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  1. The top QBs won't be there when we pick, and there are good DBs to be had in free agency. We've the cap space to get them, and the cheap f*ck GM is gone.

    So with that said, the smart route is going O-Line with the top pick. With a lesser QB your line needs to be more than middle of the road. They need to be capable of taking over games.

    Case in point: the Dallas Cowboys.

    However going O-Line with a top 10 pick means you go for the premium position. That's LT. I wouldnt go with a guard.

    Brandon Schreff is a LT, and probably the best 1 coming out.  He's nothing like Brick either because he's mean and his strength is in run blocking while being solid as a pass protector. It's why some talking think he'll be better at OG.

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