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  1. I think it's amazing how fans know a good HC after a few seasons. I always thought there was a correlation to how good a coach is to the talent that he has. I didn't realize the Jets underperformed these past 3 seasons to the talent on the roster. Year 1 big splash, they get to 9 wins with a journeyman QB. Year two the bottom falls out. Injuries and an aging roster falls off a cliff. Again with journeyman QB. Year 3 they strip the roster of aging vets and go young on purpose to try and land a FQB in the upcoming draft. On purpose. Which they accomplished with Darnold and I beli
  2. In before the Mac is not the GM. Bowles is the one making the picks post. I know you didn't include 2018 but it looks good. Adding a franchise QB and Shephard, Herndon, Nickerson, Fatukasi and Cannon all look like they will make the roster and contribute.
  3. Goes without saying it would be great to have a premium pass rusher. But... Falcons were shutout. Defense gave up 5 field goals to Washington. Defense gave up 5 field goals to Giants. Not saying this will be the regular season results but the defense has not given up a TD in 3 games. Is that not a positive?
  4. After 3 PRESEASON games I was still excited about the 2018 season. But after your insight, and the insight of many from the game thread who share your view, I informed the gf that for the next 4 months I am free for the Sunday brunches she always wants to go to. Jet up? No. Sundays will be carb up. French toast, waffles and a never ending stream of maple syrup. The gf and my closet love of gluten thank you.
  5. What does that even mean? It's just me. The Bowles hate is so deep and illogical it seems personal. Why even bother responding if it's just a lame attempt at an insult? I get how JetNation works. I see this in every thread. Post something that's not agreeable. Down vote that post and every post you make in that thread. (Like that actually bothers someone) Respond with lame ass attempt at insults. (Which is very courageous)
  6. Sound semi grounded? I simply asked a poster who habitually posts how horrible the talent is on this roster, how many wins would a non "garbage" coach get. You said 9 to 10 wins. I was surprised. Then you want to go on a Rex and Geno and Manish and the best rookie QB without taking a regular season snap tangent. All I asked was if the Jets get to 9 wins, does your opinion of Bowles change? Maybe you read it too quickly because you're running late for a MENSA meeting.
  7. 2014 NFL salary cap was $133,000,000 The 2014 New York Jets salary was 118,345,094. I believe you're referring to the end of the season. Why is it so hard to give the coach credit for the 4th ranked defense that season?
  8. So you believe a non garbage HC gets 9 to 10 wins with this roster? Wow. You really think highly of the roster talent then. Which is weird considering how much you complain about the talent. If the Jets get to 9 wins are you Bowles fan at the end of the season?
  9. You realize all we were talking about were defensive rankings. This has nothing to do with what we were talking about. You want to change the subject. You believe for Darnold to succeed the Jets need an offensive coordinator to be the next HC. OK. I don't think that is the case. Hopefully you won't feel that way after 2018.
  10. Fair enough. If Bowles was fired and the Jets hired a non "garbage" coach by your standards, how many wins would the Jets have for 2018? In your opinion looking at this roster?
  11. I don't think they realize that there are other factors in points allowed. Field position, turnovers.
  12. Why would you pat my back? With all the back and forth all I pointed out was if you're going to blame Bowles for the 24th ranked D last season, he should get credit for the 4th rank D. What am I glossing over? I agree, if you spend the money, you're probably going to have more talent to play with and a higher ranking. When you lead the league in cap space you're probably not as talented a team, and therefore probably a lower ranking. I'm not glossing over anything. Just pointing things out.
  13. You're a hardcore Bowles hater though no? It's weird that you response to my posts are to put a reaction instead of responding. Mac and Bowles are going on year 4. So not sure why they get the blame for past 1st rounders being spent on defense. So the defensive players below are premium players? Kyle Wilson out of the league Muhammad Wilkerson is on a 1 year prove it deal Quinton Coples is out of the league Dee Milliner is out of the league Sheldon Richardson is on a 1 year prove it deal Calvin Pryor is out of the league Is the argument Bowles needs good players
  14. Your response is what I would expect. You don't like me defending a point that doesn't agree with your illogical agenda.
  15. So stripping the roster to improve the chances of landing a Darnold and leading the league in cap space had nothing to do with that.
  16. It's the opposite. The ranking is based on yards allowed because there are other factors when it comes to points allowed. If the 2018 Jets rank 4th in yards allowed, we're going to have a pretty good season. 6th to 4th is an improvement. Everyone who has decided to quote me is saying the same thing over and over. Bowles gets no credit for ranking 4th in defense, but it's squarely his fault when the Jets ranked 25th in defense. With that logic there is no use discussing.
  17. What is the point youre making? That going 9-7 or the number 4 ranked defense was achievable by any coach with a pulse? I guess your opinion has been noted in the jet nation archives.
  18. Please point where I said this? You're starting to imagine things to make a point. I get your point. You're saying Rex should get credit for taking an 18th ranked defense to 1. But Bowles should get no credit for having a 4th ranked defense. Because any coach with those acquisitions would have done the same. But you clearly want to blame Bowles for the 24th ranked defense. I clearly understand what you're saying. If you're trying to convince me of something, that's not happening. And I have clearly stated why.
  19. Sure that makes sense. The 2015 Jets defense ranked 4th in spite of Todd Bowles. Everyone but Bowles should get that credit. So in 2016, the Jets defense ranked 11th. A respectable top 1/3 in the league. Again, in spite of Bowles? Let me guess. The 2017 Jets who ranked 25th, that was because of Bowles right? Thanks for the clarification.
  20. try what again? I don't even understand what your point is. So any coach walks into 2015 and improves the defensive ranking from 6 to 4. Are you saying Bowles and the Jet D was bad in 2015?
  21. In 2014 Rex Ryan's last season as HC, the NYJ were ranked 6th. In 2015 Todd Bowles first season as HC, the NYJ were ranked 4th. Your lol and emoticon is cute but you're complaining about a defense that was ranked 4 and 11. Yes last year was bad but the whole roster was bad. And you already know the defense is bad this season from two pre-season games where one was a shutout and the other they gave up 5 field goals?
  22. I get it if fans want to blame Bowles for the state of the roster. He's a defensive coach, and 3 out of 4 years the Jets went D with their first pick. Just to play devil's advocate, if Darnold is a franchise QB, does Bowles get credit for that move? Does a HC want to lead the league in cap space or would a HC want to spend the money to get as many premium players onto the team? Isn't this just another way to say that Mac needs a better HC to help him pick better players and be a better GM?
  23. Owner sucks, Mac sucks, Bowles sucks. Let me make a counter and my reasons to be excited. Imagine if Johnson fired both Mac and Bowles after the 2017 season. New GM, new HC in place. There is a big possibility Darnold would not be on this team. How do we know the new GM makes that deal to move up to 3? Maybe a new GM would have kept the 3 2nd round picks and we end up with a different QB. Let's not forgot all the fans on this board were wishing the Jets hired John Dorsey. The same GM fans now call an idiot for drafting Baker instead of Darnold. Or maybe that new GM waits till draft day to
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