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  1. Darnold started game 2, started game 3 and played him for a 1/2. Sat Darnold game 4. All the 1st team practice reps since week 2. This is what almost every coach in the league does for their starting QB. PFT is garbage and what they wrote has no logic
  2. So after the 1st pre-season game, Darnold started getting most of the first team reps. Bowles starts Darnold game 2. Darnold continues to get most of the first team reps. Starts Darnold week 3. Gives Darnold all the 1st team reps, sits Darnold week 4. These are the actions of a coach who wants to sit Darnold?
  3. Darnold wins ROTY. Adams and Leo make the pro bowl. Bowles gets votes for coach of the year.
  4. No. I thought that was you argument. Safetys do get drafted top 10. Its probably because they were a better prospect. I remember the Redskins took Landry top 10 with Taylor on the roster who they took top 10 a few years earlier. Watt and Ramczyk when 30 and 32. I mean there is a reason they dropped to the end of the 1st round. If it's about the QBs then yes, GMs roll the dice. What I am saying is a safety can be top 5 on a draft board. For reasons like I stated earlier
  5. What happens if the safety is a blue chip prospect but the O lineman or CB needs development or is a boom or bust prospect or has injury history or is not as good a player? Don't all GMS want the player that is more a guarantee when picking high? Except when its a QB. When picking high it means you were a bad team. GM wants the high end prospect with the least amount of bust potential? They got a rookie who played well and started 16 games as a rookie.
  6. Yeah I didn't say that either As you can see, you felt my post was directed at you. You had some impulse because I pointed out how stupid some of the posts are referring to Bowles being the GM. Respond to whoever you want, don't bother me. Your response was probably because it bothers you when someone like me points out how stupid the Bowles hate comes off.
  7. Safety is an important impact position in the NFL. It's always been a chess piece that has run and pass responsibilities. It's a silly argument to say you don't take position X in the top 10. No one passes on a very good "safety" or "running back" for an ok "edge rusher" or "corner". You can also make the argument that concentrating on defense in the first round is justified unless it's a QB. It's much harder to fill your defense with impact players than it is offensive skill positions in the NFL with the playing field slanted towards offense. There are plenty of elite offensive pla
  8. The original post wasn't directed at you specifically. For some reason you felt it did.
  9. Seems strange to post something and then face palm what you posted.
  10. The Jets are not the only franchise to employ this structure. Crosstown the Giants have also done the same since I believe George Young. You're telling me posters don't believe Bowles is the GM of this team? Read the thread, and plenty of other threads on here. You've pretty much said the same.
  11. Does it not sound stupid when you say Mac needs a better head coach to be better at picking players in the draft? That's what is basically being said here.
  12. You know you can play this game the other way too. The NYJ drafted Ardarius Stewart instead of Antonia Garcia who went to the Patriots, cut, and was with the Jets camp.
  13. https://nypost.com/2018/09/05/its-on-the-jets-other-unit-to-have-sam-darnolds-back/ Fantasy camp is over. The last four-plus months have been like a dream sequence for Sam Darnold, the 21-year-old, even-keeled Californian who’s trying to assert himself as the first true long-term franchise Jets quarterback since Joe Namath. The journey so far for Darnold, dating to the night he was drafted third overall by the Jets, has been a smooth one. By all accounts, he’s mentally digested the playbook like a Rhodes scholar. He hasn’t had any physical ailments. He’s comported himself n
  14. Personally would be really disappointed with a black uniform. Change the logo, style, but we have to be green and white. I could even accept a camouflage green and white. Black and green is not the Jets.
  15. Just throwing it out there but maybe it's easier breaking in a new QB with veteran receivers. Probably not in the best interest for Darnold to have one of his targets be a player still learning the position and breaking into the NFL. I'm sure Hansen has potential but Darnold's development is paramount. Maybe Stewart has the same fate but easier to get though waivers week 3. Probably would have stashed Hansen onto the practice squad. Hansen almost got through since I assume the Pats claim at 31.
  16. WOW I always assumed @Jet Nut was a young fan because of how feisty and optimistic he is about the Jets. So I guess it was wrong of me to assume all the crankiness on here is from a poster being a Jet fan for decades and decades.
  17. So I was pushing Attaochu in the off season free agent thread. Obviously really happy the Jets finally grabbed him. As others have said, he's very athletic, and even more so compared to the current OLBs on the roster. My question for everyone. Is it correct that the Chargers played a 4-3? Which means Attaochu was playing DE? If so the reason I have hope is having Attaochu rush from a stand up position may really help him as a player. I remember Demarcus Ware discussed how he was a better pass rusher standing up because he could see the play develop. It also might help Atta
  18. I understand the assumption and honestly, its more the other posts I read on here. Poster gives opinion and others will run with it as fact. not sure why I singled yours out.
  19. So Bowles starts Darnold game 3, gives him the half and a series, which is always the sign of a week 1 starter. Bowles sits Darnold in game 4, which is always the sign of a week 1 starter. Bowles has also been giving Darnold almost all the starter reps since week 2. And now the conclusion is Bowles is being forced to start Darnold? For the umpteenth time, where is the logic? This is probably from the crowd that keeps insinuating Bowles doesn't start rookies when it was quite obvious he just didn't want to start Hack or Petty. Same fans complain Bowles didn't annou
  20. I believe this was a quote from a poster on JetNAtion. I know there are many instances someone on here says an opinion and then it is quoted as fact.
  21. Darnold looking nice. Watching you this you fans are right, he did change his delivery. Looks different throwing the ball. And Deontay needs to learn from Kearse.
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