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  1. Where would you rank Darnold in comparison to Deshaun Watson ?
  2. Personally, I prefer Kylie Fitts but he probably won’t make it to where ever the Jets pick in the 3rd after Mac trades down .
  3. He’ll get every opportunity to win the starting job . Just like Hackenberg and Petty did last year.
  4. I’m sure it was Todd Bowles fault that Hackenberg and petty couldn’t beat out a sitting Josh McCown for the starting QB position last year and not the fact that both players looked terrible in preseason .
  5. If the Jets had stayed at 6, who’s to say the draft goes off in this manner . How do we know the Colts don’t trade with someone else and they don,t take Darnold leaving us to take Rosen . I realized hindsight is being used here, but the Jets trading up when they did was a stroke of genius and it caused a ripple effect on the top of the draft . The price the Jets paid to move from 6 to 3, keep everyone else from trading into the top 4 .
  6. In response to the topic of this thread, actually we didn’t sucked and we got the QB everyone wanted us to suck for . . Kind of makes your comment about the Gm not true doesn’t it . I wanted Rosen also, but even I realize that the kid’s injury history could be a problem . The Jets did everything to perfection and thus far it has worked out in their favor . Time to drop the by-partisan garbage and come together as a fan base behind this kid . Sam Darnold will get every opportunity to win the starting job this year, but he’s going to have to win it, because it won,t be handed to him like
  7. The vast majority of Jet fans got exactly what they wanted and I hope they will finally give it a rest . I didn’t want this kid, but he’s a Jet and so he gets my support . 19 years ago or so, the Jets missed out on a chance to draft Peyton Manning who decided to stay in school . Truth be told, I didn’t like Manning either . I think this kid is the closest thing to Peyton Manning that I have seen in years but not with his pedigree . Jets got the consensus best QB in the draft and so everyone with the exception of @JiF should be happy . Let’s see if this forum can come together and be a f
  8. You’re running scared and there’s absolutely no reason for it . There,s 3 QBs that the Jets can choose from and the Jets have the 3rd pick in the draft . You may not like Mac, but he played this masterfully. We’ Getting either Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield and our QB situation is improved 1000 fold .
  9. so do I . I think NY and it's miserable fan base would eat Darnold alive . I don't think Rosen gives to bleeps what people think about him and that is also what drives Mayfield .
  10. I suppose you have evidence to backup this accusation of a player being drafted for coaches who didn’t want him or know what to do with him .
  11. Coherent to whom ? The Jets have a plan and are executing it but the only people who can’t see it are the fans who always know better .
  12. I would take him even if Darnold was available . Nobody named “Sam” belongs in New York ever again .
  13. I would think it would be better for a rookie QB to learn his reads by developing confidence throwing to multiple receivers instead of locking onto a familiar target he is comfortable throwing too .
  14. Take it to the bank, the Jets are trading down in the 3rd round . If the Jets cut either Hackenberg or Petty, every other QB on the roster with the exception of Rosen will be gone after this year .
  15. It won't matter folks, because I think every time Mac looks at Rosen, he takes a bathroom break for some private time with himself .
  16. Furthermore, I think the Jets will follow the Washington Redskins and take another QB later in the draft .
  17. With the trade up, I think the Jets may have boxed themselves into drafting a QB . The question I would asked is will said QB effect the team this year and long term (say 5 years)better than another player at a different premium position . Everyone wants a franchise QB and is geared up to take 1. Does anyone want someone at the position who will lead the offense and by extension the team ?
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