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  1. Vikings DE D. Hunter as an outside edge rusher .
  2. @nycdan and @Charlie Brown congratulation on your years of good posting that led you to such a time as this . Remember from whence you came and you will do well .
  3. Now I understand what you meant by contradicting myself . I have to to tell you thou that if Darnold proves to be able to do everything I said in that 2nd post, he will give theJets a better chance at winning than McCown . The Jets will give the ball to McCown to start the season if they have too, but based on what transpired last training camp, they really don’t want to . Thanks for clearing that up for me by the way .
  4. How did I contradict myself ? Believe it or not, the Jets want Sam Darnold to win the starting job . Winning it has nothing to do with out playing Josh McCown .
  5. If Sam Darnold shows the Jets that he can handle the huddle the play calls and protect himself and the ball he will most likely be the starting QB when the Jets open the season . The key will be what the Jets plan on doing with Teddy Bridgewater as far as attempting to build his trade value .
  6. Knowing how Coach Bowles has handled every position n this team since he's been the HC, what do you really think the chances are of that happening ? Coach Bowles plays the players that gives the Jets the best chance to win, plain and simple . What you do from rookie mini camp to the end of the pre season, determines who starts and that's the way it should be . The CBA that the league is working under prohibits the development of certain positions because of player/coach accessibility . How can you work with a player to develop his weaknesses if you're not allowed to even talk footbal
  7. Bunch of buzzards circling waiting for a man to lose his job because he doesn’t do things the way they would like . Fire Mac because he can’t find a franchise QB . Fire Bowles because we don’t like how he stand on the sidelines . In 50 years, what has been the common denominator as far as the New York Jets is concerned ? The vast majority of you miserable folks have got to go under before this franchise turns around . Just like a bunch of yahoos who wondered for 40 years on a trip that should have taken them maybe 40 days .
  8. All I will say about this whole situation is that there's a reason why the Contract Teddy Bridgewater signed max out at 5 mil more than the contract McCown signed .
  9. Would really like to know what this cat's weight is today .
  10. That kid should never ever have started a game at LT .
  11. How does the worst offensive line in the league help the worst QB in the league to his best career season Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. If the Jets had stayed at 37 and 49, Sam Darnold would be wearing a different uniform . I didn't want this QB, but I got him and I can live with that . He is considered by many to be the consensus best QB from this draft class , a guarantied Franchise QB candidate and 20 years old . On a championship football team you need to start with a Franchise QB , a Franchise Edge rusher and playmakers . You also need people to protect said QB . After this draft, the Jets are closer to where they need to be .
  13. Proven wrong at every single turn yet continue to flap their gums about how they could do a better job .
  14. As I was watching the draft coverage on the NFL Network today, the panel that included Mike Mayack made a comment that I have been trying to understand but thus far am unable to. When talking about the Shaquem Griffin draft position, they made a reference to the skill set and position the kid play as the reason he fell to the 5th round and not the fact that he plays with 1 hand . That kid was the driving force behind the defense that led the Bulls to an undefeated season, went to the combines and blew the doors off the event even after not being initially invited to it . Then I think ab
  15. When I was much younger there was a character on the old "Hawaii Five 0" show call "Wo Fat" . I think I like the Name "Lo Fat" for this cat .
  16. Most Jets fans hate any defensive front 7 pick the Jets make that doesn't have Pass rush ability. Me, all I care about is can the player do the Job he's asked to do . This kid is stout at the POA and can push the pocket . Next off season, when the Jets have all that cap money to spend, I want them to target Hunter from the Vikes and Ray from the Broncos .
  17. Dude was having an awesome senior bowl week before he got injured . Had it not been for that injury, this cat is probably drafted in the 2nd round.
  18. Forgive me if I’m wrong. It how is it exactly ToddBowles fault that a QB drafted to an NFL team can’ throw a wet football . How is it that a QB half this fan base said was a huge draft mistake Todd Bowles fault because he can’t get on the field .
  19. Connor Williams is going to be a steal .
  20. 86 mil guaranteed over 3 years vs 5 yrs on a rookie deal . Priceless
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