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  1. Same here, and its not all because of the players in the room but my upmost confidence in Chan Gailey leading that room. For the Jets to be successful we need top flight Defense and Special Teams. I trust a Gailey led offense will score enough points with Geno. Plus it's his last year of rookie contract so he has to be highly motivated
  2. Arizona runs a 3-4 Deone Bucannon 2015 stats as MLB 112 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 pass defended, 1 pick, 3 forced fumbles His draft profile 6'1, 211 lbs. 4.49 40. 19 reps bench. 36.5 vertical. 125 inch broad jump. 6.96 3 cone. 4.26 shuttle. Drafted round 1, 27 overall. Darron Lee 6'1, 232 lbs. 4.47 40. 17 reps bench. 35.5 vertical. 133 inch broad jump. 7.12 3 cone. 4.20 shuttle. Drafted round 1, 20 overall. Physical numbers aren't everything but am I missing something as far as height and weight as being a factor in Lee playing MLB in Bowles defense?
  3. I'm assuming you're a Pats fan. Curious why you would care how Lee fits in the Jet Defense?
  4. Part of the NFL combine is they measure and weigh you in front of a bunch of NFL team reps in their underwear. You always read how combine participants feel super weird with the process. He measured 6 feet and 6/10's inch. So they round that up to 6'1. Weighed 232 lbs. In his press conference he said he's now between 235 and 240 and wants to stay there. Bowles wants him to stay there too. I think everyone should stop worrying about the height and weight and be impressed with speed and movement skills he has. It's also a misconception that he's fast because he is the size of
  5. I'm hoping some of our UDFA last year make an impact this year. Wes Saxton. Really hope he can replace someone like Bohannon. I know he's not a traditional FB but with his speed and length, and not being able to block inline, I can see him being a matchup problem for defenses. This year's crop that has me excited is Middleton. Kept calling his name towards end of draft. High athletic numbers, high intangibles, and excited to see him with Bowles. I assume Bowles can make him a pet project. I see Villian the Foe is doing post about each player and hope he does one for Middleton. J
  6. of course he goes to the seahawks.
  7. David Perkins is perfect DPR for this team. Go get him MAC http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/david-perkins?id=2556349
  8. we should sign a former ohio state player. David Perkins. Edge from Illinois State
  9. wow. So happy we got doug Middleton. The guy had a great athletic measurables at this pro day. Has experience at both safety spots and corner. He's a Jet fan as well. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/doug-middleton?id=2556231
  10. Want Ben Feeney Montese overton Doug middleton
  11. Montese overton Doug middleton 7th round athletes to coach up please.
  12. I really like Dadi Nicholas. Played out of position last year.
  13. Does anyone think they go LB again? Moving Jenkins inside?
  14. As much as I loved Lee I really dont like this pick for Hack. How does he fit in Gailey's offense?
  15. I like the value more with LeRaven because he projects to LT which is premium
  16. I think a lot of fans on this board will blow their top if Dak is the pick for round 3. But I don't want to praise a QB unless he's a Jet so will save it for if and when
  17. I'm happy someone started this thread. This is the QB prospect I am hoping for. And it's because of Chan Gailey. I don't think Gailey gets enough love from fans. He was a winner at Mississippi St. Got beat up last year from poor O line. Has intangibles and a physical skill set that looks perfect for Gailey O. Does anyone else feel he has similarities to Russel Wilson?
  18. I am a really big fan of Doug Middleton. Big believer this guy is going to be a late round gem. Athletic measurables and intangibles are very high. Confident CS can coach him up. And he's a Jet fan. Skip any safety till day 3 and grab this guy.
  19. Why is there so much hate for this pick? For me it looks like BPA that fills a need. Just heard the jets tried to trade up to get in front of the bills because they feared the bills would pick Lee. I'm not sure how the players picked behind Lee would've been better for the Jets. WR, we have probably a top 5 duo so any WR is not going to have an immediate impact this season and jury is still out on Devin Smith. DT? We had trouble finding playing time for Wilk, Sheldon, and Williams last season CB? Maybe but a lot of depth on the roster So Paxton Lynch. I am going to assume t
  20. We wait till day 3 and draft Dak Prescott. Really believe this is the type of QB that our OC wants. Took a beating last year but has a lot of intangibles and athleticism. I think his ceiling is close to Russell Wilson
  21. Trade down. I would prefer our first pick is round 2
  22. Big fan of Dadi Nicholas. Played on the line last season even though he is undersized. And yes agree still played extremely hard. Real potential as stand up LB with burst and effort I'm also a big fan of Feeney. Actually I'm hoping the jets draft some speed athletes. I'm confident this staff can really coach up players. There is a safety I really want late. Doug Middleton. Really like his game and he's a jet fan. Unless the pats draft him in round 2
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