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  1. When Gettleman was hired there were a good amount of fans who were envious of the Giants and wished Mac was fired. When Dorsey was hired there were a good amount of fans who were envious of the Browns and wished Mac was fired. Too soon?
  2. Peake picks up the block on the kicker with that first punt return, we have 2 return TDs. But yes Peake seems very valuable on specials. Plus I keep saying this, youngest starting QB probably needs experienced receivers, not WRs that are still being broken in. I assume Stewart is a cut to try and stash on the PS
  3. Does Burris get dropped when Rashard Robinson comes off suspension?
  4. Jamal Adams is not athletic enough? Darron Lee is too athletic? http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/profiles/darron-lee?id=2555322
  5. Not sure why it's important but Adams interception came covering TE Hakeem Valles in the slot
  6. It's all good to be a disciplinarian but you need to show some discipline as well. Put down the bacon double cheese cake Patricia. You were a fatty in NE but now the guy is completely round, looking like a perfect sphere walking that sideline.
  7. Adams almost wrecked that security guard celebrating after D Lee's TD. Adams did look a little unathletic trying to jump on Lee's shoulders and then wiping out. I guess I can kind of see what posters are saying about Adams being limited athletically.
  8. Adams looked pretty fast and agile returning that interception
  9. Big big target. Darnold can miss a little with Pryor. Nice to have for a rookie QB. Said this before, it's hard to break in young inexperienced WRs at the same time playing the youngest starting QB ever. I think that had something to do with Hansen being out and maybe Stewart being cut in an attempt to stash on the P Squad. It's probably smarter surrounding Darnold with experience at the WR position.
  10. Do you not think it hypocritical to temper enthusiasm. I am extremely confident the posters who stress the shortcomings of Bowles, Adams, and Lee would be getting killed if they had a good game. These 3 needed a dominant game to silence the naysayers for a week.
  11. I think it's more accurate to say he has played well in other games but has never dominated until yesterday.
  12. Come on, after the whole off season on this board when it pertains to Lee, this is pretty damn funny.
  13. Thank you @Villain The Foe for sharing This was great to see. Did not realize Adams had to peel off the flat to break up that pass in the end zone watching live. TD saving play.
  14. No. It's not. The hate comes off so weird on this board. Feels almost personal. Because he talks or something like that
  15. I have been a Bowles supporter on here but this is a bit much. But the criticism on here of Bowles is way too much. However I like your fervor trying to balance the JetNation universe singlehandedly.
  16. Completely agree. 1 game does not make a season and who knows how it ends up. But after 9 months of doom and gloom, reading over and over in every thread how sh*tty the O Line, Adams, Lee, Mac and Bowles are, even if the thread had nothing to do with them, it's fun for homer Jet fans to show off a little. Watching last night it felt like so many Jets who get criticized were giving the middle finger to their detractors. For 1 night it was a lot of fun. Hopefully it continues
  17. I have been a Bowles supporter here so I have to point this out. The TD pass to Tate had to have been a busted coverage. It felt like 3 players were wide open. That has to be cleaned up or call a TO. Jets handed the Lions 7 points there to tie it up and I was very frustrated seeing that. - I knew nothing of Crowell before signing with the Jets but I am very impressed with what he's shown in preseason and game 1. Saw a physical runner in the preseason but was stunned to see him running away from defenders for a long run.
  18. Yes. Darnold had to burn the last one because the in helmet mic busted.
  19. Nickerson play needed to be a booth review. Inside 2 minutes.
  20. On his first pick, Lee said he knew from practice what routes the Lions like to run from bunch formation. Lee said he knew he had backside help on the first slant, and that he could sit on the second slant route. Other than that, didn't hear anything else
  21. Adams played well last season. Adams played well last night. 1 game does not make a season but this reads like a an Adams detractor who makes excuses for his solid play. Picks count because it stops the offense from scoring. Every pick tonight was celebrated. Pass breakup at the end zone counts, pass breakup covering a WR up the sideline deep counts Tackles for loss count. Defenders don't play one on eleven.
  22. Even with the 4th down penalty that gave them a fresh set of downs trubisky couldn't move the offense. That's more dissapointing if you're a bears fan
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