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  1. The vast majority of the board should love this signing because it would probably mean the end of Geno Smith as a Jet. Marrone's last impression of Geno is watching him throw 3 ints before being benched for Mike Vick.
  2. Brandon Schreff is a LT, and probably the best 1 coming out. He's nothing like Brick either because he's mean and his strength is in run blocking while being solid as a pass protector. It's why some talking think he'll be better at OG.
  3. in the 1st round of this coming draft, the 2 players that interest me after Mariota are Shane Ray the Pass rusher from Missouri and Brandon Schreff the LT from Iowa. At Wr I really like Ty Montgomery / 2nd or 3rd round At CB I really like Bryce Callahan / 5th or 6th round
  4. This is the kid I want at WR.
  5. I don't get the love for Randy Gregory. What is everyone seeing that I am missing ?
  6. Longtime Jet poster on the Greenhouse and the former JI board who's looking for someplace to talk Jet football with open minded fans. I was Tinstar.
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