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  1. Wow, who would have thought it could’ve taken 2 seasons for a kid with no real position at the college level to learn how to play inside linebacker at the highest level in the pro game .
  2. Tinstar

    Jet specific transactions.

    Seriously, other than a fan with nothing better to do, who thinks like this ?
  3. Tinstar

    Jet specific transactions.

    The Jets management and coaching staff are working out free agents to see if any are better than what's on the backend of the roster and some fans are complaining about this practice . i guess you have to have something to complain about when you live a perfect existence .
  4. Still fighting that good fight i see . The nonsense on this board is why i stay away as much as i do . your post are about the only thing worth reading anymore .They're a few others like KRL but for the most part it's a collection of misery .
  5. Coach is not wrong, and hs mobility is not bad either .
  6. Or yet another tradable asset . It's always good to have something others have an interest in obtaining .
  7. Two QB who played their college ball at california might end up being starter and backup on an east coast team .
  8. It’s amazing how things never change with some folk . Two years ago a jag like Kevin minter would have been a lock to make the roster but instead of looking at how the roster has been upgraded all some care about is pointing out the draft picks that get out played by players who were signed by the same person who brought them both to the roster Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. It would be in the best interest of any team to try and trade for Fowler before the season starts so you can see what you have going into a contract year instead of paying him after this season and finding out he’s not worth spit .
  10. Jets need to throw big money at The bikes Hunter after the season .
  11. It used to be Bilal Powell, so now that he's established himself, now it's Eli McGuire . It's amazing how terrible some folks are unable to see talent until someone else tells them .
  12. That kid said he was going to be returning kicks and punts in camp . He said the Jets special teams coordinator was the reason he believed he got drafted to the Jets because the coordinator really liked him . i realize there is a big difference, and the kid acknowledge that fact in his interview.
  13. He brings speed and elusiveness to the special teams return game . I remember when westoff was the special teams coach talking about wanting the Jets to use a draft pick on current seahawk receiver Lockett because he thought his ability on special teams was superior . Well, to hear that our current special teams coach personally worked out and stood on the table for Cannon gives me hope that we could find ourselves a Bruce Harper type special teamster . It appears this kid is going to get every opportunity to win this job and both punt and kickoff returner because the Jets immediately released Natson once this kid was drafted .
  14. So does the GM takes responsibility for the draft or whoever Jet fans want to blame that falls in line with their agenda ?
  15. Finally, someone who gets what the LT is saying . There has never been an OT in the history of the NFL who has never been beaten by some DE . It happens even to the very best . Undoubtedly Sam Darnold will get smacked, and how he responds will tell his teammates more about him than any TD he throws . Does anyone remember O’Brien bracing for the hit instead of forcing his way into the end zone back in the day . Does anyone remember Pennington and the dead leg move he put on that defender before scoring . Those plays elivate or downgrade a QB in the eyes of his teammates and make an OLman want to go that extra mile for his QB . Nobody’s knocking Darnold, just letting him know what it’s going to take to impress his teammates beyond where he was drafted .

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