 42M, GTFO. There are a tremendous amount of dip sh*t blow hards on this site that think it's even a real option in NY. Watson WILL NOT be a NY Jets! Get over it, move on.
  4. Gentleman, Sam Darnold is not going anywhere (at least this next season). Those who want Watson or better yet think he's coming here with a price tag of 42M in 2022 are higher than Bill Walton has ever been.. Trade back, get 2 more 1st rounders for this year and next (total of 6), build the team around the QB (at the moment). The END fückers
  5. I made the comment back when we passed on MAHOMES at 6 and KC moved up to 10 to draft him we were screwed for minimum of a decade given we would have to go through him to win the AFC. We've 7 years to go on that deal!
  6. Trade Darnold, Stafford is very affordable and durable still for 2 years @ 20M per (steal), draft another QB this year or next and groom under Stafford. - The END
  7. Doing a scheduled interview in a car for starters.
  8. Shameless plug for my Texas Tech folk..
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