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  1. I have said the same thing numerous times only to realize I don’t have the information the teams do about these prospects and I don’t have to explain to my owner why I am giving millions of his money to a kid with red flags up the ying yang that fans are not privileged too. I wanted to draft Hackenberg and was willing to move back into the bottom of the 1st round to get him if I needed too . The Jets didn’t have to and thus far it has proven to have been a mistake . It happens, and you move on . Mac won’t be the last GM to make a mistake on a player . What some fans refuse to take into consideration is that sometimes GM’s make decisions on players based on the results that they received from the investigation performed by the teams . Sometimes what you know can be more dangerous than what you don’t.
  2. You know what I would love to know ? I would love to know I the Jets draft Mayfield or Darnold and that player fell off a cliff, would Jet fans stop Monday morning Qbing every move this franchise make . Coincidentally, if they took Allen and he solved a position that has been vacant since “let there be light” was spoken, would some of you folks give it a rest ?
  3. 7 Days And Counting...

    yes, come what may, I am all in . I want to see the same scenario we were exposed to last training camp . This camp should be about finding the starting QB for the 2018 season and only the 2018season . McCown is the incumbent starter and a known commodity . This camp should be about finding out if the Jets can do better than Josh McCown . Teddy Bridgewater, you are on the clock .
  4. I would laugh my butt off if the Jets chose Barkley or Chubb after Jet fans spent all winter bickering about QBs . The key is to get a difference maker on either side of the ball and if Chubb took the place of Ealy, I wonder if that would be considered an upgrade.
  5. Just a hunch, but I think the way he plays, the turnovers won't stop anytime soon . His strength is anticipation but his arm strength won't allow for his style of play at the NFL level . He's Peyton Manning lite and I don't think he has Manning's ability to read NFL defenses . He has a chance to be special, but like I said, he's the only 1 I don't like .
  6. Provided the Jets didn't strike out with the Bridgewater signing, I think I would prefer to draft Josh Allen, let him fight it out with the other QBs and develop on his own . It would be hard to pass up on Rosen or Mayfield, but this kid makes throws that not many people can make .
  7. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    you seem to have a hole also .
  8. Doesn't surprise me . We don't tend to agree on much .
  9. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    It's possible the Jets would draft a QB like Tanner Lee ate in the draft if he was the highest rated player available . Especially if they draft a QB name Rosen and everyone's fears become reality .
  10. David Carr on the Draft Qbs

    The Jets have the same situation a the Giants or any other team with a veteran QB, it's just that the fans don't like the veterans the Jets have . What's better with the Jets is that the Rook will get every opportunity to win the Job because the Vets are not as highly regarded on the Jets as they are with other teams . Allen, Rosen and Mayfield would get every opportunity to win the starting job if they prove to not be a liability under center .
  11. It's funny, but Sam Darnold is the only QB of the top 5 I don't want .
  12. Who do the Jets draft in the 3rd round?

    I would like to spend this entire draft on the offensive side of the ball, so I'm looking for an offensive lineman like O'Neil, or a RB like Penny or a receiver like Chark .
  13. For the life of me, I can't come up with a way how the Bills end up with the #1 overall pick in a 3 way deal with the Browns and the Gints . Why on Earth would the Browns trade the 1st pick for the 2 late 1st round picks plus more when they already own more picks that they know what to do with . The Highest I can see the Bills getting is to the 2nd pick and it would probably take to trades to accomplish this task . The Bills could conceivably trade those 2 1st round picks and a few other picks for the #4 pick and then trade that pick plus a few more picks to the Giants for the 2nd pick. What am I missing here and why doesn't any of this make sense ?
  14. Daryl Worley

    Don't you folks ever get tired of being Judge Jury and Executioner of every player who hits the news wire as a true crime story ? Here's a news flash for you folks. Kids makes mistakes, and while some don't learn, many do . I read this same fury when the Jets originally signed ASJ and Pennell . I also know what I read this off season when both were free agents . I hope when you folks make your mistake, there's someone saying give him/her another chance .