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  1. Bad idea to take a child that young to any high school, college, and certainly pro games. Way too young! You'll probably piss other fans off, not telling how they respond. Good luck!
  2. The dollar figure was thrown out first to get a conversation with Campbell, not visa versa. He will not leave Iowa State for any job other than Notre Dame. Woody can't afford Campbell monetarily or through organizational competence.
  3. Matt Campbell was my #1 also. That said, there is only 1 job he would/will leave Iowa State for when it opens. He WILL be the next HC at Notre Dame. And he did not even take an interview with the Jet's. No hate for the Jet's, it's just not Notre Dame!
  4. Oder a pie and watch and watch all day. Prob 20 miin.
  5. TJ Vasher - 6'6 - 215lbs WR (TEXAS TECH) - Click me
  6. 100%. Keep Darnold, trade back, reevaluate next offseason. This is what will happen!
  7. Keep Sam, get a shït load of picks and take Pitts with the #1 pick.
  8. Yet another Texas Tech ex-player living rent free in many hearts ITT. All roads lead through Lubbock TEXAS!
  9. Watson will not be a Jet no matter what happens. Get over it.
  10. And only entertain one team.
  11. This has my boy a bit uneasy at the moment. I say we take both of them..
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