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  1. You still believe this? I guess you do because you've said it hundreds of times. What else needs to happen before you realize this has no truth.
  2. RESNewYork

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    As soon as I hit reply to you I thought I made a mistake. I thought, why are assuming nycdan was being negative. Maybe he meant they are in midseason form winning games and calling the victory formation. I thought I was making assumptions because the majority of this board is that way. What's funny is even if I did have a short memory, if you're reading this board, you see posts after post that remind you of the above. In no way what you posted, not been squeezed into every thread, whether it was about Bowles of not. Like you did with this one. So fans on here like yourself accuse Bowles of being selfish, trying to win games at all cost to save his job, and in doing so he puts the Jets future in jeopardy. At the same time, he gives up and loses on purpose because well, I don't know why. Or maybe it's Bowles felt that was the best strategy to try and win the game and you can vehemently disagree with that strategy. I just think you're mistaken in accusing he quits on the team because that narrative really makes no sense.
  3. RESNewYork

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    It's called a victory formation. You're hatred is impressive.
  4. Did I say perfect? I just said better. Bates turned down offers during his 4 year sabbatical. Morton is unemployed. Really just gave an opinion since Bates was promoted and Morton was released. I assume it's because the organization felt better with Bates knowing they were going to bring in a new high pick QB. It's probably more realistic to think that than simply saying Morton was fired because he didn't run the ball enough. So OCs just work in a vacuum? No collaboration? All the "respectable" OCs in the league ignore the HC. Though maybe you're right. Morton will be someone's OC next season, light it up, and Jet fans will cry about Morton getting away.
  5. Well Morton is still available. Maybe the timing of his firing is the reason. Maybe next season he will be the hot O coordinator. Either way, he's still looking for work. Or maybe the reason he was fired was something more than simply he didn't run the ball enough. Could it be Bates proved what he can do last season, got promoted, and they felt Bates was the better coach going forward for a young QB? Maybe Morton isn't a bad coach, but Bates is a better coach for Darnold, or whichever young QB we got in the draft?
  6. This is still a thing? Even after Petty and Hack were cut? Hack being cut twice?
  7. Like I said earlier, would you rather have Bates of Morton? All we saw draft night were people praising Bates without being asked. History is not there, but coaches are usually only as good as the players they have.
  8. If today you have a choice between Morton or Bates to be the offensive coordinator for a rookie Darnold, who would you choose? The way it went down last off season Morton was definitely not the first choice. Jets spend a year with Bates and feels he's the superior coach, so why not promote him? Seems like analysts and coaches when talking Bates all agree. Would think there should be zero remorse Morton is gone, and still looking for work. My impression it wasn't he passed too much but went rogue. Maybe he felt Bates was the future and it was one and done. Either way with Darnold in the fold, you have to believe Bates is the much better choice leading him.
  9. Should be a commercial. "Only NFL head coaches can prevent drunk driving"
  10. Bowles has been given all these first round picks on defense. Below are the 1st round picks since Mark Sanchez 2010 Kyle Wilson is out of the league 2011 Muhammad Wilkerson had to sign a prove it one year deal 2012 Quinton Coples is out of the league 2013 Dee Milliner is out of the league 2013 Sheldon Richardson played for Seattle in 2017 which netted him a prove it one year deal with the Vikings. 2014 Calvin Pryor is out of the league 2015 Leonard Williams appears to be a cornerstone player. Fans knock the sack numbers but he has high pressure numbers overall. Which is a reason why Olivier Vernon got a large contract from the Giants without having high sack numbers. 2016 Darron Lee is someone you hope turns a corner. 2017 Jamal Adams going into year 2 is considered a cornerstone player. "Bowles quit on the team in Denver" Am I mistaken but wasn't it Morton the coach that said he packed it in to protect Petty physically and mentally. I don't recall Bowles stating that. So why does Bowles get blamed for this? Is it possible Bowles and Morton not being on the same page is the reason Morton is not here and also still unemployed?
  11. Sorry but what coach is doing well without great players in professional sports? Without a doubt, if the Jets have a successful season, it's because the talent was upgraded. If the Jets have a poor season, it's because of Bowles. Give no credit, place all the blame. What I love is you can tell Bowles can give two sh*ts because he knows, and you know, he's forgotten more about football than the collective knowledge of this board. I haven't spent a lot time on this board but it's basically the same old same old repeated in every thread. It gets so old. That and the Adams bashing which is non-sensical on another get off my lawn level. JetNation is great at breaking news and that keeps me coming back.
  12. RESNewYork

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I really don't care either way but I think you're mistaken. When Bowles punished Mo, no one knew the reason. It came out after what the punishment was for after the media kept asking why Mo was benched
  13. You realize I am not defending the player. Just asking since I've seen a lot of fans stumble out of that stadium. And I hope there is a large amount of Jet fans that can afford an uber.
  14. Since we are talking drunk driving, what's the percentage of fans driving drunk when leaving the stadium after a game?
  15. RESNewYork

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    National Championship Game. Clemson is on the 26 yard line with Alabama up 3 points with 19 seconds left in the game. This amazing catch put them in definite field goal range, and set up the winning TD. An absolutely amazing fingertip catch, that is as clutch a catch you will ever see, and a huge reason Clemson pulled the upset.