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  1. Yup.  It's currency.

    And mine would be that he develops to a point where the Jets have a tough time deciding if it’s better to start this kid and let Darnold get paid somewhere else while stealing some premium draft capital from a QB needy team .
    Wouldn’t it be a nice problem to have if for once the Jets had an over abundance of something other teams craved .

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  2. A team with no real viable option at backup QB and a starting QB who hasn’t played a full season since being drafted uses a late round pick on a QB with loads of potential and the desired arm talent for the division in which he would play and SOJF do what they only know to do.
    With the Jets it’s always something but with some Jets fans it’s par for the course.

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  3. He’s got great tools, but he’s a mistake waiting to happen. He’s the Geno Smith of college football. He can look great one minute and have you scratching your head and pulling your hair the next.

    Steven Montez is a better option


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  4. Re read your post...it sounds like you definitely have an opinion about him. I respect your opinion, always have, always will . I just don't share it. He did some very good things for this team, but I can see why JD let him go. Not that Robby is a problem, but I think JD and Gase don't see him as part of the solution, either. We'll see.

    I have no problem with the GM letting Anderson walk . I would also have had no problem with him resigning Anderson. I simply refuse to disparage this player because he tried to get the best deal he possibly could.
    The business side of football is none of my concern. I’m a Jet fan and when you put on the colors, I become a fan unless you played for that team in Miami prior in which case I will tolerate you and hope you leave ASAP .

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  5. That's the plan. There are 20-25 receivers in this draft better than Robby. He does not move the needle in the bigger picture for the Jets. We will be ok, trust me.

    Potential is the dirty word in sports that gets people fired . Anderson was an UDFA who proved he could play NFL football and got paid today because of it . All those draft able players that are supposedly better than Anderson hasn’t proven a darn thing against NFL defenders .
    Perriman was drafted, and today he doesn’t have a job but some are hoping that the Jets sign him to fill the void of a player who did what many didn’t like because of his off the field . Me personally I don’t know Anderson so other than rooting for his success on game day while he was a Jet I have no opinion about him .
    I simply don’t know the man .

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  6. Yes, its Jets fans' fault the team has sucked for 50 years.
    JD is doing just fine at evaluating the market.  And last I checked, quite a few players have already signed back here.  

    If the zoot suit fits, then strut . I agree that the GM is doing a fine job and have no complaints thus far. If a player like Adams makes it to free agency and leaves who could blame him . I made a statement a while back that was completely misunderstood by the vast majority on this board and resulted in me being banned temporarily. Every time I read this board my statement rings in my head like a bell .
    We’re supposed to be fans of a team, not players . As far as I know different cultures of people make up that team who all have various socioeconomic backgrounds. As long as those players com together on game day and play as a team I could careless how they act away from the team .

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  7. And as trash as you think he is, he put up very similar numbers to Robby as a a number 3 option and can be had for half of what Robby just got.

    Did he do it going up against the #1 CB on the defense. Why is it so difficult for some of y’all to admit how important Anderson was to Darnold . Even now I see folks looking for ways to critique how Anderson will look playing with Teddy B . Y’all didn’t want him and he’s gone . Y’all should be happy.

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