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  1. Jets need to throw big money at The bikes Hunter after the season .
  2. It used to be Bilal Powell, so now that he's established himself, now it's Eli McGuire . It's amazing how terrible some folks are unable to see talent until someone else tells them .
  3. That kid said he was going to be returning kicks and punts in camp . He said the Jets special teams coordinator was the reason he believed he got drafted to the Jets because the coordinator really liked him . i realize there is a big difference, and the kid acknowledge that fact in his interview.
  4. He brings speed and elusiveness to the special teams return game . I remember when westoff was the special teams coach talking about wanting the Jets to use a draft pick on current seahawk receiver Lockett because he thought his ability on special teams was superior . Well, to hear that our current special teams coach personally worked out and stood on the table for Cannon gives me hope that we could find ourselves a Bruce Harper type special teamster . It appears this kid is going to get every opportunity to win this job and both punt and kickoff returner because the Jets immediately released Natson once this kid was drafted .
  5. So does the GM takes responsibility for the draft or whoever Jet fans want to blame that falls in line with their agenda ?
  6. Finally, someone who gets what the LT is saying . There has never been an OT in the history of the NFL who has never been beaten by some DE . It happens even to the very best . Undoubtedly Sam Darnold will get smacked, and how he responds will tell his teammates more about him than any TD he throws . Does anyone remember O’Brien bracing for the hit instead of forcing his way into the end zone back in the day . Does anyone remember Pennington and the dead leg move he put on that defender before scoring . Those plays elivate or downgrade a QB in the eyes of his teammates and make an OLman want to go that extra mile for his QB . Nobody’s knocking Darnold, just letting him know what it’s going to take to impress his teammates beyond where he was drafted .
  7. Tinstar

    Who Would You Add To This Team

    Vikings DE D. Hunter as an outside edge rusher .
  8. Please don't do that to that kid .
  9. @nycdan and @Charlie Brown congratulation on your years of good posting that led you to such a time as this . Remember from whence you came and you will do well .
  10. Tinstar

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    Now I understand what you meant by contradicting myself . I have to to tell you thou that if Darnold proves to be able to do everything I said in that 2nd post, he will give theJets a better chance at winning than McCown . The Jets will give the ball to McCown to start the season if they have too, but based on what transpired last training camp, they really don’t want to . Thanks for clearing that up for me by the way .
  11. Tinstar

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    How did I contradict myself ? Believe it or not, the Jets want Sam Darnold to win the starting job . Winning it has nothing to do with out playing Josh McCown .
  12. Tinstar

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    If Sam Darnold shows the Jets that he can handle the huddle the play calls and protect himself and the ball he will most likely be the starting QB when the Jets open the season . The key will be what the Jets plan on doing with Teddy Bridgewater as far as attempting to build his trade value .
  13. Tinstar

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    Knowing how Coach Bowles has handled every position n this team since he's been the HC, what do you really think the chances are of that happening ? Coach Bowles plays the players that gives the Jets the best chance to win, plain and simple . What you do from rookie mini camp to the end of the pre season, determines who starts and that's the way it should be . The CBA that the league is working under prohibits the development of certain positions because of player/coach accessibility . How can you work with a player to develop his weaknesses if you're not allowed to even talk football with the player until a predetermined time by the CBA ? Haven't you notice that since the CBA came into effect, there have been more supposed QB gurus springing up all over the place to help develop these QBs because they don't fall under the same restrictions as NFL coaches do because of that new CBA .
  14. Tinstar

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    Bunch of buzzards circling waiting for a man to lose his job because he doesn’t do things the way they would like . Fire Mac because he can’t find a franchise QB . Fire Bowles because we don’t like how he stand on the sidelines . In 50 years, what has been the common denominator as far as the New York Jets is concerned ? The vast majority of you miserable folks have got to go under before this franchise turns around . Just like a bunch of yahoos who wondered for 40 years on a trip that should have taken them maybe 40 days .
  15. Tinstar

    Word is Teddy's healthy...

    All I will say about this whole situation is that there's a reason why the Contract Teddy Bridgewater signed max out at 5 mil more than the contract McCown signed .