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  1. Should be a commercial. "Only NFL head coaches can prevent drunk driving"
  2. Bowles has been given all these first round picks on defense. Below are the 1st round picks since Mark Sanchez 2010 Kyle Wilson is out of the league 2011 Muhammad Wilkerson had to sign a prove it one year deal 2012 Quinton Coples is out of the league 2013 Dee Milliner is out of the league 2013 Sheldon Richardson played for Seattle in 2017 which netted him a prove it one year deal with the Vikings. 2014 Calvin Pryor is out of the league 2015 Leonard Williams appears to be a cornerstone player. Fans knock the sack numbers but he has high pressure numbers overall. Which is a reason why Olivier Vernon got a large contract from the Giants without having high sack numbers. 2016 Darron Lee is someone you hope turns a corner. 2017 Jamal Adams going into year 2 is considered a cornerstone player. "Bowles quit on the team in Denver" Am I mistaken but wasn't it Morton the coach that said he packed it in to protect Petty physically and mentally. I don't recall Bowles stating that. So why does Bowles get blamed for this? Is it possible Bowles and Morton not being on the same page is the reason Morton is not here and also still unemployed?
  3. Sorry but what coach is doing well without great players in professional sports? Without a doubt, if the Jets have a successful season, it's because the talent was upgraded. If the Jets have a poor season, it's because of Bowles. Give no credit, place all the blame. What I love is you can tell Bowles can give two sh*ts because he knows, and you know, he's forgotten more about football than the collective knowledge of this board. I haven't spent a lot time on this board but it's basically the same old same old repeated in every thread. It gets so old. That and the Adams bashing which is non-sensical on another get off my lawn level. JetNation is great at breaking news and that keeps me coming back.
  4. I really don't care either way but I think you're mistaken. When Bowles punished Mo, no one knew the reason. It came out after what the punishment was for after the media kept asking why Mo was benched
  5. You realize I am not defending the player. Just asking since I've seen a lot of fans stumble out of that stadium. And I hope there is a large amount of Jet fans that can afford an uber.
  6. Since we are talking drunk driving, what's the percentage of fans driving drunk when leaving the stadium after a game?
  7. National Championship Game. Clemson is on the 26 yard line with Alabama up 3 points with 19 seconds left in the game. This amazing catch put them in definite field goal range, and set up the winning TD. An absolutely amazing fingertip catch, that is as clutch a catch you will ever see, and a huge reason Clemson pulled the upset.
  8. 6. New York Jets Redraft pick: Jamal Adams, SS Actual pick: Adams Adams started in all 16 games for the Jets last year during a stellar rookie season. Although the Jets put some thought into a taking a quarterback in our redraft (Patrick Mahomes), they decided to stick with Adams. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2017-nfl-redraft-browns-take-deshaun-watson-with-top-pick-ravens-land-t-j-watt/ 5. TENNESSEE TITANS: JAMAL ADAMS, S, LSU (ACTUAL PICK: COREY DAVIS, WR, WESTERN MICHIGAN) Pairing Adams with Kevin Byard might have given the Titans the league’s second-best safety tandem in football next to Seattle. Kudos to the Jets for stocking up on both Adams and Marcus Maye, which solidifies the position for a few seasons to come. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/10/nfl-draft-2017-redraft-myles-garrett-marshon-lattimore-deshaun-watson PICK 7 Jamal Adams, S, LSU The Chargers are loaded at the cornerback position, and Adams would make L.A.'s defensive secondary absolutely (wait for it) great. Ah, I'm just kidding. Electric. The Chargers' secondary would be electric. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000928013/article/2017-nfl-draft-doover-deshaun-watson-goes-no-1-to-browns
  9. You're right, but Fitz did have one of the best seasons any Jet QB has ever had. And yes the resign was a disaster but again, coming off that season, it was tough not to bring him back for one more season, especially with nothing else on the roster QB wise.
  10. This is some list of QBs this staff has worked with. Ryan Fitzpatrick, a career journeyman who broke Jet single season offensive records. Fitzpatrick broke Jet records under this staff. Geno Smith, has done nothing since leaving the Jets Josh McCown, a career journeyman had one of his personal best seasons with the Jets last season. 13 games started. 67.3% completion, 2,926 yards, 18 TDs 9 picks. The staff did pretty well compared to what McCown has done career wise. You can have an argument if Hack or Petty amount to something now that they are playing under different coaches but you have to admit they look more like Geno. And why waste any more resources with these two with what they showed when those resources are better spent developing Darnold. So looking at the QBs above what was the expectation that would have been deemed successful? If you were a coach, would you feel you were given a fair shot to develop a QB when all you had was Petty and Hack? Wouldn't you feel you had success given the numbers you squeezed from Fitz and McCown.
  11. Is that Cannon second from the left? Whoever it is, he don't skip curls. Kid is all arms
  12. I liked green and Enware. I thought he was signed as an UDFA. Where is he now?
  13. I think we agree? Won't play rookies is overblown. Why do I have to have a narrative? I think I see it for what it was. Year 1. Mac had a floor to spend. Signed veterans to contracts that did not put the future in jeopardy. Surprisingly win 10 games with journeyman QB who had career year and veterans who had career years. Broke offensive franchise records. Year 2. After 10 wins they tried to go for it. Journeyman QB crashed back to earth. Veterans fell off of cliff. 5 wins. Year 3. Purged roster of those veterans. Those veterans did nothing on their new team or are out of the league. No surprse they could only win 5 games the previous season. What was surprising was winning 5 games with a young roster lead by another journeyman QB. Fans love to say "We dedicated so much first round draft capital to the defense and Bowles still can't coach them up." See list I posted. 4 are no longer in the NFL. 2 just signed one year prove it deals. Overall Mac has drafted evenly offense and defense. The 3 first round picks Mac drafted on defense, 2 are considered ascending young cornerstones. 1 greatly improved year 2. See, no narrative.
  14. It's a made up narrative that is popular here. The other is all the talent on the roster, particularly on defense. If you take a look at the past rosters, it was littered with players who are no longer in the NFL or are struggling with another team. Bowles is accused of having all these 1st round resources on defense, but look at the list. Pre Mac and Bowles 2010 Kyle Wilson, no longer in the NFL 2011 Mo Wilk, on a prove it one year deal 2012 Quinton Coples, no longer in the NFL 2013 Dee Miliner, no longer in the NFL 2013 Sheldon Richardson, on a prove it one year deal 2014 Calvin Pryor, no longer in the NFL Mac and Bowles picks 2015 - 2017, Williams, Lee, Adams. All young starters from day 1
  15. Looking at this list, I think their is a correlation to the state of these teams and how well they drafted 4 years prior. Does a rebuild take too long when the you start with nothing? How can any fan, even with revisionist history defend Idzik in any way. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/05/08/draft-grades-2014-jadeveon-clowney-johnny-manziel-blake-bortles-khalil-mack NEW YORK JETS Round 1 (18 overall). Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville 2 (49). Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech 3 (80). Dexter McDougle, CB, Maryland 4 (104). Jalen Saunders, WR, Oklahoma 4 (115). Shaq Evans, WR, UCLA 4 (137). Dakota Dozier, T, Furman 5 (154). Jeremiah George, LB, Iowa State 6 (195). Brandon Dixon, DB, Northwest Missouri State 6 (209). Quincy Enunwa, WR, Nebraska 6 (210). IK Enemkpali, DE, Louisiana Tech 6 (213). Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson 7 (233). Trevor Reilly, LB, Utah If you’re a “quantity over quality” believer, feast your eyes on this: twelve picks, one starter (Quincy Enunwa, the eighth pick). And, overall, just two players (the other is Dakota Dozier). That’s right, everyone else is gone. Calvin Pryor was dealt to Cleveland for pennies on the dollar, where he lasted only a few months. Jace Amaro, a flex tight end, got hurt, did little upon return and was soon waived. (Saying he failed would wrongly imply that he did anything at all.) IK Enemkpali became famous for breaking Geno Smith’s face. That help accelerate the downfall of Smith and led to a weird, short-lived rise for Enemkpali after he was traded to Buffalo in the fallout. We’d say more here and try to make football-sense of this draft, but it’s simply too soul-crushing. Grade: D-
  16. Not trying to be negative, and nobody wants an edge rusher more than me and I get how desperate the fan base is for one. I feel it's our #1 need, even more than OL. Personally I am just so tired of these try hard guys with limited athleticism for the edge. Recently with Mauldin, Jenkins, Donahue. Is it so hard to find an athlete. An edge with some explosive traits. Don't care if they are undersized, don't care if they aren't developed, don't care if they can't set the edge. Players like Leo and our new draft pick would benefit so much when a QB has to step up into the pocket because we have a situational edge rusher who can burn the edge. I am probably being dramatic but edge rusher seems to be the most important position on Defense and we can't find one situational pass rusher who has some explosive athletic traits?
  17. The Internet says Luvu is not very athletic but tries very hard.
  18. Sometime in training camp a reporter will ask Dimitri Flowers how Darnold compares with Mayfield
  19. I see. The online reports are crap. So these players are really long shots.
  20. so all these online UDFA reports are wrong? I was looking forward to the RBs Green and Enwere.
  21. I actually posted here the Jets should draft flowers late. I also liked Hines but maybe cannon is similar. FYI flowers has zero dropped passes in college. He also had one game last season as the lead runner and did well. We also picked up Green and Enwere. Two very different backs. Along with flowers and cannon, all excite me more than McGuire.
  22. I'm curious who is the young player that was a victim of ageism and sat even though he was the better player
  23. I'm actually a Middleton fan and hope he's on the roster with Brooks. Middleton tested very well athletically, is young, cheap, and could actually develop into something.
  24. Huh? Defensive? You quoted me initially. I just wrote what I believe using my own logic which makes sense to me. Not sure what you're trying to prove with that long diatribe. If it's to convince me I'm wrong, I just don't see it. What I expressed seems very logical to me.
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