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  1. You're very confident Jackson is not going to amount to much as a QB. I see a player that has ascended each year in college. I assume he's only going to get better. He already has elite tools to work with. Vicks opinion shouldn't matter but he has stated publicly a couple of times now that Jackson is better than him at this stage.
  2. My wish for the NYJ QB room (Lamar Jackson, McCown, Hack) McCown is on record as saying he believes in Jackson. Great. Have McCown be Jackson's bridge QB/QB coach. I expect at least 5 butt fumbles for my post. Thank you.
  3. Contingency plans; Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson

    QB room wish list Jackson, Hack, McCown
  4. Patrick Mahomes is going to be a star

    who cares if Mahomes is a star. He's a chief. could care less what he becomes and hope he's 0-whatever against the jets.
  5. Brisly Estime landed on IR. UDFA from Syracuse last season. Did a nice job in college returning punts
  6. I am wishing very hard for Lamar Jackson at 6 and Josh McCown as the bridge or new QB coach.
  7. Jets announce OC and Staff

    I get you want someone with experience but I like the idea of McCown in that role simply because of what he brings. McCown played a year under Bates and could be an extension of Bates. He has been in every system, I believe he's had to learn 16 different offenses in his career. He's worked with the QBs we have on the roster. Considered a leader and well respected in that locker room. You have to start somewhere. Mac and Bowles have both stated they feel McCown is going to be a great coach one day. I think it's a good idea to see how the QB situation plays itself out, and see how McCown fits, before hiring a QB coach.
  8. Here is a hypothetical. Jets draft Mayfield and the Bills draft Jackson. As a Jet fan, would you be worried about passing on Jackson and having him in the division or happy because we have Mayfield on the Jet roster?
  9. Bolded is what really stands out for me for Jackson. The NYJ roster is devoid of playmakers and a spotty offensive line. It's difficult for young QBs to sustain long drives and put up points without playmakers and strong O line play. Drafting Jackson gives us a legit playmaker at the most important position. Elite playmaker with rare ability to hit home runs with his arm or legs. However, he has rare speed and athleticism and can single-handedly win games.
  10. I get this line of thinking. Very recent history has the DeShawn Watson injury. But isn't injury predictions just impossible? I can understand looking at the history of injuries when it comes to players. Someone like Watson had a history. But with all the running, and the poor Oline play that jackson did and had in college, you see zero injury history. And more so than ever, the NFL protects the qb position above all else. If any team sees the talent and loves the potential, is it a valid argument not to draft jackson because of fear of injury?
  11. No expert, don't follow college ball, but did this past season because the Jets were destined to pick high. Jackson's line was a sieve. You can see it from his highlight videos as well. It's still early, all the hype is going to be on Mayfield and Allen because of the senior bowl. Once combine and pro days happen, we'll see the hype rise for the other prospects. Just read this from Matt Miller basically stating, the more you watch, the more there is to like.
  12. When I look at this I see yet another reason the Jets should be drafting Lamar Jackson. A QB who can still score the ball with a limited cast and pass protection. Jackson is a playmaker at the most important position.
  13. Did Sheldon out perform his two years with the Jets this previous season with the Seahawks? Stat wise he had more sacks in 15 and more tackles in 16 compared to his Seahawks season
  14. We will never win with Bowles......

    I do get it. Media enjoys printing quotes from unnamed sources that generate readers. Readers will take any unnamed quote, treat it as fact, so they have another opportunity to get their panties in a bunch. Maybe some of these unnamed quotes are true, I don't know. It was also quoted the firing was a result of working relationships with the rest of the coaches.
  15. We will never win with Bowles......

    this is the start of going back and forth with an argument that has been made countless times. So I will just say I hope Bowles does a better job of building the roster with all that cap space and high draft picks. I hope Bowles doesn't repeat the roster construction of a year ago since he was on the hot seat and built what amounted to be a bottom five roster in terms of talent. I hope Bowles has an offense that he is confident in which will allow him to be more aggressive on that side of the ball.