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  1. When the jets won a game was still happy with it because it meant Fields would be our future. Out of nowhere came the wilson hype train. I still don't get it and I somewhat chalk it up to a covid off-season.  A lot of great posts have already mentioned why I agree the pick should be fields. 

    Fields as a young player will be able to score points with the added dimension of being a runner, extending plays, while developing as a thrower. Will be the best athlete on our offense. Will be a huge plus in 2 minute and 4 minute offenses when we have a lead.

    Prepped for disappointment but still a sliver if hope its fields. 

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  2. Taking out all these analytics, watching Wilson I just don't see his play in college translate to the NFL. Doesn't move the needle at all. Don't see anything special. What am I missing?

    From what I've seen, he has all day to throw, receivers are either wide open or winning 50/50 balls. And I don't see the athleticism. 

    Please enlighten me. Where are the throws and skills that will translate.

  3. https://nypost.com/2021/02/08/todd-bowles-not-brady-is-the-true-super-bowl-2021-mvp/

    Tom Brady was awarded the hardware as the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl LV on Sunday night in Tampa.

    As he always does, Brady gets the accolades and the superstar-treatment hero worship.

    But Brady — and anyone else who watched the Buccaneers’ dominant 31-9 win over the defending-champion Chiefs at Raymond James Stadium — knows who the true MVP of the game was.

    It was Todd Bowles.

    Yes, Jets fans, that Todd Bowles.

    Of course, the players play the game. And the Buccaneers players were brilliant on defense all night, bottling up the Chiefs’ potent offense and throttling their otherworldly quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

    But it was the positions that Bowles, the Tampa Bay defensive coordinator and former Jets head coach of four seasons, put his players in that allowed them to do what they did to Mahomes, receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Jason Kelce.

    It was the plan Bowles implemented that put those players in position to deal Mahomes the worst loss of his professional career.

    “Todd had a good plan,’’ Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “He played zone first and second down and mixed it up on third down and we weren’t able to handle that too well. Give credit to Todd for the job he did. He got us.’’

    Todd Bowles had a tremendous game plan against the Chiefs. Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

    Bowles got the Buccaneers the Lombardi Trophy. And for that, he should have been the one who was handed the MVP trophy.

    No disrespect to Brady, who completed 21 of 29 for a modest 201 yards and three TDs, but the quarterback almost always gets credit, the headlines, the hardware and the supermodel wife, doesn’t he?

    How good was Bowles’ plan?

    If you didn’t know any better, you’d have assumed he’d been sitting in on the Chiefs offensive meetings for the past two weeks, eating dinner at Mahomes’ house and discussing the Kansas City offensive game plan for Sunday.




    In the teams’ previous meeting, a 27-24 Kansas City win on Nov. 29, the Chiefs offense boat-raced Bowles’ Buccaneers’ defense. It was an embarrassing day for Tampa Bay. The Chiefs led 17-0 in the first quarter and 27-10 in the fourth quarter before the Bucs scored a couple of garbage-time TDs in the fourth quarter.

    Mahomes completed 37 of 49 for 462 yards and three TDs that day. Hill, who finished that game with 13 catches for 269 yards and three TD receptions, had 203 of those receiving yards in the first quarter.

    Mahomes finished Super Bowl LV 26 of 49 for 270 empty yards, two INTs and a passer rating of 49.9. In the first half, when the game was truly decided, Mahomes was 9 of 19 for 67 yards.

    Hill, who finished the game with seven catches for the quietest, most irrelevant 73 yards you’ll ever see, had two catches for 13 yards in the first half.

    “I can’t give him enough credit,’’ Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said of Bowles. “I think he got a little tired of hearing how unstoppable they were. I thought he came up with a fantastic plan — just to keep them in front of us and tackle real well. Patrick wasn’t going to beat us running. We’ll let him run all day.’’

    Bowles said the “biggest thing was to try to take away the first read’’ from Mahomes.




    “You take away the first read, you know [Mahomes] is going to drift and hold [the ball],’’ he said. “We know that’s a dangerous thing, because he can make so much happen with his feet, but we didn’t want him sitting in the pocket just zinging dimes on us all day. So, the D-line got some pressure on him, making him run and a little bit uncomfortable. I thought that was key for us.’’

    The Chiefs were uncharacteristically inept on third down, converting only 3 of 13.

    “We mixed up some coverages, trying to show some disguises and make one thing look like another, and if we could make him hold [the ball] and pause and look at it for a little bit, those guys up front were allowed to hunt and they were getting him off the spot,’’ Bowles said.

    Sunday’s win was an exclamation point to a Buccaneers postseason run on defense that shut down the Saints’ Drew Brees, the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Mahomes.

    Brees and Rodgers will be headed to the Hall of Fame “on roller skates,’’ to borrow from the great Bill Parcells. And Mahomes will have to be kidnapped by aliens not to end up in Canton with them after his career is finished.

    “They stepped up to the challenge,’’ Brady said of the defense. “When you go up against Patrick, an incredible player, and Aaron, the [NFL] MVP two weeks ago, and against Drew, they played great. They rose to the occasion.’’

    Bowles rose to the occasion.


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  4. On 2/6/2021 at 3:47 PM, Paradis said:

    Unless Hopkins and Kamara suddenly materialize on our roster - a team in our situation needs to find a way to maximize scheme mileage. Doing that means creating and exploiting mismatches. Asking your X wide receiver to win every match up, and your RB to truck every tackler is the path of most resistance. 

    The best way to get this offense surging is to find those players and positions of flexibility and plasticity

    Quarterback: Justin Fields (of DW if you will) Though he's far more than "dual threat" he does possess the athleticism to make big plays with his legs ala Watson - keeping DC's honest and their LB's attention.

    FB: sign Kyle Juszcyck.... The system Kyle runs still makes use of a FB, largely because of the reasons I listed. The closest thing in 2021 to a true H-back, Kyle gives you little bit of everything with his ability being flexed to line up in a variety of packages, in different spots with different roles. a 2021 FA, he should be a target for this team. 

    RB: draft Kenny Gainwell (Memphis) or Michael Carter (UNC)... both are very capable backs with plus hands who would thrive in a slash and gash role in the Shanny-system.  Compact, physical and both possess that trademark burst needed to explode to the second level. Their ability to catch the ball along with Juszcyck in the formation will capitalize and exploit mismatches.


    Wide Receiver: sign Curtis Samuel (CAR) or Keelan Cole (JAX).... @Shockwave already provided a platform for case for Samuel, check it out. I've long been a fan. I'll offer also that under the radar signing could be Keelan Cole, a Jaguar who exploded in his rookie year, but has been up and down since then and lost in the shuffle. He's a slight at 6'1 190, but is more than capable of lining up at Z and S. 

    *lol the matrix chose that pic @Jetsfan80


    Please be right on the jets drafting fields. 

    How about Wesco at FB? Seems like a great scheme fir there 

  5. When are enough draft picks enough. I can't wrap my head around not taking fields at 2. Seeing this mock reinforces it. Our OC just came from the San fran offense and fields matches their qb criteria but not ours? 

    Are the jets drafting high again next year? If so then Darnold was a failure. If he is average he will require a chunk of cap space and hope he contunes to improve. And to project him as a franchise qb at this point is a pipe dream and a stretch at best. 

    And we can add fields to the list of Mahomes Allen Jackson and the other qb that we want to to trade a kings ransom for. 

    Whatever you think of Douglas, we are drafting at 2 and stil have a bunch if other picks, including another first to build the team. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    This may not be the thread for this since there are many QB related topics, but was just reading the article below. Now people keep saying Fields is not a fit with this new scheme but as I bold the statement below from the article it screams as a fit for either Watson or Fields as the better RPO type QBs than Darnold or Wilson. I could be wrong but this would seem to me that if the price as far as trade is right Jets will possibly take Watson, but if not then take Fields.  


    Knapp has NFL experience as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, including his work with Michael Vick with the Falcons from 2004-06. Calabrese, a former college quarterback, was the offensive coordinator at Wagner College before becoming an offensive quality control coach with Denver from 2019-20.

    LaFleur, who’s expected to run Kyle Shanahan’s offense that features a lot of motion and run-pass option in its scheme, entered the NFL as an offensive intern with the Browns in 2014 and then was an offensive assistant with the Falcons from 2015 to 2016. He joined the 49ers in 2017 as a passing game coordinator and receivers coach.

    Though the exact same thing when I read the article. 

  7. So we are going to run Shanahan offense which is run heavy, relies on play action, motion, and easier reads. 

    And this does not help and fit a rookie qb, who can rely more on his athletic ability which is elite, by giving him a run heavy offense and smaller field to read, and still pick up first downs with his speed and running ability which is elite.

    Athleticism to extend plays, apply stress on defenses, and has an advantage in 2 and 4 minute offenses. 

    And resets the cap number to give us more flexibility while the many draft picks we have in the next two drafts time to develop. 

    Like Jackson and Watson and Allen and other athletic qbs this board always wants to pass on. 

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  8. Occasional poster. Always reading here. I hope after last night there is no more doubt Fields is a jet. No more talk of keeping Darnold and drafting non qb at 2. 

    Year sam was drafted I wanted to trade down for Jackson or stay put and keep the 2bd rounders for Allen. Same reason I want fields. 

    Because they can all move the ball without supreme talent around them. These qbs can still score points while you build a team. And develop as you aquire talent. 

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