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  1. RESNewYork

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Interesting to think about. Shurmer connection. Young QB he knows well and could replace Eli in a year. Bridgewater won't have to move. Maybe the Giants pay a little more because it's hard to get the two NY teams to trade. Plus Giants did us a favor with Sam. I could also see the Giants going after teddy in the off season depending on how his tear plays out.
  2. RESNewYork

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    It's one thing to over react when watching a pre season game. It's a whole other level to over react to tweets from a joint practice. By this logic, if Leo gets a sack on Thursday then he deserves the big contract? If he beats Trent in another practice rep, do the Jets tack on another million? He's got 16 games to show what he's worth.
  3. Anthony Becht was very good. Our punter has some guns. Pennel has some guns. And darnold looked good. Recipe for success.
  4. This got quoted a bunch so will just put it all here. After a whole draft season where every thread was inundated with the great leadership, moxie, confidence, and all the extolling of his on field tactics, it's all acceptable for Baker Mayfield. But Adams stating he's confident in himself, wants to revolutionize the position, be a perennial pro bowler, will work his ass off to do it, and calling out teammates who haven't give it 100 is vilified. Never said you can't critique any player, regardless of color. I'm not a black man so not trying to play a race card, just pointing out what I've read on this board that last 7 months. according to TuscanyTile I'm an Asian woman. It's interesting because it's impossible to find one piece, publication, interview, anything anywhere that said Jamal Adams had a bad rookie season. All you read is good/great rookie season, ascending player. The only place that exists is here. So to say he can't do this or can't do that after one season where he started 16 games as a rookie comes off as premature. His talk has only put pressure on himself, and where has it been a detriment to his teammates. All the pressure is on him. Hopefully he lives up to it because it benefits the team. Just want to say something about expectations from players drafted high. Unless you're gambling on a QB it seems the higher a team picks the safer they want that pick to be, since the bust rate is so high. Adams is not Ed Reed, a HOF safety and one of the greatest ever. But he did start 16 games as a rookie and was productive. That is what I assume a front office would consider a success.
  5. Ok? But presenting a racist angle and then have someone convince said person the racist angle is imaginary also adds to the design of said crazy nonsense thread.
  6. He can play. Will be even better year 2. I don't see how anything Adams has said to this point has been a detriment to the team. As far as a ban I will be ok and understand if it happens. I like checking in to jet nation for jet news. Not to discuss. I post because sometimes the things posted here are crazy nonsense. Like most of this thread
  7. I thought Sar was black? It seems strange because the whole off season, jet fans basically put baker Mayfield on God's pedestal. But Adams needs to shut up.
  8. What is it with jet fans on here that makes Adams so polarizing? I don't get it. Anything he says is dissected to the bones. Every jet fan I know loves Adams. But then again my jet fan friends are not crotchety old white guys who get their panties in a bunch when they see an uppity black kid open his mouth. At least that's how it comes off to me on here.
  9. Agree to disagree that westoff would have been the better HC than Bowles. Maybe you're right. What I stated was Bowles knows more about defense than westoff. You're also correct in saying he's not belly or Parcells. But i feel Bowles has done plenty of good with the rosters and QBS he's had. Again you're right, moving defensive players around for a favorable match up is something that would be beneficial. I was stating they do move Leo around or put him in situations to make plays. However the flip side is offenses are also going to do things to neutralize him in which case you would hope that opens it up for other players on D. It just seems like fans want to reinforce these sayings to argue what a horrible coach Bowles is without any proof. Bowles is a good coach. Hopefully as the roster improves he improves as well. It was smart to re-sign Bowles and Mac. The 47 years prior did not prove successful by hitting the reset button every three seasons.
  10. Even the most ardent Bowles hater would agree. Bowles knows more about defense than Colon and Westoff combined. I am confident that Leonard Willams was not stunted because he didnt play enough end in nickel last season. Not really quoting you but just throwing all my thoughts into one reply. So last season, Bowles is accused of being a selfish coach. Only caring about victories to get an extension. Sacrificing the development of young players, playing vets because he wants to win, ruining the Jets draft position. BUT at the same time, he gives up. Because that's the best way to get an extension. Does that make sense? Morton gave up. He's the only one who ever said anything about giving up. Maybe that's why he's not here, and unemployed. Maybe. I'm not one to believe everything you read about sports teams. Most of it feels made up to create a story. But let me add this. After last season, Bowles did more for Mac to get that extension. Not the other way around.
  11. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jamal-adams-competitor-standing-cam-newton-article-1.3661024
  12. So the analytics dept is now the GM and Coach? Is there any factual basis on Leanord Williams not moving around? How much do D Lineman move around in general? In a 3-4 you either line up as a nose or an end. Flipping left to right? Are we talking nickel? I assume this another narrative created on JetNation that somehow turned into fact.
  13. RESNewYork

    Bruce Arians

    Is Arians visiting the Jets during training camp. Watched his football life during breakfast and thought his relationship with Bowles is very interesting. Starting at the 36 minute mark, Arians finally became a hot head coaching candidate. Interviewed first with the Chicago Bears and Arians thought he had the job. Didn't get it because Arians was only going to take a HC job is Bowles was part of his staff. I know Bowles is mostly hated on this board but still thought it was interesting. I know Arians is retired because of health reasons but if Bowles survives this season (I hope he does) is there a possibility Arians comes in as a QB coach? I would assume it's a lot less stressful job than OC or HC. Watching the whole show, I was reminded that Arians worked with Peyton Manning, Roethlisberger, Luck, and Palmer. I know far-fetched but just throwing it out there because of the strong relationship. Also that 2014 season, that Cardinal team had a ton of injuries. That was the season Bowles won coordinator of the year
  14. I'm a fan that does not want to see Mac or Bowles fired at this point. Bowles gets most of the hate on this board but Mac should be thanking Bowles for getting an extension after last season. Not the other way around.