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  1. I want fields and we still have enough draft capital to build. That being said I would be willing to give up the 2nd pick and Seattle's first round this year and next year. In essence you're moving the 2nd overall which technically should be a franchise qb and Jamal Adam's. Anything more and it starts to feel too.much.
  2. When are enough draft picks enough. I can't wrap my head around not taking fields at 2. Seeing this mock reinforces it. Our OC just came from the San fran offense and fields matches their qb criteria but not ours? Are the jets drafting high again next year? If so then Darnold was a failure. If he is average he will require a chunk of cap space and hope he contunes to improve. And to project him as a franchise qb at this point is a pipe dream and a stretch at best. And we can add fields to the list of Mahomes Allen Jackson and the other qb that we want to to trade a kings ransom for. Whatever you think of Douglas, we are drafting at 2 and stil have a bunch if other picks, including another first to build the team.
  3. So we are going to run Shanahan offense which is run heavy, relies on play action, motion, and easier reads. And this does not help and fit a rookie qb, who can rely more on his athletic ability which is elite, by giving him a run heavy offense and smaller field to read, and still pick up first downs with his speed and running ability which is elite. Athleticism to extend plays, apply stress on defenses, and has an advantage in 2 and 4 minute offenses. And resets the cap number to give us more flexibility while the many draft picks we have in the next two drafts time to develop. Like Jackson and Watson and Allen and other athletic qbs this board always wants to pass on.
  4. josh allen, lamar jackson, deshaun watson, every year these guys come out and the fear is their durability. Yet Darnold is the one who didn't finish a season yet. Mobility is a plus, and an asset. Rules are different now. Plus, he just took one the biggest shots and takes one play off.
  5. Occasional poster. Always reading here. I hope after last night there is no more doubt Fields is a jet. No more talk of keeping Darnold and drafting non qb at 2. Year sam was drafted I wanted to trade down for Jackson or stay put and keep the 2bd rounders for Allen. Same reason I want fields. Because they can all move the ball without supreme talent around them. These qbs can still score points while you build a team. And develop as you aquire talent.
  6. Feel exactly the same. If at minimum Washington offered their first and second to move up, is QW better for the team than burns and a second round pick? Even though the compensation says hell no, you could argue burns and a second player probably offers more than QW to the teams success. It's done but I really would have been happy with burns
  7. The smart move was to "reach" for burns

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