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  1. Before they became whatever some of y’all think they became, all those traded away former 1st round picks were exactly what we have today , draft picks. Then the people who accumulated those same picks turned them into people.
    Does anyone know what the Future of Sam Darnold holds for certain. Does anyone know what the future of Becton is for certain.
    When all you see is what benefits your point of view, nobody can show you anything else. So keep the circle jerk going and enjoy the misery that you so deserve.

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  2. Liked your post but this is not exclusive to Jet fans only. All true fans are mini GM wannabes. 

    Two years ago some on here were ready to run this kid outta town because he got hurt . Today he’s those same folks new darling because Adams wants to be paid . I’m a Jet fan and I cheer for my team especially the players drafted by the team. Since I don’t have to reach into my pocket and pay them I don’t really care what they earn . On Sunday and sometimes on Monday I cheer them on. The rest of the week I enjoy reading a ice article about the team . I’m simple like that .

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  3. 1 hour ago, New York Mick said:

    I hate Gase, he’s was a Dolphin and unsuccessful. To this point it was the stupidest HC hiring ever by the Jets. 

    Adam Gase was the HC of the Dolphins but he was never a Dolphin. He was more a Bronco or Bear than he was a Dolphin. That guy made Tannehill look like a real QB before a series of injuries short circuited his season . The Dolphin under Gase and Tannehill were challenging for the division before Tannehill got injured and derailed their season
        JasonTaylor and Bryan Cox were the two stinking Dolphins who were allowed to wear our sacred colors . 
    Gase is a solid coach, but how can a baker make a cake when the most important ingredients are missing . 

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  4. Losing braylon, and then keller, really hurt Sanchez's development. Those were his 2 favorite targets. And making santonio holmes captain, on a big contract...not the wisest decision.
    Let's not forget schotty's play-calling. Bart scott and braylon think schotty was auditioning for a head coaching job:

    Rex’s guys blaming schotty . The said part is it was the same Schotty who pulled Holmes from the game after his flare up and all but ended his time with the Jets.
    The fact of the matter is Rex was the HG but acted more like the defense coordinator .

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  5. Its been very consistent over the years. Even Bowels had 3 OC's in 4 years. Rex had 3 during his time here as well.  
    So... ya got me interested. What's the reasoning for all of this?  All the defensive HC's? 

    I was just rewatching the 2010 season and I was actually amazed at how well the offense looked when the jets had a pretty decent offensive line a TE that was a matchup problem and some halfway decent receivers . Mark Sanchez looked like a rising star throwing midrange passes with the occasional shot .
    Makes one hope that with the CB new offensive linemen and these new speedster at receiver things might finally turn around .

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  6. And there were calls to fire offensive staff this year too.  It's kind of our thing. 

    A million and 1 defensive HCs followed by a million and 1 defensive draft picks but the offensive staff is the problem.

    During that stretch of horrible years of football the Jets actually had some pretty good offensive games and some truly disturbing defensive showings despite all those draft picks being spent on defense.



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  7. It was Mark Sanchez sophomore year in the NFL and the last year the New York Jets would make it to the AFC championship game . It was a team that featured Mangold and Ferguson and Keller and Tomlinson in an offense guided by Brian (baby) Shotty.

    Rex Ryan was the HC and his defense and exotic blitz schemes got all the credit . The thing that always bugs me is this . I don’t think the Jets have made the playoffs since that year and since that year to this last draft the best offensive player the team has drafted is Sam Darnold.

    Not a single OC hired by this team in 9 years has been given a chance to succeed while getting the blame for everything that’s been wrong .



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  8. I said it back then during the pre draft period and I’ll say it again. Sam Darnold is Peyton Manning-lite or to put it another way, a poor man’s Peyton Manning . It’s probably why Adam Gase thinks he can do something great with him . The thing the Jets coaching staff have to figure out is who’s the poor man’s cheating combination that’s Darnold will have to overcome.
    Is it the combo in Buffalo, the new combo in Miami or is it the establishment in Kansas City .

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  9. There’s some excellent competition at CB and along the OL . The guy coaching the defense I trust to put the best players on the field . I know that based on what happened with the 3rd round pick from last year . The key will be can Adam Gase match his intensity on the offensive side .
    If this season happens, it’s going to be a fun ride . The Jets appear to finally have football people at GM, HC and DC

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