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  1. His defenses have ranked in the league’s top-five in yards allowed in eight of the last 13 years while placing in the NFL’s top-5 in fewest points allowed seven times over that span.
    Now go and do Hacketts offenses

    Nice Wikipedia definition. Fangio had a losing record with the broncos. Same as Hackett. Fangio’s D were always weak against the run. Breece will have a field day. Not worried.

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  2. Oh god another pro MW thread. Why do people think he’s even an option. 55 comp % over his last 3 games and 0 passing tds. Can people get off his jock. That’s at the lower end of bottom 5 quality without even mentioning his injury history 
    if we miss Rodgers and Carr MW shouldn’t even be on the radar. 
    Bring in Brissett, tennehill, Winston etc. 

    His hangnail was affecting his accuracy.

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  3. It's that easy, huh?  Get a veteran QB, win the SB.  Winning a SB is not like buying a car.  Please.  The right thing to do would be for Woody and JD to tell the fan base to grow up. We're building the right way.  Why can the Giants do it but not the Jets?  Same market.

    Oh I totally get where you are coming from. I would like nothing more then to draft our own QB and let him develop into a franchise QB, but I am just looking at the reality of the situation. This year was supposed to be about developing Zach. The team got good quick and progressed way ahead of schedule and Zach didn’t develop at the same pace. In the beginning of the season Zach took steps forward…nothing great but we were winning. Then the New England game happened and we benched him. Granted he didn’t play well, but that happens with a young QB. After that, development of him went out the window because the team was elite, but the QB wasn’t. Media and players clamoring for Mike White. You even had players wearing shirts of the backup QB basically trying to show up Zach. Now is it Zach’s fault that he didn’t develop fast enough? He actually got worse as the season went on. Players that are well coached do not exactly get worse. Now you tell me if you are a young college QB…would you want to come here??

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  4. There’s only one way this franchise ever turns things around, and that’s by hitting on a QB in the draft. We need to keep doing everything we can to keep taking one as high in the draft as we can every year until we find one.
    Everything else we talk about here is just fluff we talk about to pass the time.

    Then this franchise will never turn it around. QBs do not succeed here due to the fact that this fan base and media do not have the patience to let a QB develop. If we get a QB he’ll have to be borderline inhuman and light it up from day one. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. Let’s just get veteran here. Win a Super Bowl and be done with it. For a rookie QB to come here would not be in his best interest. Better off just going to Green Bay or some Midwest team. I hate to say it but It’s just too toxic here.

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  5. You just touched on the thing that drives me crazy with this board… the blind spot for Joe Douglas.
    So many people here like to say things like “we are a QB away from being a Super Bowl contender” and talk about all the great young talent we supposedly have on this team, when in fact our FO is in desperation mode right now. Last year was a disaster.
    The “development year” of Zach Wilson couldn’t have gone worse, we lost our last 6 games, our OL still stinks, we need to replace our entire Offensive CS, and oh yeah… we need to find a QB.

    TLDR   3 years into the rebuild, we’re still a last place team, replacing half the CS, have no QB, and need to fix the OL.

    I mean the OL was bad because of injuries not because of bad drafting. A healthy Becton, AVT, Duane Brown, Fant and Max Mitchell make a huge difference. Plus Breece was injured. These aren’t just cast offs every one of these players are pro bowl level.

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