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  1. My favorite QB in this draft is Dak Prescott. I think he's a perfect fit for Gailey system. Also Bowles may be influenced by Gibbs and Arians where no matter who you plug in at QB you find a way to win games.
  2. there are two outside linebackers that interest me and not day one picks http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/dadi-nicolas?id=2555254 http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/travis-feeney?id=2555298 This guy could be a coverage weapon to combat backfield pass catchers and TEs http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/montese-overton?id=2555527 now I know some people dont want athletes, they want production but I'm confident in this coaching staff to take athletes and coach them up.
  3. I am a big fan of the jets drafting Montese Overton from ECU. So please fit him somewhere in your mock drafts.
  4. I prefer drafting a linebacker from East Carolina in the later rounds. Montese Overton, LB, East Carolina Particulars: 6-3, 221, senior Skinny: Overton grew up about 20 minutes from ECU's campus in Greenville, N.C. -- well, about 20 minutes given the way he runs. Despite his size, he has been clocked in the low 4.3s in the 40. He also possesses a 36.5-inch vertical jump and good strength (a bench press of 345 pounds, a squat of 490 pounds and a 323-pound power clean).
  5. I agree. Coples for Mingo makes sense. Pettine knows Coples and Mingo gives us some athleticism on the edge
  6. Bowles worked under Ron Wolf early in his career in the personnel dept for the green Bay Packers. Having that experience to evaluate talent will be very helpful along with the coaching experience.
  7. This is something I would ask all Pats fans. What if in the report, you replaced New England Patriots with New York Jets. Would you have any doubts the Jets were guilty of systematically deflating footballs to gain a competitive edge.
  8. Nice power. Looks good standing blockers and filling. Doesn't look like a sideline to sideline guy
  9. Actually I think Saxton replaces Bohanan. I don't think we carry a FB and have Saxton play a more H-Back role.
  10. who cares if there is a punishment or not. damage is done and we can laugh and laugh
  11. Mark me as a fan who does not care what the punishments are. I won't care if there is no penalty. The damage is done and there is no way to turn it around no matter how much you want to spin it. All I do is laugh. AND FOR ALL THE PATS FANS, YOU HAVE A POST DEDICATED TO THE JETS SUCKING. THERE IS NO POST HERE FOR THE PATS. WHICH IS INCREDIBLE CONSIDERING YOUR SUCCESS. PATS FANS ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT OBSESSED WITH THE JETS AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND
  12. Below is the current roster that includes our new rookies, drafted and undrafted. Tryout players were left out. Now there can still be movement with free agency and other team cuts but this current roster needs a ton of trimming. Management obviously has taken competition at every position to a new level. It's an interesting roster currently and would like to hear some thoughts. In the end, management is responsible for putting together a talented roster that fits the schemes of their coaches. Mac gets a big thumbs up. For me, the pressure is now on the coaching staff. Do you
  13. REally agree with Loomis and Tavai. For a team that is going to be a top defense, a big time punter is a must. Tavai is an effort rusher with non stop motor
  14. You're right. I don;t know much about harold. I do konw Hunter is a physical freak with tons of upside
  15. Instead of Eli Harold, does anyone here like Danielle Hunter in Round 2 if there? We have a lot of power in the front seven and we really need the edge speed to round out this defense
  16. I like to watch draft breakdown during lunch and saw Beasley's game against North Carolina. Inside, outside, the quickness, technique, and movement skills are unreal. Just going from these breakdown videos it's so difficult to see any of the other prospects come close to Beasley. http://draftbreakdown.com/video/vic-beasley-vs-north-carolina-2014-2/
  17. Below is an article from former NFL player Stephen White who played a season with the NYJ. I think Beasley is more Von Miller than Bruce Irvin. I'm not going to pretend to be a scout but did play college ball, D3. Anyway he's highly productive, and one of the most athletic players in this draft regardless of position. Draft breakdown also shows an impressive spin move and inside stunts. And let me say this. Being able to beat a tackle outside with pure burst and technique is an invaluable trait. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/3/6/8135681/vic-beasley-breakdown
  18. I'm hoping Beasley is there at 6. Not a scout but his tape looks far more impressive than the other edge prospects. You see explosion and production, and then he shows unmatched athleticism at the combine. DIN the middle rounds rooting for Danielle Hunter because he can set the edge and cover, and Neville Hewitt late as a hybrid S/LB. And I want Hundley. In my eyes, if Hundley was at Oregon, he would have been a heisman candidate. Feel they are similar players but Hundley can be had later
  19. If you're looking for a prospect that is a S/LB hybrid in the draft, check out Neville Hewitt. Conference player of the year at Marshall
  20. I have seen McCourty and Ron Parker from the Chiefs play, and from what I can tell, Ron Parker has a lot of upside. Made a lot of big plays last year. Has a lot of speed and a knack for getting to the ball
  21. Doesn't Bowles runs a 3-4? It's early but very impressed watching Vic Beasley at DraftBreakDown. Sturdy at the point for a smaller player, but unmatched first step. In the later rounds Danielle Hunter, LSU. We have the horses to pressure the middle. We need the edge to collapse the pocket
  22. Since Bowles runs a 3-4 defense, would it be possible to move Wilkerson to the nose and Coples to the end position? I know Wilkerson lined up at the nose last season on passing downs. Coples also had success playing the end position in the 3-4 which I think is his ideal position. Even more so than the end spot on a 4-3. I guess the question is can Wilkerson play the nose full time. He definitely has the frame.
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