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  1. What's your ideal offseason plan?

    1. Extend mac 2. Extend bowles 3. Draft lamar jackson 4. Avoid responding on here
  2. Why I'm disappointed

    It doesn't matter if the Jets won or lost today. You will see the same whiny incoherent diatribe about Bowles no matter what the outcome was.
  3. it doesnt matter but I didn't start it. and don't give a sh*t what you think
  4. calling your post cute is being an a$$hole?
  5. thats cute. do you have memes on file or do you have to search for the perfect one
  6. No and that' a very weird question But seeing how you started this thread, life must be difficult for you. And I'm sure you'e a real pleasure to be around.
  7. Wanst my point. Just trying to point out what he was saying. Before you pissed all over what he said I love how you two like using the word genius. Like you've been complimented on your intelligence.
  8. Exactly. So whine whine whine and then realize maybe whatever is out there is not worth bringing in. You know whatever, doesn't matter. I'm done. You should continue with bitch and whine act
  9. Wow you are such a little bitch. Whats he is probably trying to say is since the Jets were one of the least penalized teams the previous two seasons, maybe the youth attributes to the high penalties this season.
  10. cool. so you know football. who should the next coach be?
  11. I don't know a lot, especially Jet football. Thats fine with me
  12. I didn't know you were a member of Mensa.