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  1. long time jet fans knew

    Instead of starting a new thread, I will leave this here and apologize if it hijacks this thread . Here's too a fan base that always have the right answer after the test has been taken and the answers reviled . The more I read this board, the more I come to realize I have very little in common with you morons . I bid you adieu .
  2. Jarrett Stidham

    Finally got the chance to watch the SEC championship game and what I came away with is that Jarrett Stidham did not play as poorly as some are suggesting . yes, Auburn lost badly but instead of evaluating the play of the QB based on the outcome of the game, evaluate him on the type of throws he made and the conditions he made them under .
  3. Post your latest QB rankings...

    It might just be the consequences of a kid who thinks he can make any throw against any defense . That kid not only has an NFL arm, but he has a really quick release . Wearing that #13, it's almost like watching Marino sometimes when I watch him throw the football .
  4. Post your latest QB rankings...

    I really like that kid's talent .
  5. Post your latest QB rankings...

    What ever happened to Tanner Lee from Nebraska
  6. IMO, the most depressing thing about the Jets offensive line this season has been the play of LG Carpenter .
  7. CBS Sports Have Jets Drafting a Cornerback! LOL

    I have 2 in mind, the Kid backing up in Cincy and the kid now starting for the Colts .
  8. CBS Sports Have Jets Drafting a Cornerback! LOL

    Not a chance. The jets are drafting either a QB, a LT or an Edge Rusher . One of the 3 premium positions is going to get filled in the 1st round come April . Might be 2 if we an steal a Free agent QB with 1 of our 2nd round picks .
  9. Jarrett Stidham

    Stidham made the NFL decision stand up and took notice . I knew my Tigers would beat Bama, because any team that brings a QB to a Bama game has a chance against that over-rated secondary Saban brings out year after year .
  10. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Lamar Jackson should win the Heisman trophy again this year because he's clearly the best player in college football . He's getting penalized for the record of Louisville, but you take him off that team and they don't win a single game . Not only is he the best player , but IMO, he's also the most improved and he's still growing . Consider the improvement in Jackson as a passer compared to what we have witness from a player like Sam Darnold . During the college season, I maintained that Jackson needed to return to school for another year to continue his growth, but with the way he plays QB, I would say that was the wrong decision . . Kid is a bigger Mike Vick and he's getting better every time he hits the field . All that said, I hope the Jets are interested in Baker Mayfield, because he's perfect for the tri-state area . Kid has a Joe Namath-esque type moxie . Kind of reminds me of the actor/ hero Audie Murphy, small in stature but a man with "sand" . Barring a trade up for Rosen, these are my 2 targets .
  11. Or maybe a kid the Jets just picked up doesn't know the defensive scheme yet and the coaching staff don't want to insert someone who won't know his assignment . I wonder if there's a power struggle in San Fran since the QB the GM traded for hasn't played yet . You know, this place doesn't need to stir up garbage to have solid traffic flow .
  12. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I wonder if taking care of the ball instead of throwing into coverage aids or helps the team in winning games ? The Bills were 5-2 and tied for the lead in the AFC East . They lost to the Jets, Saints and Chargers all after trading their Run stuffing DT because they can't stop the run anymore but it's the fault of the QB . Questions : How do the Jets team look when they can stop the run vs when they can't ? Why is home field advantage important in sports ? Why do teams request fan support when things are going well ? Why do people who serve always think they know better than people who lead ?
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    folks, the Bills season went in the toilet immediately after the trade of their DT . The bills are still scoring points, but right now they can't stop a nose bleed . Taylor was never the problem, and a coaching staff who watches players everyday should know who gives them the best chance to win, since that's why you play the game .
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    So they exposed a rookie QB to satisfy the curiosity of their fan base and because of that it was the perfect storm . See I thought you played to win the game, not satisfy the fan base . Thanks for cluing me in on the truth .
  15. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Funny, how a moron watches a guy in practice every day and realizes he isn't ready but a person who's not a moron does the same thing and can't tell . Morons must be getting smarter these days .