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  1. Darnold looking nice. Watching you this you fans are right, he did change his delivery. Looks different throwing the ball. And Deontay needs to learn from Kearse.
  2. 2009 Schwartz was hired as HC for the lions and their first draft pick was Matthew Stafford. In 5 NFL seasons they made the playoffs once. 2009 2 - 14 and finished 4th in NFC North 2010 6 - 10 and finished 3rd in NFC North 2011 10 - 6 and lost in the NFC Wild Card Game 2012 4 - 12 and finished 4th in NFC North 2013 7 - 9 and finished 3rd in NFC North Am I missing something?
  3. This is the issue. Who cares where he goes. It would be nice to have a 4th rounder from a year ago contribute.
  4. I know fans freak out whenever the Pats sign a former Jet but there has only been one instance I remember where a player went on and became successful there. I am in the who cares, good for him category.
  5. part of that Steeler LB pipeline was a 7th rounder last season. Hoping the Jets kick the tires on Keion Adams. forget it, steeler practice squad
  6. Jets have also not named who is starting for Jermaine Kearse who is injured week 1. Jets have not named who is starting opposite Jenkins at OLB.
  7. Edmond Robinson - was this someone we were trying to sign this past off season? Cardinals released him. I was a fan of Keion Adams last season who the steelers just released. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2011/profiles/keion-adams?id=2558729
  8. Doanhue is one of the few topics on here that is universally agreed upon. Why is that guy still on the team.
  9. So you quote what I said above and act like I was talking to you. What I wrote above was referencing Peppers. Didn't realize I was talking to you and didn't bother making a note of what you have said in this thread. So if Revis played off on a designed blitz, it's possible the play was drawn up that way to allow a short catch and a quick tackle before the sticks. So yes it happens. It doesn't negate a blitz. Yes teams will play high low, bracket for a receiver but that usually leaves the middle of the field open. If Revis had no help over the top, then yes he may play off becau
  10. Pepper states in the article the defense played off coverage on blitzes. In this thread, fans are mad because the CBs got beat deep. You realize playing off is what helps to prevent getting beat deep? So which one is it? Just FYI, every team in the NFL, college, and HS will call plays for off man or zone behind a blitz. Obviously this article is going to do great on this board because probably 90% of this board hates Bowles and any little validation is something to hang your hat on. But I have read this article a couple of times and still don't really understand what the hell Pe
  11. You asked a condescending idiotic question. I answered and your panties bunched. No problem. I'm done.
  12. What the heck are you asking. Yes I have seen every team on every level of football give receivers a 10 yard cushion including the Jets. Again more proof of someone who thinks they more than they do.
  13. Such arrogance. Who's the starting HB? Who's starting at the edge? With kearse out who is the other starting WR? When are we getting this info? It's of extreme importance as fans to have this info. This HC is out of his god damn mind not giving this info. Unprecedented and uncalled for
  14. Seriously? I am not pointing out the validity of cheating. I am pointing out the hypocrisy of taking one portion of said interview as gospel while the talk of spy gate is completely ignored. Most fans on here accuse the pats of cheating but have conveniently ignored that portion of the interview. Except for Mr @TomShane I would like to see all these posts of complaining how the blitz doesn't match the coverage. Maybe a clip or two of this? And just FYI there are a ton of examples of running a blitz with soft coverage zone behind it. I ran a bunch in college. It's called letting a pi
  15. I would love to see all the posts of fans complaining about this. Also some highlights if thus would be nice.
  16. McDougal is available. It's crazy to think the safety joke is still being used to this day. Brooks actually had a defensive player of the week last season.
  17. So fans want to agree with his assessment of Bowles and Rogers but what about his spy gate comments? Like it or not Bowles is the HC this season. It must be tough for the fans on here who root for a Jet victory but at the same time root for the demise of Bowles, and say I told you so about how average WillIams and Adams are and how horrible Lee is on a msg board. That's a rough Sunday.
  18. Teddy is on 1 year deal and was never going to resign with Darnold on team. Mac traded a future 6th rounder and $500k for a future 3rd rounder. That's it. No other iterations. No need to wait to see. It doesn't matter if bridge become the greatest QB of all time. He was not going to be a Jet in 2019. When the Jets drafted Darnold it was all in. So again. Jets paid bridge 500k and gave up a future 6th round pick for a future 3rd round pick.
  19. If we drafted one of the other 3 it's possible McCown would have started the season and then eventually bringing in the rook. Is it not rare for a rookie QB to look like Darnold out of the gate?
  20. Again asked one simple question. If the Jets get to 9 wins do you change your opinion on Bowles?
  21. I have had very few strong opinions on here. Basically just the following. I was wrong in wanting Lamar Jackson and the 2nd round draft picks over Darnold. I defended Bowles and Mac last season and wanted them to get extensions. Does that count as a right? PS I also am happy we drafted Adams and Leo at 6.
  22. Isn't Leo a league leader in overall pressure numbers? Pressures, hits etc.
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