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  1. That's where we disagree. What did Adams need to do to be considered really good as a rookie? For me it was start immediately and play well and on top of that, he's pretty much the leader of that D. Adams hasn't even been given a chance to be great before long because he's played one season. I consider safety a premium position in today's NFL. Rather have a great safety than great corner because safety is the more versatile position.
  2. Collins finished 3rd in DPOY voting two seasons ago. Can we agree he's at least really good
  3. So you want to be all hung up on Fasano scoring a TD against Jamal Adams. That's your ace to prove how sh*tty Adams is. The TD you are so hung up on is below. You serious? This is it? The one where Adams gets caught in traffic by two players. This is the play you hang your whiny hat on about Adams?
  4. I guess its normal to say stupid sh*t and then back it up with made up sh*t.
  5. Makes zero sense to bash a player that had a good rookie season, seems like a hard worker, strives to be great. Just saw a Humpty and Canty interview with Adams in studio and they both were raving about him. So much stupidity in this thread. Some of the brilliance posted: He sucked in college but drafted high because of his legacy and attitude. Whatever that means. He sucks because he gave up a TD to Fasano. Give me a break. You realize Eric Tomlinson scored a TD last season, on former first round pick and from what you read, a rising star at safety, Keanu Neal. He sucks because his combine numbers suck. They don't suck, they compare to most safetys. And I love how the combine determines how good a player is. Golston was a better pick. He sucks because he talks too much. Give me a break. Most of this board had a hard on for Baker. With Baker its fire and intensity and leadership, but I guess when it's Jamal, fans cant take it or relate to it.
  6. I never said Fasano scored 34 TDs this past season. This is a long write up to prove what? I was simply saying giving up a TD to Fasano does not make a career, and it's stupid to be used as judgement for or against Adams. So the benchmark for top 10 NFL draft picks is excellent rookie to outright great year 2? Use the whole first round, how often does that happen? Here is last year's top 10. How many were excellent? 
Garrett, Myles Trubisky, Mitchell Thomas, Solomon Fournette, Leonard Davis, Corey Adams, Jamal Williams, Mike McCaffrey, Christian Ross, John Mahomes, Patrick
  7. But getting drafted top 10 because of legacy and a good attitude makes sense
  8. 1. Make a stupid idiotic claim about Adams 2. When someone calls you out on your stupidity, try and come up with something that equally dumb fans will think is clever 3. Repeat. This is your contribution to this thread.
  9. Got it. He sucked at LSU, he sucked his rookie year, and he will suck going forward. He got drafted high because he's a legacy with a good attitude. What is a legacy? Didn't realize these players get drafted high because of their good attitude. When you read that back, does that still make sense to you?
  10. Another stupid thing Adams haters like to point out is Anthony Fasano beat Adams for a TD. Fasano has 35 other career TD catches. I'm sure those were only made against the scrubs of the NFL, and not against other quality defenders.
  11. Landon Collins, great player. Rather have Adams because he's a Jet and after one season, I'm sure he's not a finished product. Just like Collins wasn't a finished product after his rookie season. But I guess you knew he would end being a top 5 defensive player after his 112 combine tackle, 1 pick, no sack rookie season. Also Collins came into the league as a "box safety" but was voted a top 3 DPOY. Hows that for impact
  12. There is so much wrong in this thread and not really sure how so many Jet fans can go full stupid when it comes to Adams. History shows picking top 5 or 10 in a draft does not equate to hall of fame. The bust rate is so high for first rounders that all teams picking high are trying to find the player that is least likely to bust. It's always the safe pick unless it's a QB. So maybe temper expectations because Adams is not going to the hall of fame after one season. Who the hell has proven anything in the top 10 that was drafted last season. 2017 top ten picks. 
Garrett, Myles Trubisky, Mitchell Thomas, Solomon Fournette, Leonard Davis, Corey Adams, Jamal Williams, Mike McCaffrey, Christian Ross, John Mahomes, Patrick Not one person in the world had Adams not in the top 10 pre-draft. Every redraft after one year has Adams going top ten. Since when do combine numbers guarantee success? Landon Collins finished 3rd in DPOY for 2016. His combine numbers were 
4.53 40, 
120.0 INCH BROAD, 
7.38 SEC 3 CONE
, 4.33 SEC 20 SHUTTLE
, 11.94 SEC 60 SHUTTLE Adams combine 4.56 40 18 REPS BENCH 31.5 INCH VERT 120 INCH BROAD 6.96 SEC 3 CONE 4.13 SEC 20 SHUTTLE 11.92 SEC 60 SHUTTLE Combine means sh*t but Collins is doing fine with his testing numbers.
  13. Interesting, so Golston's 42 tackles and zero sacks in 45 games made more of an impact? Adding a hashtag doesn't make your statement more legit. You said Golston was a better pick than Adams. Your Adams hate is misguided, uninformed, and absolutely false.
  14. In 3 season Gholston had 24 solo tackles and 18 assisted tackles. That's it. Adams rookie year had 63 solo tackles, 20 assisted, 2 sacks, and 6 passes defended. Your argument that safety doesn't have an impact on the game is false. Golston was drafted to rush the passer and was outdone by Adams in 1 season.
  15. You still believe this? I guess you do because you've said it hundreds of times. What else needs to happen before you realize this has no truth.
  16. As soon as I hit reply to you I thought I made a mistake. I thought, why are assuming nycdan was being negative. Maybe he meant they are in midseason form winning games and calling the victory formation. I thought I was making assumptions because the majority of this board is that way. What's funny is even if I did have a short memory, if you're reading this board, you see posts after post that remind you of the above. In no way what you posted, not been squeezed into every thread, whether it was about Bowles of not. Like you did with this one. So fans on here like yourself accuse Bowles of being selfish, trying to win games at all cost to save his job, and in doing so he puts the Jets future in jeopardy. At the same time, he gives up and loses on purpose because well, I don't know why. Or maybe it's Bowles felt that was the best strategy to try and win the game and you can vehemently disagree with that strategy. I just think you're mistaken in accusing he quits on the team because that narrative really makes no sense.
  17. It's called a victory formation. You're hatred is impressive.
  18. Did I say perfect? I just said better. Bates turned down offers during his 4 year sabbatical. Morton is unemployed. Really just gave an opinion since Bates was promoted and Morton was released. I assume it's because the organization felt better with Bates knowing they were going to bring in a new high pick QB. It's probably more realistic to think that than simply saying Morton was fired because he didn't run the ball enough. So OCs just work in a vacuum? No collaboration? All the "respectable" OCs in the league ignore the HC. Though maybe you're right. Morton will be someone's OC next season, light it up, and Jet fans will cry about Morton getting away.
  19. Well Morton is still available. Maybe the timing of his firing is the reason. Maybe next season he will be the hot O coordinator. Either way, he's still looking for work. Or maybe the reason he was fired was something more than simply he didn't run the ball enough. Could it be Bates proved what he can do last season, got promoted, and they felt Bates was the better coach going forward for a young QB? Maybe Morton isn't a bad coach, but Bates is a better coach for Darnold, or whichever young QB we got in the draft?
  20. This is still a thing? Even after Petty and Hack were cut? Hack being cut twice?
  21. Like I said earlier, would you rather have Bates of Morton? All we saw draft night were people praising Bates without being asked. History is not there, but coaches are usually only as good as the players they have.
  22. If today you have a choice between Morton or Bates to be the offensive coordinator for a rookie Darnold, who would you choose? The way it went down last off season Morton was definitely not the first choice. Jets spend a year with Bates and feels he's the superior coach, so why not promote him? Seems like analysts and coaches when talking Bates all agree. Would think there should be zero remorse Morton is gone, and still looking for work. My impression it wasn't he passed too much but went rogue. Maybe he felt Bates was the future and it was one and done. Either way with Darnold in the fold, you have to believe Bates is the much better choice leading him.
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