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  1. Bit's 2018 Mock 1.0 (assumes Kirk Cousins to NYJ)

    I could careless who we sign in free agency . . If Josh Rosen is on the board at 6, he's BPA and you take him unless you can ransom him off for a good haul.
  2. Bit's 2018 Mock 1.0 (assumes Kirk Cousins to NYJ)

    So JoshRosen falls to the Jets pick at 6 and you think the best player available would be the Guard .
  3. I think he would be an ideal replacement for the troubled Robbie Anderson
  4. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    I did and you are right but I still prefer Chubb . There's a reason why Peyton Manning gets drafted in the 1st round and Tony Romo is signed as an UDFA .
  5. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    Well, I am a McGuire fan and I see him as a younger version of Powell . It took Jet fans forever to come around about Powell and some still don't think much of him now . The way I see it, the Jets drafted in the 1st few years of this regime, Defensive Linemen, linebackers, 2 Safeties and 2 CBs . During that time, most of the best player available prospects were defensive . This draft, the best players available look to be offensive and at positions of need for this Jet roster . It's time to address the offensive side of the ball . QB is available, Guard is available, offensive LT is available and so is RB . The Jets currently have 14 wrs on the roster including free agents Enunwa and possibly Kearse . Provided we can resign ASJ and maybe Tomlinson we should be content at TE for a few years with the kid we drafted last year . It's time to fill the meat and potatoes part of the roster .
  6. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    I would rather have Chubb
  7. Seriously, this Chase Edmonds RB

    I'm all in on Nick Chubb . The Jets need a big bruiser who can carry the load and be the feature RB .

    It wouldn't bother me 1 bit if the jets 1st 3 picks are Bradley Chubb, Chuk Okorafor and Nick Chubb .

    I would actually love it . The Jets would have an opportunity at either the top RB, the top edge rusher or the top offensive tackle in the draft and still have the opportunity to get a solid QB prospect in the 2nd round .
  10. The Jets somehow managed to developed Robbie Anderson and Quincy Enunwa behind the likes of Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick and josh McCown who the vast majority of this fan base consider garbage QBs . An undrafted free agent and a 6th round pick . That should answer this question .
  11. Who's the better prospect

    Quite true, but that will be important to teams , not to me until I know how big he is and how fast he runs .
  12. Kiper's BIG Board

    This has been bandied about like some "Red Badge of courage" by posters who draw it like a gun to defend their stance on not drafting Josh Allen . Exactly how many more passes do you have to complete during a game to improve from 55% to 60% or more ? Exactly how does playing with subpar receivers who drop as many passes as they catch factor into this percentage ? Exactly how does constantly running for your life behind an offensive line not capable of holding up against superior competition factor into any of this . I like this player, but I prefer drafting an offensive lineman 1st (Connor Williams if healthy) after a small trade down and looking to one of the lesser known 2nd tier guys especially if we sign a QB in free agency .
  13. Who's the better prospect

    I probably could have worded that better, but truth be told I don't like any of the edge rushers as football stars at the next level. The way things are playing out in today's NF, you have to take a chance on a guy who has shown something in college and hope you don't end up with a knucklehead .
  14. Who's the better prospect

    I wanna know 2 things about Key before I make any decision about him. His actual size and how he runs at that size .