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  1. Todd Bowles has made the pinnacle of football coaching. In his 4th season and is making $4,000,000 this season. Reached the pinnacle as a player winning a super bowl ring. I hope everyone on here is losing at that level.
  2. Jets special teams will have to be special. Must win turnover battle. Uphill game
  3. Player development. Has there been a player that has improved upon leaving the Jets and getting this supposed better coaching? I think the best example is JoJo Natson since he is a starting return specialist. Is there someone else? I believe most are on the street.
  4. There is a chance vikings go for it. Tough field goal there. Why would you stop the clock for the Vikings offense?
  5. The overall rosters, yes the Giants have a better roster than the Jets. A little surprising they aren't playing better.
  6. I can't believe you mentioned Alfred university. I played for the Saxons for a couple of years before transferring. Tiny school no one has ever heard of here in NYC.
  7. Realize that a better defense definitely helps a QB. That is not hard to understand. Especially a rookie QB that happens to be the youngest starter at that position ever.
  8. I get the fans who hate Bowles want their pound of flesh but this is the right move. Bowles should say the penalties are on the players at this point. If the coaching staff didn't emphasize penalties then the coaches should be blamed for them. That's not the case. Throughout preseason there was a point of emphasis about penalties. Now it's on the players to clean up their play. There the ones who will have to take the responsibility for hurting the team, answering the questions about the penalties since the onus is put on them. It's probably the better tact to take.
  9. Bowles was extended the end of December. John Morton was fired 3 weeks later. How is that throwing a coach under the bus? Wouldn't Bowles have had to fire Morton first for that to be true? When Morton was hired he was not one of Bowles top choice. Top choice was DeFillippo. Also Morton is still looking for a job.
  10. With all the Jamal Adams is not athletic posts, I'm surprised no one mentions how athletically gifted Lee is. His combine numbers are crazy. I'm sure his SPARQ is excellent as well.
  11. Completely false and untrue. They ran about 50% on first down. This is an example of hate clouding reality.
  12. Pryor was injured most of the pre-season. Probably not a lot of reps between Pryor and Darnold. Better cohesion the more reps together?
  13. At this point I would take a Leonard Floyd
  14. So youre saying no reason to make any judgements after two weeks? Completely agree. Juggs played better against the niners
  15. Maybe try taking your head out of your own ass. Jets have ranked 4th, 11th, 25th, and 7th this year.
  16. Youth leads to inconsistency. Rookie QBs will have ups and downs. 7th in total defense. 6th in points allowed. You say it's early? True, so why judge results this early.
  17. you didn't answer my question of how you came up with Bowles costs the Jets 1.5 games a year. So the Patriots game was a full game? What was the other 1/2 game Bowles cost the Jets last season. So being aggressive because you're playing the Patriots, and letting McCown and the offense trying to score before the half with plenty of time is your example of poor game management, preparedness, and discipline? Interesting.
  18. You've said this twice now so I'm curious what is the formula you use to determine that Bowles is the reason the Jets lose 1.5 games a year. So after 3 full seasons you were able to pinpoint Bowles cost the Jets 4.5 games? How about for the 2018 season. Was this past Dolphins game a full game or half game loss because of Bowles. I ask because I want to know if Bowles will cost us a full victory or half victory for the remaining 14 games.
  19. Turnovers. Just to add, hard upfield charging DEs (Wake, Quinn) can open up off tackle running lanes.
  20. By the logic of this thread, if the Jets win, then Bowles had them prepared. If the Jets lose then Bowles did not prepare the team properly. That's a pretty dense argument.
  21. Just an observation. Non stop complaining of how Bowles was not aggressive enough last year. Now this game they were very aggressive. Which as a fan I can appreciate. Soft D may have let the dolphins in FG range. I also enjoyed being aggressive before the half. Putting trust in Darnold and the O. It didn't work today but I feel it will be beneficial overall helping Darnold and the team for the season.
  22. I think the receivers also bailed Darnold out today. A lot of high passes today. Those are the ones if not caught, get tipped and picked. Robbie broke up an INT as well. Timing looks off but it's early.
  23. Can say the same about you. I must have missed this thread last week.
  24. You're a little emotional and honestly, not remotely tired. You can discuss the bash the coach all you want. Not trying to stop you. Almost every post agrees with you in the thread but because I said it felt early, you have your panties bunched? Just gave my opinion it feels early. You know, 2 weeks. I wasn't expecting 16-0. I was expecting bumps early in the season. Hopefully things start clicking later into the season. So flame away.
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