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  1. Feel exactly the same. If at minimum Washington offered their first and second to move up, is QW better for the team than burns and a second round pick? Even though the compensation says hell no, you could argue burns and a second player probably offers more than QW to the teams success. It's done but I really would have been happy with burns
  2. The smart move was to "reach" for burns
  3. Dream scenario is Brian Burns plus additional picks. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/04/brian-burns-nfl-draft-2019-florida-state
  4. Dont post here anymore but Brian Burns should not be an unlikely or out of the box pick. Burns is simply the best pass rusher in this draft, actually has a pass rush repertoire, great in space, and off the chart athleticism. If Bosa and Allen and Burns are all there at 3, the pick should still be Burns. Watch all 3 and I'm sure you will feel the same. Back to lurking
  5. I brought up the muff punt because it's what happened. Not to defend a point either way.
  6. My defense of Bowles is the guy shouldn't be called a loser. That's all I posted. Call him sh*tty as much as you want. Your blind hatred has your panties in a bunch which made you go on a long boring diatribe about Bowles is sh*tty at this and that which has been stated ad nauseam. Hows this. You're the loser. I can blame Macc all I want, thanks, it's what I did. Bowles is not a good enough coach to take the very poor roster to victories. There are coaches in the NFL who may be able to but that's a short list. I think I've explained myself enough for your satisfaction. You get a star for suppo
  7. I say it's debatable because there are coaches that punt in that situation. I believe Gase the week before. You quoted me when all I was saying is there was an opportunity to recover a muff punt. No one brought it up. I did.
  8. That's debatable. Just saying if the Jets recover that muff then it may have been a difference outcome.
  9. Simple. The roster the last 2.5 seasons has been absolute garbage and a bottom five roster. Granted Mac stripped the roster last year on purpose to draft a QB. I agree its time for a coaching change and anyone who posts that Mac should be brought back is not realizing the majority of this mess is with the GM. Not saying Bowles is a great coach but he's been given absolute sh*t these past 3 seasons. There was not going to be success these past 2.5 no matter who the coach was. Simply saying you can save the long unoriginal post trying to defend calling the guy a loser.
  10. no not relying on the muff. just stating what actually happened. there was a chance to recover a muff punt
  11. Why do I need to be related to Bowles to point out calling him a loser is ridiculous. Call him a sh*tty coach but Bowles has obviously not failed in life. Maybe that label is more apt a description for some on here?
  12. How come no one mentions the punt was muffed. Jets could have had the ball inside the 20. Peake for some reason couldn't just fall on it. Is Nagy to blame for not telling Tarik not to touch the ball?
  13. I just saw Todd Bowles posting on another forum that said Barry Cockinner is a loser and is lying about it ever being in her.
  14. The point is Robbie would be the 4th or 5th receiver on those teams. Definitely would not start on the Rams of Vikes but he's a starter on the Jets.
  15. Todd Bowles has made the pinnacle of football coaching. In his 4th season and is making $4,000,000 this season. Reached the pinnacle as a player winning a super bowl ring. I hope everyone on here is losing at that level.
  16. Jets special teams will have to be special. Must win turnover battle. Uphill game
  17. Player development. Has there been a player that has improved upon leaving the Jets and getting this supposed better coaching? I think the best example is JoJo Natson since he is a starting return specialist. Is there someone else? I believe most are on the street.
  18. There is a chance vikings go for it. Tough field goal there. Why would you stop the clock for the Vikings offense?
  19. The overall rosters, yes the Giants have a better roster than the Jets. A little surprising they aren't playing better.
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