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  1. to be fair the jets are always high on the their slot for the waiver wire.
  2. really hoping Pinnock finds his way to a starting safety role. It would be nice to have a long athletic player in the middle of the field. Tested really well athletically.
  3. this is the guy you should be excited for
  4. Safe to assume these are the same posters who were so passionate about how bad Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson were going to be?
  5. Also just to add the hype is real. I browse these boards often. All I read was jets need to keep losing for Trevor all season. Now there are fans on here stating wilson is better than Trevor.
  6. When the jets won a game was still happy with it because it meant Fields would be our future. Out of nowhere came the wilson hype train. I still don't get it and I somewhat chalk it up to a covid off-season. A lot of great posts have already mentioned why I agree the pick should be fields. Fields as a young player will be able to score points with the added dimension of being a runner, extending plays, while developing as a thrower. Will be the best athlete on our offense. Will be a huge plus in 2 minute and 4 minute offenses when we have a lead. Prepped for disappointment but still a sliver if hope its fields.
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