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  1. Is peppers going to be there at 5? Is peppers worth the 5 slot? I wonder about a player when they dont have a position. This is going to be a tough draft when picking high. Since we have so many holes. A safety at 5 has to be a real difference maker. The 5 slot screams QB or OLine to me
  2. Yes this should happen. Would also like to see Ochi, Watts, and Keeton as well. High end athletic measurables. But Middleton seems like he has the most potential
  3. How everyone keeps saying he has no balls or guts. Yet he decides to do the opposite of what almost all fan, media, talking head, football expert is saying he should do because that's what he feels is best for the team. If that doesn't take guts then I don't know what does. Even though all he hears and reads is he should be fired and called a bunch of lame insults.
  4. Agreed. But two seasons does not make a career. I am probably in the minority but feel like it is a huge mistake to fire this coach after two seasons
  5. Said it in another thread, he has the courage of one's convictions. Does not care what the media or fans think of him, he's going to do it his way. Every thread I open states Bowles and/or Gailey are buffoons, morons. But come on, these guys have forgotten more about football than any of us will ever know.
  6. But that's the point to my post. He doesn't care about my or your opinion. He's going to stand by his convictions no matter what
  7. Coach Bowles only cares what he and others in the building care what's best for the team. Doesn't care about the media or fans thinks what's best. Sticking to his convictions no matter what is written or said. Dowsnt care about simw stupid website calling foenhim to be fired. There is something to be said about that.
  8. I'm not buying the jersey but he asked for the help. These were the responses I thought I'd get so thank you jet fans for not dissapointing. On a side he is the player I am most excited about on our ps. Middleton fact. He was a jet fan before joining the team.
  9. My guess. Injuries to WRs. Enunwa moves to traditional WR. Bowman plays H-Back
  10. I have a friend who is at Appalachian State and is huge Jet fan. Wants a Doug Middleton jersey which I keep saying is stupid because Middleton is on the PS and could be gone tomorrow. Problem I have is what is Middleton's number. Roster still says 39 but Antonio Allen has that number. I know, stupid question but thanks for the help
  11. No I am a fan of Jalin. However dropping passes is nothing compared to muffing a punt. That's a game changer.
  12. Great info. This is the perfect type for practice squad. Highly athletic that needs to be coached up
  13. The one reason I thought Jalin would get cut is because it looked like Ross locked down punt returner. So who is our punt returner? Jalin looked bad back there. Heard westoff in an interview saying jalin looks bad back there.
  14. Can he return punts. We don't have one right now. Jalin did not look good back there
  15. Maybe they sign Karlos Williams Monday after Cincinnati game. So contract not guaranteed
  16. really hope Wes Saxton is back on practice squad. Too athletic to not develop as TE / FB / H Back For all this practice squad talk it is still a long shot for these guys to make it. That's why very happy Middleton is back. Feel he can take the Rontez track to the active roster but quicker. I see future starter potential with him
  17. Preseason game 4 is about players stepping up at the bottom of the roster and solidifying your back end depth. Don't post often and not going to pretend talent evaluation (played college ball through). Before you sleep tonight it should feel good that the jets got a UDFA who very much looks like what they envisioned for their 2014 second round draft pick. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-insider-robby-anderson-hauled-roster-spot-article-1.2775041
  18. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2016/09/nearly_an_eagle_jets_doug_middleton_wants_to_prove.html#incart_river_index
  19. Wouldn't surprise me if they bring him on for defense. He played one year at running back at FSU. He played S/LB before that. Actually was the reason FSU won their bowl game his second to last year. Maybe sign him for specials and part time role on O amd D. Jack of all trades. Athletically very similar to Lee.
  20. Lachlan Edwards did some nice work in his second game as a pro and as the only punter on the Jets roster. His first three punts had very good hang times of 4.78, 4.76 and 4.70 seconds. The first was muffed, the second went backward 5 yards on a half-the-distance hold on Washington, and the third was a 5-yard loss on Rashad Ross' return. On six punts overall Edwards and his team averaged 48.2 yards gross and 46.2 net and two inside-the-20s, outstanding numbers that were needed to keep the Green & White in this game.
  21. if Jalin and Middleton along with a seventh rounder in Peake make the roster, than we should all be singing Mac's praises. http://nypost.com/2016/08/14/5-under-the-radar-camp-stars-trying-to-make-jets-final-roster/
  22. thats cool. we dont need to agree. should be fun to watch it play out though.
  23. I see. But maybe Cravens can play the MLB and maybe Lee can play it at a much higher impactful level. Who knows. The only point I was trying to make with the Buchanon comp is Lee is bigger and just as athletic. And they will end up playing the same position in the NFL and maybe the size concern is overblown
  24. confused. does this mean Buchanon was more ready to move to MLB because he was a college safety than Lee who was a college OLB?
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